How To Use iPhone Photo Albums To Organize Your Photos

Are you struggling to organize photos on your iPhone? If you’re frustrated with scrolling through your entire photo collection to find a certain image, it’s time to organize your pictures into albums. In this tutorial you’ll learn how use iPhone photo albums to manage photos on your phone, so that you can quickly and easily find the images you need.


Please note, the instructions in this tutorial are for organizing photos on iPhones running iOS 10.

What Is An iPhone Photo Album?

Before you learn how to organize photos into albums, let’s take a brief look at how your images are stored on your iPhone.

When you take a photo with your iPhone camera, the image gets stored in the Photos app. Within the Photos app there are a number of default albums into which your photos get automatically organized. In addition to these, you can also create your own albums into which you can organize photos further.

So an album is just a storage place for a particular set of photos – similar to folders on a computer (but slightly different as you’ll find out later).

You can see your iPhone photo albums by tapping Albums at the bottom right of the Photos app.


If you don’t see a screen similar to the one above, it means you’re currently viewing the photos within one of your albums, in which case, just tap Albums at the top left to return to the main list of albums.

Now let’s explore some of the default albums that your iPhone automatically creates for you.

The All Photos Album

The main album in which all photos, videos, screenshots and Live Photos get stored is called the All Photos album.

Please note that if you’ve chosen not to use the iCloud Photos feature in the Settings app to sync your photos between your Apple devices, you’ll see an album called Camera Roll instead of All Photos. For the purpose of this tutorial, both the Camera Roll and All Photos albums will be referred to as the All Photos album.


To see all of your photos and videos, tap on the All Photos album. You’ll see the name of the album (All Photos) at the top of the screen, and beneath that you’ll see thumbnails (small versions) of your photos and videos. From here you can tap on individual thumbnails to open them.

To return to the list of albums, tap Albums at the top left of the screen.

Default iPhone Photo Albums

In addition to the All Photos album, you’ll also notice that the Photos app contains some other “default” albums.


A default album simply means that your iPhone has automatically created and named an album to store certain types of photos or videos. For example:

When you record video with your iPhone, a Videos album will be created so that you can easily see all of your videos together within this album.

If you take a self portrait photo with the front-facing camera, a Selfies album will be created to store all of these images together in one place.

Albums will also be automatically created for Slo-mo and Time-Lapse videos, Bursts of multiple photos that you capture when shooting in burst mode, and Screenshots that you create by pressing the power and home buttons simultaneously.

If you’ve favorited certain photos (you’ll learn how to do this later), you’ll see an album called Favorites.

If you’ve taken photos of people, you’ll see a People album which picks out the faces of people in your photos and allows you to name them so that your iPhone will recognize these people in future photos.

If you have Location Services switched on for photos within the Settings app, you’ll see an album called Places which displays your photos on a map of the world based on the location that they were taken in.

You’ll also have a Recently Deleted album which holds any photos that you’ve deleted. After 29 days these images will be permanently deleted from your phone.

While these albums allow you to organize photos into different collections, keep in mind that no matter which album a photo or video appears in, it will always also be stored in the main All Photos album too.

So every single photo and video is stored in the All Photos album, but you can also view certain types of photo and video via the default albums listed above.

How Do Albums Affect Storage On Your iPhone?

A common misconception is that all of these different photo albums will take up a lot of extra storage space on your iPhone.

You would think that if a photo or video can be viewed within the All Photos album as well as another separate album, that it would be taking up twice the amount of space on your phone. However this isn’t the case.


This is because there’s actually only one copy of each photo stored on your iPhone. The original image is stored within the All Photos album, while the other albums simply allow you to view certain images within a collection.

So when a photo is added into a new album, your phone doesn’t create another copy of the image… which means there aren’t multiple copies of each photo being stored on your iPhone.

How To Add Photos Into New Albums

In addition to the default photo albums created by your iPhone, you can also create your own albums with any name that you choose.

Creating new albums on your iPhone is a great way of organizing your photos into different collections. This makes it much easier to find and view just the photos you want to look at.

For example, you could add all of your favorite landscape photos into an album called Landscapes. Or you could put photos from a particular holiday into an album with the name of the destination.

Another good idea is to create an album called something like Photos To Edit into which you could add any images that you want to edit. This makes it easy to find the images you want to work on when you’re opening them from within a photo editing app.

Remember that creating albums and adding photos into it doesn’t use up any more storage space on your iPhone. This is because there’s only really one copy of each photo on your phone (stored in the All Photos album).

