10 Quick Tips For Incredible iPhone Street Photography

Do you struggle to take good street photos with your iPhone? If so, you’re not alone! There are many challenges when shooting in busy street environments, but with a few simple techniques you can create incredibly powerful images. In this short article you’ll discover ten quick and easy tips for improving your iPhone street photography right now!

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Photo by Kwe Bentum

1. Find a good location with a background that isn’t too distracting. Foreground interest such as road markings will add visual interest and create a stronger sense of depth.

2. Take photos of strangers to tell more interesting stories in your street photography. You can shoot discretely by using your Apple earbuds to activate the shutter in the Camera app.

3. Use burst mode when photographing moving subjects such as people or traffic. Hold down the shutter button to take a series of photos in quick succession, then select the best one from the sequence.

4. Convey a sense of scale by photographing people next to large buildings.

5. Create more unique photos by shooting from different angles. Look up to see what’s above you (buildings, bridges, trees, etc.) and look down to shoot reflections in puddles or capture a bird’s eye view from a high balcony or stairwell.

6. Photograph small details from close up, such as interesting textures, water droplets, etc.

7. Capture mysterious silhouettes and intriguing shadows by shooting in harsh sunlight or during golden hour when the sun is low in the sky.

8. Shoot at night to take advantage of street lights and colorful neon signs.

9. Venture out in bad weather. Rain, fog and snow will create more interesting environments for your street photography.

10. Try converting your images to black and white to see if they have more impact. Removing color can help focus the viewer’s attention on the most important parts of the scene.

Quick Tips Cheat Sheet

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