30 Wonderful iPhone Images Of Summer

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photos in our weekly iPhone photography contest. What a wonderful selection of images celebrating the summer season!  These 30 photos all focus on this week’s theme while combining outstanding composition, artistry, and technical expertise.  Please enjoy!


Lisa Kretzschmar

Summer-Images02Basith Al Naasar

Summer-Images03Cindy Chilton

Summer-Images04Daniela Gualtieri

Summer-Images05Dariusz Sobiecki

Summer-Images50Harrison Cribb

Summer-Images06Leslie Dean

Summer-Images07Donna Miller

Summer-Images09Eugene Ng

Summer-Images10Evan Bardos

Summer-Images11Georgia Barlow

Summer-Images12Hashim Mohamed

Summer-Images13Hillary Morin

Summer-Images14Ioana Sasarman


Summer-Images16Lynne Garell

Summer-Images17Joanna Proffitt

Summer-Images19Lolly Kakumani

Summer-Images51María Cristina González

Summer-Images20Marineil E. Pedrosa

Summer-Images22Marlou Maagma

Summer-Images23Masako Kozawa

Summer-Images24Moira Callegari

Summer-Images25Nidhi Singh

Summer-Images26Meick Jensen

Summer-Images27Penni James

Summer-Images28Toni Caldwell

Summer-Images29Vince Gaines

Summer-Images30Zaw Latt

Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments below!

How To Enter The Next Photo Contest

The golden hour is that time of the morning and evening when the sun is low in the sky. During the golden hour, light has a unique quality. Shadows and silhouettes are easy to capture, and warm golden sunlight pours over landscapes and fills city streets.


To explore tips for taking outstanding photos at the golden hour, you may want to check out our tutorial on How To Capture The Magic Of Golden Hour In Your iPhone Photos.


The new contest theme is The Golden Hour, and any iPhone photos taken at the golden hour, whether in the morning or evening, can be submitted.

To participate, go to contest.iphonephotographyschool.com in your web browser and sign up or log in.

When you’ve signed in, go to the Upload tab and select Add Photos (you can submit up to 10 photos).

All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Images should not have watermarks.

The submission deadline is Sunday, July 10. Winners will be announced on Monday, July 11. Winning images will also be featured on our iPhone Photography School Facebook page.

  • Lisa K.

    They are all fantastic images! I am thrilled to have mine included. Thanks to Emil’s tips, I am excited again with the endless possibilities of i phone photography.

    • Thanks, happy to hear that Lisa!

    • Lisa Jo Rudy

      Terrific! Do consider entering more contests, as there’s a new theme every week.