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Prynt Case iPhone Photo Printer Instantly Prints Your Images

Holding your own printed photograph in your hands is a special thing for a photographer. But in the digital world it rarely happens as most of our photos stay stored on our phone or computer, and sharing takes place over networks like Instagram and Flickr. Now with a photo printer for iphone, such as the Prynt smartphone case, you can instantly print your iPhone photos on the go, just like a polaroid camera.

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New Colors App Adds Amazing Colored Filters To Your iPhone Photos

There are many editing apps for iPhone photographers that allow you to enhance your images using filters. And now with the new Colors app, you literally have a thousand color filters at your fingertips. From subtle colored filters to crazy artistic effects, there’s something for everyone in this app. In this article, you’ll learn how to use Colors to bring a new creative flair to your iPhone photography.

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Control Depth Of Field In Your iPhone Photos With The Stay Focused App

Depth of field, which controls how much of an image is in focus, is something that every serious photographer likes to control. But on the iPhone you can’t set depth of field manually. Stay Focused is a new background blur app that uses focus stacking technology to increase depth of field and get more of the image in focus. In this article, you’ll discover how to use Stay Focused to control depth of field in your iPhone photos.


Moment Case Gives Your iPhone A Real Shutter Button

While iPhones are highly capable cameras, they’re still limited in certain areas. A few of those limitations have been met with the Moment lenses which add wide angle or telephoto capabilities to your phone. Now Moment have gone one step further by designing the Moment Case for iPhone. In this article you’ll discover how the case offers a new way to attach Moment lenses to your iPhone, as well as giving you a revolutionary half-press electronic shutter button and handy camera strap.

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Purrge App Quickly Deletes Your Unwanted iPhone Photos

Photos can easily clog up your iPhone, leaving you no storage space left for vital apps, your music collection or most importantly… more photos! It’s important to keep on top of deleting unwanted images so that you always have enough space to take more great shots. With the new Purrge app, you can quickly and easily choose which photos you want to keep in your iPhone’s camera roll and which can get thrown away.

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Organize & Sort Your iPhone Photos With PhotoTime App

If you take a lot of photos with your iPhone, it probably takes you a while to find a certain photo when you want it. With the PhotoTime app, you can automatically organize your photos in a variety of ways, including face recognition, subject category and location. And it’ll even sort through your Instagram and Facebook photos too! In this article, you’ll learn how to save time and get your iPhone photos organized with PhotoTime.

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Start A Daily iPhone Photo Challenge With Mission: Pic App

Do you struggle to find good subjects for your iPhone photos? Are you lacking inspiration and motivation to take pictures on a daily basis? Would it help if you were given a specific photo theme each day? Well, the new Mission: Pic app does just that, setting a different photo assignment every day. In this article you’ll learn more about the Mission: Pic app, and how it will motivate and inspire you to get more creative with your iPhone photography.

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Apply Selective iPhone Photo Filters With Exposure App

Exposure is a great new app for iPhone photographers who like using anything from subtle filters to artistic and painterly effects. You can apply a wide variety of special filters, either to the photo as a whole or just to certain parts of the image. In this article, you’ll learn more about the Exposure app and how to create unique, eye-catching iPhone photos that really stand out.

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10 Composition Tips For Incredible Landscape iPhone Photos

Landscape photography can often seem intimidating, especially when you see amazing photos from exotic locations and foreign countries. But it’s possible to take interesting photos even in the bleakest of locations. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten great composition techniques to help you take stunning landscape photos with your iPhone, no matter where in the world you are.

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Lens Distortions App Creates Elegant iPhone Photo Filters

Lens Distortions is an exciting new app that will change the way you look at iPhone photo filters. The app offers a unique editing platform, allowing you to combine subtle blur effects, light leaks, textures and overlays to help you elegantly enhance your shot. In this article, you’ll learn how to use Lens Distortions to add stunning filter effects to your iPhone photos.

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