Lisa Jo Rudy
I’m the Blog Editor at iPhone Photography School. I got started with iPhone photography just a few years ago when I took Emil’s IPS courses, and have been building my skills ever since. I live in beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts at the very eastern tip of the United States, where my work has been seen in many local and regional art shows. I’m happily married, the mom of two beautiful young adults, and (in addition to taking lots of photos) spend much of my spare time singing, acting, and directing community theater productions.

How Lolly Kakumani Creates Beautiful Artistic iPhone Photos

If you want to get more creative with your iPhone photo editing, Lolly Kakumani’s photos are bound to inspire you. From close-ups of flowers to buildings and landscapes, she has a wonderful eye for creating the extraordinary from the ordinary. In this interview you’ll discover how Lolly uses photo editing apps to produce painterly and textured images from the photos she shoots with her iPhone.

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30 Heartwarming iPhone Photos of Families

Thank you to everyone who entered images in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s contest winners include 30 heartwarming images of families. Explore this collection to see some terrific captures of warm moments. Be sure to pay special attention to the photos in which the relationship captured is between the subject of the photo – and the photographer!

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30 Brilliant iPhone Photos of the Golden Hour

Thank you to everyone who entered images in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s theme was “The Golden Hour” and we had a wonderful selection of light-drenched images to choose from. These 30 winning photos took advantage of the low angle of the sun at dawn or dusk to create outstanding iPhone photos. Thanks to everyone who entered for their hard work and impressive images.


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How Ali Dover Captures Enchanting Images Of Children And Nature

Ali Dover is a professional photographer who discovered the iPhone camera several years ago. Since then, she’s explored the iPhone camera’s possibilities through her amazing work with children and mothers. We’re delighted to present Ali’s story, along with her wonderful evocative images of children and nature. In this interview, you’ll discover how Ali captures and processes her photos, and why the iPhone has become one of her most valued photographic tools.


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Photo Editor App Comparison: Find Out Which iPhone Photo Apps Work Best

Which is the best photo editor app? Every photo editor app has its strengths and weaknesses. The more important question for someone deciding among the many options is “which photo editor app is best for my particular needs?” In this article, you’ll discover top photo editor apps in different categories, including quick apps, all-purpose apps, filter apps, and artistic apps.

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30 Enchanting iPhone Photos of Rural Scenes

Thank you to everyone who entered images in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s theme was “Rural Scenes” and we received nearly 500 entries, including many wonderful and evocative images of people, places, animals, and, of course, farm equipment. This selection includes a wide range of interpretations from the iconic to the unique. Well done and congratulations!

Rural Scenes-18

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30 Outstanding iPhone Photos Of Urban Scenes

Thank you for all of the stunning images entered in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s theme was “Urban” and we had a wonderful selection of photos that captured the urban experience. With so many great images it was very difficult to choose just 30 winners, but here are my favorite iPhone photos that truly capture the theme. Congratulations everyone!

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