Kwe Bentum
I live in the Greater Chicago area and am currently a grad student. I’ve always been passionate about photography and I owned a couple of film cameras prior to shooting mobile. This long lost passion was rekindled about three years ago when I purchased my first iPhone. My photography style focuses on urban lifestyle and architecture. Street photography has always been a favorite genre of mine, but I find myself experimenting with conceptual photography when possible. My goal in photography is to never stop creating, and to keep evolving my work of art.

iPhone Street Photography: How To Tell Compelling Stories

Street photography is one of the most fascinating and powerful forms of storytelling. Its power comes through capturing a combination of elements such as a person, weather, mood and lighting that can never be replicated again. In this tutorial you’ll discover eight ways to tell compelling and profound stories though your iPhone street photography.

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7 Tips For Taking High Quality Clear & Sharp iPhone Photos

Do your iPhone photos often end up looking grainy or blurred? If so, don’t despair! It’s perfectly possible to take amazingly high quality images with your iPhone. In this tutorial you’ll discover seven techniques for shooting professional looking clean and sharp iPhone photos that are better quality than you ever thought possible.

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7 Ways To Use Urban Design Elements For Creative iPhone Photos

Are you looking for ways to get more creative with your urban iPhone photography? Cities and architecture provide many amazing photo opportunities, particularly when you start focusing on urban design elements such as shapes, lines, patterns and colors. In this tutorial you’ll discover seven ways to use architectural and urban design elements to create incredibly eye-catching iPhone photos.

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6 Ideas For Amazing Conceptual iPhone Photography

Have you ever heard of conceptual photography? If you’re not familiar with the term, you’re sure to have seen conceptual images. Conceptual photography is an exciting genre that involves creating a staged setup that conveys an idea or message. These photos are preconceived rather than spontaneous. In this tutorial you’ll discover six ideas for creating incredible conceptual iPhone photography that really captures the viewer’s imagination.

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How To Convey Size & Scale In Your iPhone Photos

Conveying size and scale in your iPhone photos can be challenging. The key is to create a relationship between the elements in the scene. This gives the viewer a much better idea of the size of the objects in your image. In this tutorial you’ll discover eight easy ways to create a sense of size and scale, allowing you to shoot more compelling and engaging iPhone photos.

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How To Take Incredible iPhone Photos In Bad Weather

Do you find yourself seeking shelter during bad weather? While this is perfectly natural, it means that you’re missing out on some amazing photo opportunities. Stormy, rainy, snowy, foggy and windy days are a gift for your photography, providing creative options that you just wouldn’t get on a dry, sunny day. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to create stunning iPhone photos in bad weather conditions. And by the end of the article you’ll realize that “bad” weather is actually “great” weather for photography!

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7 Fun Ways To Take Amazing iPhone Photos In The Rain

On a rainy day, the last thing you probably want to do is head outdoors to shoot photos. But rain is actually a great gift for us iPhone photographers, providing us with many interesting and creative photo opportunities. The good news is that you don’t have to shoot in the pouring rain – you can wait for the rain to stop, and you can even take great pictures from indoors. In this tutorial you’ll discover seven fun and creative ways to capture amazing iPhone photos in rainy weather.

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How To Create Stunning Lens Flare In Your iPhone Photos

Lens flare from the sun can make or break a photo. If you get it wrong, the strong light will dominate the image, causing over-exposure and low contrast. But if you get it right, you’ll capture dramatic rays of sunlight and beautiful warm light hazes that add a magical quality to your images. While lens flare can be completely avoided, embracing it will give your photos a whole new lease of life. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to capture stunning lens flare in your iPhone photos, as well as using apps to add sun flare in post-processing.

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7 Ways To Be More Creative In Your iPhone Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is all about capturing people’s emotions and expressions, primarily by focusing on the subject’s face. However, there’s more to shooting portraits than asking your subject to smile for the camera. If you really want your portrait photos to make an impact, you need to get more creative. In this tutorial you’ll discover seven great ways to make your iPhone portraits more unique, intriguing and captivating.

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8 Cropping Guidelines For Perfectly Composed iPhone Photos

Improving your photos using photo editing apps is the key to getting your iPhone photos noticed. But what if you don’t get the composition quite right when you take the picture? Luckily, the crop tool in photo editing apps offers you a second chance to create a more eye-catching composition. Trimming a small amount from the edges of your image can make a huge difference, whether it’s to eliminate distractions or create a better overall balance. In this article you’ll discover how to use cropping techniques to create perfectly composed iPhone photos.

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