10 Quick Tips For Breathtaking iPhone Landscape Photos

Do you often struggle to take convey the beauty and scale of a landscape in your photos? This is a common problem, but with a few simple techniques you can create stunning iPhone photos, even in the most ordinary of landscapes. In this short article you’ll discover ten quick and easy tips for improving your iPhone landscape photography right now!

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Photo by Carl Johan Johansson

1. Include a main subject such as a tree, person, building or other object that will act as a strong focal point.

2. Use the rule of thirds to position the subject and horizon off-centre, creating a naturally balanced and harmonious composition.

3. Create a sense of drama in your photos by shooting when the sky is full of dramatic clouds.

4. Use leading lines such as a path, road or river to lead the eye deeper into the image.

5. Add a stronger sense of depth by including objects in the foreground of the composition.

6. Include a person in the scene to create a sense of scale and tell a more interesting story.

7. Create symmetry by capturing reflections of the landscape in water.

8. Capture the smaller details such as flowers, leaves, water droplets and interesting textures in the landscape.

9. Capture the same landscape at different times of the year. Each new season will provide unique photo opportunities.

10. Spice up your landscape photos by adding fun and interesting props into the scene.

Quick Tips Cheat Sheet

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iPhone Landscape Quick Tips

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