Even if you add a photo to another album, there’s still only one copy of that image file on your iPhone. This means that you can add a photo to multiple albums without worrying about it taking up more storage space on your phone.

There are two ways to create albums and add images into them in the Photos app:

Method 1 – Create A New Album

The first method involves creating a new album first, and then adding photos into it later.

On the main Albums screen, tap the plus sign (+) at the top left, then type a name for the album and tap Save.


You can now add photos to that album whenever you please. To add photos to your new album, go to the All Photos album (or indeed any other album) and make sure you’re viewing the list of image thumbnails.

Tap Select at the top right, then tap all of the photos that you want to add to the album.


Now tap Add To at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to find the album that you want, then tap on the album name to add the photos into it.


Method 2 – Add Photos Into An Album

The second method involves selecting a set of photos first, and then adding them into a new or existing album.

To select the images you want to add into an album, tap Select at the top of the image thumbnail screen, then tap on the images you want.


Tap Add To at the bottom of the screen. To add the images to an existing album, tap the album you want to use. Or to create a new album, tap the New Album option, type a name for the album, then tap Save. The selected images will be added to the album.


To view the photos in the album that you added them to, tap Albums at the top left of the screen, then scroll down and tap on the album you want to view.


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How To Organize Photos Within An Album

Once you’ve added images to an iPhone photo album, you can further organize them by changing the order of the photos or removing any images that you no longer want in there.

Note that you can only reorder photos in albums that you’ve created yourself. You can’t change the order of photos in the default albums such as All Photos, Videos, Bursts, etc.

Start by opening the album you want to organize, then tap Select at the top right. To move a photo to a different position, tap on the image and hold it down while you drag it to a different position.


To remove a photo from an album, open the album and tap Select, then tap all of the photos you want to remove. Tap the Delete (trash) icon at the bottom right.


A message will appear asking if you want to delete this photo or remove it from this album. Tap Remove from Album to ensure that the images aren’t deleted from the All Photos album.

How To Manage Your iPhone Photo Albums

Once you’ve created your own albums, you can manage them by renaming, reordering or deleting albums. Note that you can’t rename, reorder or delete the default iPhone photo albums.

Go to the main Albums screen in the Photos app, then tap Edit at the top right. Your albums appear with a red circle at the top left corner.


To move an album up or down in the list, tap on the album and hold it down while you drag it to a different position.


To rename an album, tap on the album name, then type a new name and tap Done.


To delete an album, tap the red circle on the album. A message will appear asking if you want to delete the album – but notice that it says the photos won’t be deleted.


This is because the photos aren’t really stored in this album – they’re actually only stored in the All Photos album. Therefore, you can delete a photo album that you created, but the photos still remain in their original location within the All Photos album.

To confirm that you want to delete the album (but not the photos within it), tap Delete Album on the message.

How To “Favorite” Your Best Photos

If you want to keep all of your favorite iPhone photos in a single album called Favorites, the easiest way is to use the Favorites feature in the Photos app.

To add a photo to the Favorites album, tap on the photo to open it full screen, then tap the Favorites button (heart icon) at the bottom of the screen so that it turns blue.


To view all of the photos that you’ve favorited, go to the main Albums screen, then open the Favorites album.


If you no longer want a photo to appear in the Favorites album, tap on the photo to open it full screen, then tap the Favorites button (heart icon) so that it appears white.


Please note, if you use the Delete button to remove a photo from the Favorites album, it will also be deleted from the All Photos album.


Unless you want to delete an image completely, be sure to unfavorite the photo using the heart icon rather than deleting it from the Favorites album.

How To Delete Photos From Your iPhone

To maximize storage space on your iPhone, you should delete any unwanted images from the Photos app. This also means that you don’t have to scroll through hundreds of unwanted images when you’re looking at your pictures.

Before experimenting with deleting your photos, it would be a good idea to transfer any new photos from your iPhone to your computer, or back them up to external or cloud storage using your preferred method. That way, you can be sure you won’t lose any of your favorite images by accidentally deleting them.

To delete a single image from the Photos app, open up the image and tap the Delete button (trash icon) at the bottom of the screen, then tap Delete Photo.


To delete multiple photos all at once, ensure you’re viewing the images in thumbnail view, then tap Select at the top right. Select all of the images you want to delete, then tap the Delete button, and tap Delete Photos.


When you delete images from your iPhone’s photo library, they’re not permanently deleted to start with. Deleted images go into the Recently Deleted album, and remain there for 29 days – after which they’ll be permanently removed from your iPhone.

This means that if you delete a photo by accident, you can easily recover it from the Recently Deleted album – as long as you do so within 29 days.

