Rob DePaolo
With a focus on fine art and conceptual portrait photography, much of my iPhone photography draws upon my dark sense of humor and my love of surrealism and all things absurd. That being said, I also enjoy the spontaneity of unplanned work including street photography and other styles. While I do occasionally work in color, my true love is black and white photography as it places an even greater importance on the quality of light and texture in an image. Having originally been trained in film photography I bring much of that “manual” approach to my digital processing as well.

How To Print Beautiful iPhone Photo Books With Printastic

While it’s great to see your iPhone photos on-screen, there’s nothing like holding a printed photo in your hands. Of course, you could print them yourself with a photo printer for iPhone. But what better way to display your prints than in a beautiful photo book that you can treasure for a lifetime? Here at iPhone Photography School we’ve been testing out the Printastic app which lets you easily create a photo book directly from your iPhone – and we were delighted with the result. In this article you’ll discover more about Printastic and how you can create your own iPhone photo books with a special 20% discounted price!

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10 Of The Best Specialty iPhone Photo Editing Apps

You’re probably familiar with at least one full-featured multi-purpose iPhone photo editing app, such as Snapseed or VSCO. But did you know there’s a wide range of specialty editing apps that are designed to fulfill a single editing function? In this article you’ll discover ten of the best single-function photo editing apps that offer powerful tools for performing specific edits on your iPhone photos.

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How iOS 9 Can Improve Your iPhone Photography Experience

iOS 9 has just been released by Apple, and like any major update it promises to bring all manner of improvements to your iPhone experience. While the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models have major leaps in camera technology, there are no significant changes to the Camera app or Photos app this year. However, there are many other improvements in iOS 9 that can help us to be more productive photographers. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the iOS 9 updates and how they’re great news for us iPhone photographers.

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SNAP! PRO iPhone Case Offers Built-In Shutter Button & Lens System

A year ago, Bitplay launched the SNAP! 6 iPhone case with built-in shutter release and add-on lenses. Now they’ve launched another Kickstarter campaign with an updated version of the case called SNAP! PRO. In this article you’ll discover how the new case design promises to take the unique innovation of the original SNAP! 6 case and raise it to a whole new level.

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New iPhone 6s & 6s Plus Get Powerful Camera Upgrades

We’re really excited that the brand new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have now been revealed by Apple! And it’s great news for us mobile photographers as these new models have been given some fantastic new iPhone camera features. With a new and improved 12 megapixel sensor, the iPhone camera will now take even better photos than ever. In this article you’ll discover more about the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, including these great new camera improvements.

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How To Share Non-Square iPhone Photos On Instagram

It’s finally happened! Instagram now allows for the sharing of non-square photos. One of the key features that helped shape the early success of Instagram was the app’s dedication to the square aspect ratio. While this helped define the quintessential Instagram format, it’s also been a serious limitation because not all scenes are suited to a square format photo. In this article you’ll discover how to easily share your rectangular images on Instagram, improving your overall iPhone photography experience.

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What Photographers Can Expect From The New iPhone 6s

Are you wondering what the new iPhone 6s models will have to offer? We super excited to find out, and there’s not long to wait now! On September 9, Apple will announce the next generation of iPhones. While they won’t share any information until the formal announcement, there are plenty of rumors about what to expect from the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most likely rumors and how the iPhone’s photography capabilities might be improved.

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New MonoShot: A Versatile Tripod For iPhone Photography

The MonoShot from Loft Labs is a new monopod/tripod designed specifically for iPhone and mobile photography. Currently gaining funding for development via a Kickstarter campaign, this new accessory promises to be a versatile tool for keeping your iPhone steady when required. In this article you’ll discover how the MonoShot stands apart from other mobile tripods, including a remote bluetooth shutter release and unique spike attachment.

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10 Amazing Special Effects Apps For Your iPhone Photos

You’re probably familiar with several iPhone photo editing apps, but did you know there are dozens of apps specifically designed for adding special effects to your photos? Whether you want to enhance your image with a subtle lens flare, add weather effects such as rain and fog, create an antique look, apply a splash of color to a black and white image, or even create other-worldly photos, there will be an app that can do it! But which ones are the best? In this article you’ll discover ten fantastic apps for adding all kinds of special effects to your iPhone photos.

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10 Best Apps For Adding Textures To Your iPhone Photos

Applying texture effects to your iPhone photos is a great way to add character and style to your images. There are many apps that let you do this, from very subtle textures to full-on heavy grunge effects. But which texture apps are the best? In this article you’ll discover the top ten apps for adding interesting and beautiful textures to your iPhone photos.

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