To view your deleted photos, go the main albums screen, then open the Recently Deleted album. Here you’ll see all of the photos that you’ve deleted, together with the number of days remaining before they’ll be permanently removed from your iPhone.


To recover any of your deleted images and move them back into the All Photos album, tap Select at the top right, select the photos you want to recover, tap Recover at the bottom right, then tap Recover Photos.


If you want to permanently delete the photos from the Recently Deleted album before the automatic 29-day time-frame, select the photos, tap Delete at the bottom left, then tap Delete Photos.



Learning how to manage photos on your iPhone will make it far quicker and easier to locate a particular photo when you need it.

It’s also very satisfying to be able to view collections of images within individual albums, rather than scrolling through hundreds or thousands of images in the All Photos album.

When organizing photos into albums on your iPhone, keep in mind that when you add a photo into an album, that image will still always still be stored in the All Photos album as well. So adding a photo into a new album won’t delete the image from the All Photos album.

Also, remember that even though a photo may appear in several different albums, there’s actually only one copy of it on your iPhone. So you can add a photo into as many different albums as you like without worrying that it will take up more storage space on your phone.

If you want more ideas about how to back up and store your iPhone photos, take a moment to read our tutorial on iPhone Photo Backup: How To Store, Share & Print Your Images. 

Lastly, don’t forget the traditional photo album! It’s no replacement for securely storing your photos so you can continue working on them at a later date, but there’s something really special about holding a physical photo in your hand, or hanging it on a wall. It’s easy to print iPhone photos and display them where you and your guests can enjoy them.

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  • Frank

    I have created albums in iPhoto on my iMac and sorted pictures into those albums. I find I can not add new photos into those albums, except via iPhoto. Also, pictures in those albums don’t appear in the Camera Roll. If I create albums on my iPhone, and organize pictures into those albums, will those albums transfer to my iMac via iPhoto when I connect?

    • Unfortunately not Frank. This is one of the limitations of iPhone albums. The albums on the iPhone are purely a way of organizing the photos on that device. When you transfer your photos to a computer they’re pulled out of the Camera Roll and not the individual albums. This is because the iPhone albums are “virtual” albums that just point to photos in the Camera Roll – the photos aren’t physically stored in those albums.

  • Faye

    Thanks, Kate! I was not aware of this. Just created my first album and it was easy using your instructions!

    • Glad you found it useful Faye 🙂 I use them a lot to save me having to scroll through my entire Camera Roll to find my best photos.

  • tango

    Thanks Kate…this is indeed very informative. There is a ton of information shared on this blog. This my go–to web page whenever I am commuting or sitting in a cafe. Thanks for all the information that you folks share here. God bless.

    • Really glad you find our tutorials so helpful 🙂

  • Scottie11

    So now when the photos are sitting in the Camera Roll as well as a newly created album are they taking extra space on the IOS device? I mean I might have a photo of 10kb sitting in the camera roll as well as the new folder I might have created so are they now hogging 20kb?

    • Even if you have the same photo in multiple albums, the image is only actually stored on your device once – so adding photos from your Camera Roll to different albums doesn’t take up any extra space 🙂

    • jv

      it is better to read first before commenting.

  • Is there a way to select items in the Camera Roll that are not also in Albums to delete everything that’s not in an album? Seems like a hassel to figure out what pics in the camera roll are safe to delete without deleting those you already have in Albums (I have over 500 pics in my Camera Roll and want to delete all but the ones in Albums.) Thanks in advance!

    • That would be a good option Beth – I would find that useful too. But unfortunately there’s no way you can do this in the camera roll at the moment.

    • Popsy

      I so need this – I have 7000 photos and want to keep about 500 of them. It’s taking me hours – is there no way to ‘ringfence’ some albums / photos and then delete everything else? Is there no app that would do this?

    • Rich Hoffman can help you go through 7000 photos from your Camera Roll and put them into iOS Albums very quickly!

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful helps to do this. You can physically _move_ photos from the Camera Roll to Utiful, and also back from Utiful to the Camera Roll, just as you like. In Utiful, you can organize in folders as you wish. So to the problem: What you can do is: Step 1: Move all pics that you want to keep on your photo from the Camera Roll to Utiful; Step 2: Delete all the rest from your Camera Roll; Step 3: Return all pics from Utiful to the Camera Roll. Done.

    • Deb

      I’d like to know that too

    • Unfortunately there’s no way of doing that sorry.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful helps to do this. You can physically _move_ photos from the Camera Roll to Utiful, and also back from Utiful to the Camera Roll, just as you like. In Utiful, you can organize in folders as you wish. So to the problem: What you can do is: Step 1: Move all pics that you want to keep on your photo from the Camera Roll to Utiful; Step 2: Delete all the rest from your Camera Roll; Step 3: Return all pics from Utiful to the Camera Roll. Done.

    • Abby Smith

      I just bought the app — hoping it works. I’m so sick of apple tying my hands! Thank you for the suggestion!

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Let me know whether it helps you organize your photos better. Don’t hesitate to get back to me, if you need further info or help.

    • We’d love to hear how you get on with the app Abby.

    • Danny Tamburrino

      Ciao Kate,
      I’d like to have a conversation on the phone with you about iPhone photography,
      Apps like Photo Manager Pro, do they create Album Shortcuts or Albums in the camera roll??
      What’s the best iphone management app??
      Is it possible to copy a Windows folder with .jpg pictures directly through the DCIM iPhone folder
      There’s software called iExplorer for managing the iPhone

      Danny Tamburrino
      SF CA

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Hi Danny. Mostly these apps create shortcuts of albums. iExplorer app is not the best choice for managing photos and it’s poorly rated by customers on the App store. Good way to transfer files is using cloud services, for example, Dropbox. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Hi Danny, can you recommend some of the photo management apps you tried? Have you also tried the Utiful Photo Organizer app?

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful helps to do this. You can physically _move_ photos from the Camera Roll to Utiful, and also back from Utiful to the Camera Roll, just as you like. In Utiful, you can organize in folders as you wish. You can solve your problem in three steps (all three can be done directly from the Utiful app): Step 1: Move the albums that you want to keep from the Camera Roll to Utiful; Step 2: Delete all the rest from your Camera Roll; Step 3: Return the albums from Utiful to the Camera Roll. Done.

    • Heather Potts

      How do I get the pictures from utiful on my iPad to my iPhone. Same Apple ID.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Hi Heather, thanks for posting your question to the Utiful Users Group on Facebook, I saw that with the help of the other users you managed the pic transfer from Utiful on the iPad to Utiful on the iPhone. I added one more comment there. You can also join the Utiful Users Group on Facebook to stay up to date when it comes to mobile photo organization.

  • Merlin007

    Well I just deleted one in an album and it deleted it from the camera roll as well which is not what I wanted

    • Which album did you delete it from? If you’re deleting from the new Favorites album in iOS 8 it will delete from camera roll too, but it shouldn’t do that from any other album as far as I know. At least iOS 8 now has a deleted folder where you can recover deleted images from 🙂

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You can use the Utiful app to move photos out of the Camera Roll to folders. The folders work just as folders should, not like Apple’s “albums” that are interlinked with the Camera Roll.

  • Carla

    I find I am not able to rearrange the order of my albums in iOS 8. Are we still able to?

    • Hi Carla. You can’t change the order of the default albums such as Camera Roll, Favorites, Videos, Bursts and Recently Deleted. But you can re-order any albums that you create yourself – tap Edit at the top of the list of albums, then hold the icon with three lines to the right of the album name and drag it up or down. Hope that helps 🙂

  • KillingOutLoud

    Hi Kate! Great job on this one! I was just wondering, how can I get a photo from a folder outside of iPhoto onto my iPhone. On my MacBook Pro, I have a folder that contains the photo backup from my old Android phone (as it wouldn’t directly sync with iPhoto). I’d like to get a couple of those pictures onto my new iPhone 6. How does one go about doing that?

    • Hi, you can do it though iTunes. Connect your phone to your Mac, then when the iPhone sync/backup details appear on the screen in iTunes, click the Photos tab at the top of the screen. Here you can select which folders you want to sync to your iPhone. When you’ve selected the folders click Sync/Apply at the bottom of the screen. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • Sasha

    Is there a way to create Albums logged into iCloud on a computer such that they download to the phone and other connected idevices?

  • Sierra

    So still no way to rename photos? Apple needs to work on adding this function, it’s impossible to upload photos to the internet that are all named image.jpg. Still no app that can properely make it work either. And I have no PC access. All these extra album functions are useful though, thank you for the great, in-depth instructions. I will wait patiently for Apple =P

  • Julie

    Hey! So I am switching from my iPhone 5s to iPhone6. I have albums on my old phone I made is there a way to get them to my new phone? Please say yes! Thanks xo

    • Hi Julie

      If you back up your iPhone 5s to iTunes on your computer to start with. Then when you get your iPhone 6, when setting it up choose that you want to restore from an iTunes backup and follow the instructions on screen. This will basically transfer all your apps, settings, etc to your new phone, exactly how it was on your old phone. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Jay

    In case anyone at Apple wanted to know the photo management of IOS8 is garbage! I don’t want multiple places where pictures appear. If I move a photo from the camera roll it should be moved not just copied and pasted to a view folder. Whose idiotic idea was that? Lets just start to gum up the program with multiple copies of items. Why don’t you ask people what they want?

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful puts an end to this misery 🙂 With it you can create folders as you like and MOVE photos from the Camera Roll to them.

  • Kristelle

    I would like to know if there is a way to sort photos in an album into chronological order without having to manually move them. I make albums by year and sometimes the photos aren’t in chronological order because if I add photos later they automatically go in as the last photo. When you have hundreds of photos in an album it is a hassle to move them manually. I really liked how iPhoto would automatically arrange photos chronologically and am disappointed that iPhoto is no longer supported in iOS 8. I was completely surprised by that after updating!

    • Hi Kristelle. There is no automatic way to do that in the native Photos app I’m afraid, however, there are lots of photo management and photo organizing apps in the App Store so it would be worth taking a look at what is available. I don’t have any personal experience using these kind of apps, but Photo Manager Pro gets good reviews: Hope that helps 🙂

  • jav

    when you are looking at photos in the “Photos” and “Moments”, the iphone groups the photos based on the date they were taken. How can I download these photos to my windows Laptop, and still keep these photos grouped in a folder with the date that they were taken?
    Seems like iPhone is already capable of grouping the photos based on date or location, then how come I don’t have the option to save them in my computer in this format? or is there a way without using other Apps?

  • madhavi emani

    After we create new albjms and organize pics and vedios, deleting a vedio or pic from the general albums deletes that vedio or pic from the new album created also, the new album and general album are not disconnected… So whats the point… How riculous it is to design such a feature…

    • Hi, I understand your point and some people do find this frustrating. But it’s designed purely as a way of allowing you to view different sets of photos separately from your main camera roll album. It’s meant to make it easier to view certain images on your iPhone, rather than having to scroll through thousands of photos to find the one you want. I find it really useful – for example, when I did a photo 365 project last year, I made a separate album for this, so at any point I can go and view just my 365 images.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful makes this possible. With it you can create folders as you like and move photos from the Camera Roll to them. The folders are kept disconnected, just as folders should work 🙂

  • ishwari

    is there a way to save the iphone albums directly on iphoto in the computer…. as in saved as albums in iphone and not just seperate photos… thank you for yur help

  • Marla Stromberg

    Thanks a million for this-your article has been really helpful. My Q is this: if I want to ensure that the “albums” and their names, that I created in my Camera Roll, get saved/backup up to my computer when I back up my phone or import the photos and videos, is this possible? In other words, do the album names get imported when I import photos/videos to either my Macbook Air or PC?

    Second Q: I like to save/backup my camera roll to my external drive, and keep my external drive very organised re-date a photo was taken, and name of album, etc. Is this possible? I don’t particularly like iPhoto; I’ve always backed up my camera roll to my Windows PC-it tends to organise my photos/videos the way I like, i.e., date taken, and all of the photos taken in the same day, go into one folder on my PC-the folder name is usually the date (and is stored in a folder called Pictures). I was able to choose which folder to save/backup the pics; is this possible when using a Macbook Air?

  • Jean Mazurek

    I would like to be able to find all my new photos in a file to transfer to my computer. The files all are numbered out of sequence with letters etc. and it is very difficult and time consuming to find the ones I want. I have to open and check every file.
    Is there a way to either rename the files or an easy way to find the new files?

  • rob

    I’m looking for a way to transfer movies in the Home Video folder of an iphone 6 to the photo folder. Is this possible?

  • Skip Borland

    I createda folder long ago called “iPhone Photos. I also created a few subfolders and put pics in that are not taken with my phone. When I sync I end up with all the photos in my camera roll also showing in the folder named iPhone Folders. So I now have duplicated all my camera roll photos in one place. Do I need to create a fresh directory, resync to that one from my phone, delete the iPhone folder form the syncing folder on my computer? Will that clear up my storage issue? I’m hesitant to do this as I am not sure what will happen. Usually the unexpected does…Thanks!

  • chlach

    I use ” PicBack – Photo Transfer App ” it imports photos and videos directly To camera roll or you can choose transfer to an existing or a new album, and it can also find duplicated photos, very handy and very easy to use, you can find it at the app store

    * works with a regular USB cable, which is 3x faster than WiFi transfer

    Give that a try 😉

  • Muriel

    I just created an album, went in to delete the album and it did not give me a delete option. It was grayed out like Camera Roll is grayed out. I went to Albums, edit, touch album name, it won’t let me select it. What’s up?

    • Hi Muriel, when you’re viewing the list of albums with Camera Roll at the top, and you tap edit, do you see a red circle next to the name of the album you want to delete?

  • Muriel

    I just updated to iOS 8. It does not give me a favorites heart so I can add to favorites. Also the album I created will not let me delete it. I had this problem earlier and I thought it was because I had not updated to iOS 8, that was not it. It still does not let me delete an album I created.

  • Muriel

    Oh boy, so many questions. Please be patient, thanks. I went into an album I created, tapped select, selected two pics to delete. Guess what? It does not give me an option to delete what I selected. I wants me to Add To or do Facebook, text, mail etc. I just want to delete. When I select Add To I was hoping it would off to deleted – nope.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful makes this possible. With it you can create folders as you like and MOVE photos from the Camera Roll to them.

  • salmonhair

    One problem at a time.

    I would like to move all my pictures from my iphone’s photostream back into camera roll. Some of the photos on the phone were taken way earlier than the 30 days icloud allows and are not also in the camera roll. Hence, no way to get them off the phone.

    My icloud control panel on my PC is all jacked up and not downloading regularly from icloud. and I just want to get all photos into the camera roll and export them onto the PC through explorer.

    • Hi. If you go into the Photostream album, tap Select at the top, then select all the photos you want. Now tap the square icon with arrow at the bottom left, and tap the Save option at the bottom. All of these images will now appear in your camera roll. Hope that helps 🙂

    • salmonhair

      Thank you much, I was hoping for a “move” function rather than a copy function, but apparently this will have to suffice. I’ll just delete them from photostream as I go I guess?

  • Noneya

    I actually find the folders completely worthless after reading this. I like to separate my photos, and this does not allow it. I want them in one place, not two different spots.

    • James Mckenny

      Noneya, you can create folders/album by tapping the “+” sign and name the folder as you want it. To transfer photos from Camera Roll to a new created folder, just tap each photo to select it individually and if you want to “select all images” just tap “select all” and it will select automatically for you… then tap “Add to” and find the new folder you just created and tap that folder too… voila! your selected images already transferred. Magic! no copy and paste option just tap, tap, and tap.

      But DO NOT delete those images from Cameral Roll because it will also delete from new created folder or album. The option added folder or album just for organizing image purpose and it does not take up any extra space because the actual images are not there…but they are in the Cameral Roll…so do not delete from Camera Roll; the new folder/album added serves as a “mirror image” make us easy to locate our favorite images stored in the Camera Roll.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful makes this possible. With it you can create folders as you like and MOVE photos from the Camera Roll to them. They’re kept then only the respective folder, not in the Camera Roll anymore. So you can separate photos into folders and manage them as you like – export to other apps or also save them back to the Camera Roll – you decide.

  • Sarah

    It is really funny you can not manage ur photos in a phone all videos or
    photos taken by iphone stored in camera roll and not possible creating
    folders there and separate photos and videos. not possible copy pasting
    any photos or video to ur camera roll and u need to sync ur photos in
    iphone and u can not delete them later for deleting or adding other
    photos u need to sync all of them again!!! that is u need to waste ur
    time for photos like a kid!! I am so sorry for apple all these are
    possible even in primary and old model phones!!! I dunnu why I was so
    stupid and paid money for apple,,,I m really tired and will switch to
    note 4 soon…

    • Pavel Atanassov

      A new iOS app called Utiful helps. You can MOVE photos out of the Camera Roll to it and in Utiful you can organize in folders as you like. From Utiful, you can manage the photos as you wish, export to other apps, or also move back to the Camera Roll if you decide.

  • Rick O’Grady

    Sorry, my previous post was incorrect (patience required…lol), your explanation is correct and works great…thanks for all your help.

  • Maureen

    Is there a way to label photos? With the persons name, or where the photo was taken etc?

    • Hi Maureen. You can’t tag photos with a person’s name, but if you go to the Photos tab at the bottom of the Photos app screen (as opposed to the Albums tab) you’ll see that the photos are organized into collections with the name of the location where you took the photo. You can also tap the Search icon at the top of the screen and search for a particular location. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Connie Jo Callis

    I used the same one photo in numerous albums, therefore I have numerous images of this same photo in my camera roll that I would like to delete all but one. Being I would still have have one photo of this image on my camera roll, by deleting the others of the same image, that are on my. Camera roll, would that also delete that same image used in my other albums?

    • Je-ann

      Deleting a photo in your Camera Roll will also delete all the copies of the photo. While deleting a photo in an album will keep the original copy. Hope this helps 🙂

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You can do this the following way. Move the photo to the Utiful app. It gets physically moved, so it disappears from the Camera Roll and all albums. Then, move it back from Utiful to the Camera Roll. Thus, it will only be in the Camera Rolla and in no album. Done.

  • JK

    I have a question. On my iMac I have an album called Best Photos. It’s different from favourites. Regardless of this – it’s an album that I update on occasion. However – when I connect my iPhone to my iMac and sync ( with this album checked as one to sync) my iPhone doesn’t take all of the photos across. I managed to get the album on to my iPhone originally – but it doesn’t seem to want to add additional photos. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. J

  • Vlad Crăciun

    My photos are sort by date, descending, how can i change this?

  • Coatsey

    Hi All. I am pulling my hair out trying to make Photos usable. I have what I think is a simple and obvious problem which I can’t find a solution to which is as follows:

    Over the months I have save photo’s from Facebook, websites, articles and my own. I create two albums, one called Humour the other Wisdom. From time to time I go through my Photo’s/camera roll, be it iPad, iPhone or Mac to gather these pictures and place them in the two albums. My issue is how do I know which I have already put in the albums, it’s impossible from the camera roll and I find myself duplicating and spending so much time trying to figure out if I have missed any.

    They should either disappear from the camera roll once placed in an album, my preference, or accepting people might want to put photos in multiple albums, when you hover over the photo its should tell you what albums it’s in with the ability to select this and others if not.

    Another solution could be to sort photos in the camera roll by Albums assigned and any missing can then be quickly recognised and added.

    Is there a solution I’m missing? If not how do I suggest this to Apple?

    Until this is solved it’s truly unusable for me as I have 7,000 photos and the thought of getting into this loop is not a pleasant one.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You can use the Utiful app. Create there the folders Humour and Wisdom and move the respective photos form the Camera Roll to your Utiful folders. They get physically moved, so they disappear from the Camera Roll. From Utiful, you can manage the photos as you wish, export to other apps, or also move back to the Camera Role if you decide.

  • Carl

    Can I create a “sub folder” within a photo album? For example, I have a photo album of “Friends”. I’d like to create many sub folders/ albums within the Friends album. If so, how do I do that?

    • Hi Carl. No you can’t create sub-folders in the Photos app I’m afraid.

    • Carl

      Thanks Kate for the info.

  • Dave

    I created an album of about 500 + pics I was going to use to make a movie. I went through my camera roll and selected all my photos in chronological order. When I went to the album I found that they were grouped in a random order and not the chronological order that I selected them. Is there any way to organize them in chronological order within the album without having to manually arrange each photo?

  • George

    What would be th best way to create a photo album of photos from 2 iphones or ipads with different iCloud account, while date and location of photos are still saved?

  • jonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    It would be great if I could choose the album FIRST before snapping photos. I Don’t want to taptpatpatpaptapappataptpaptatpaptapatpatpaptpatpaptaptpatppatpaptpatpptaptaptaptpataptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptatpattaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptaptapatp

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Perhaps you can take a look at the Utiful app, which is a complementary photo library / folder system, completely separated from the Camera Roll, so you can freely move pics from the Camera Roll to Utiful and vice versa. In Utiful you can open a folder and start snapping photos into it with the camera button. The photos get stored in this folder only and not are duplicated to the Camera Roll. Let me know should you have further questions to that.

  • Sue

    How do I transfer my photos to my albums? Some of my photos were deleted when uploading them to my lap top. So I downloaded back to my phone and have doubles. I can’t seem to delete them (garbage can won’t highlight) So I thought I would transfer them back to my album so I could delete the doubles? Any help?

  • pete schramm

    How do you organize albums on the iPad? The move option does not appear.

  • Clif

    Good article but you did not mention the ‘Photos’ option. Photos in ‘All Photos’ option are stored in the order they were loaded on the phone while photos on the ‘Photos’ option are presented by the date, time the picture was taken. Foe example, if the last picture in the ‘All Photos’ was an emailed picture taken two weeks ago it will show up in the ‘Photos’ option two weeks back and will not be the last picture on this option assuming you’ve taken some r cent pictures. The ‘Photos’ option is much easier to use for tracking your pictures.

  • Pavel Atanassov

    You can use the iOS app Utiful to move photos out of the Camera Roll to Utiful, where you can organize in folders as you wish. You can anytime move them back to the Camera Roll if you decide or export to any other app.

  • Pavel Atanassov

    There’s also another way you can do this. You can move the not-best pics to the Utiful app, so that only the BEST remain in your Camera Roll. In Utiful you can additionally organize in folders as you wish (you can anytime bring the pics back to the Camera Roll if you decide).

  • Pavel Atanassov

    The problem is, no matter how you try to organize in albums, the pics always stay in the Camera Roll, too. You can alternatively use the Utiful app that has folders, to which you can MOVE photos out of the Camera Roll. So declutter & organize in one step.

  • Heidi Almaguel Stohr

    This is great info and has really helped me. I still however need to know if I have an album
    On my phone so I automatically have that grouped in the same way on my Mac?

  • Renee Colagiovanni

    Once you “add to” an album and move pics from your camera roll , can I delete them from only the camera roll without them deleting from the album I moved them to ??

    • Hi Renee. No – you can’t do that sorry. If you delete photos from the main camera roll they will also be deleted from any albums you’ve added them to.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You can achieve that with the Utiful app, which is a complementary photo library for iOS enabling you to freely move photos between the Camera Roll and the Utiful folders. The photos you organize in the Utiful folders get moved out of your Camera Roll to keep it clean and tidy.

    • ek

      I don’t think so. I think if you delete them from an album, you also delete it from the main camera roll/all photos.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      What you ask for is provided by the Utiful app, which is a separate photo library that lets you organize photos in folders, and this completely separated from the Camera Roll. This means, you can freely move, not just duplicate, photos from the Camera Roll to the Utiful folders and vice versa.

  • James Colton

    I have created albums on my MacBook Pro, ordered the photos in the albums by file name, and stored them in iCloud. On the iPhone the order of the photos is different. How can I make them the same?

    • Hi James. Where are you creating the albums on your Mac? Are you creating them in the Photos app?

    • James Colton

      I created the albums on the photos app on my computer and sorted them by file name on my computer. They show up on my iPhone but not in the order by file name–looks like they are in the order they were created. Is there a way to order them by file name on the phone?

    • Unfortunately I don’t think there is a way to do that through the Photos app on the iPhone. They just appear in the order that they were taken.

  • Jackie Coutu Keesee

    When I edit a picture and want to save it to a specific album how do I do that?

    • Hi Jackie. When you save your edits, the edited image will automatically be saved to your main photos library (you can’t choose where to save it at this point). But once you’ve saved the edits, you can then go into your Photos app and copy the edited image into a new folder as shown in the tutorial above. I hope that helps 🙂

  • Michael Bentley

    hi. I have taken a large number of pictures on my Iphone for a work assignment, and moved them into folders by each topic. Is there any way to copy them over to PC and keep the same folders (or even select only those in a specific folder) ?

    If i open on PC, select DCIM, 100APPLE, all the files are there which is great, but only in order they were taken. I don’t want to have to go through the pain of sorting them again into the correct folder on my PC 🙁

    • Hi Michael. Yes – this Photo Transfer App lets you do exactly that 🙂

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You could also try the Utiful app, which is the first ever complementary photo library for iOS, created with the goal to enable you to cleanly divide your work photos from your family photos. Utiful lets you organize the photos in folders and you can export whole folders anytime to your computer as directories via iTunes (so works both for Mac and Windows users).

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You can use the Utiful app to cleanly separate your work assignment photos from your family and holiday pics. The Utiful library is a folder system that lets your organize your work photos without cluttering your Camera Roll. You can anytime export the Utiful folders as directories on your computer.

  • Miriam

    I’m going on vacation, is there a way to have all of the photos I take go into a Spain folder. Sorry if this is a really dumb question:(

    • Hi Miriam. The Photos app won’t do this automatically I’m afraid, so you’d have to transfer them into a Spain folder after taking them.

    • Ken D

      There’s a really nice feature that should do what you want. In photo app at bottom choose ‘photos’ instead of ‘albums’ and it shows years and states the names of the geographical places. Tap on the place & it shows a map to zoom in/out to select all those photos in either a country, region, town etc etc (in that year).
      If you want to see all years. You can tap the magnifying glass next to ‘years’ & type the place you want ??

  • Jane Greene

    If you set up albums on your iPhone will your iPad show the same albums?

  • Nicole Haughton

    Another example of iPhone limitation. I want to be able to organize the photos in camera roll into albums. What’s the point if they never actually leave camera roll??? It’s stupid. I want to be able to open camera roll and have fewer pictures in there because the majority of them are arranged nicely in albums. The feature as it is is useless. I want after organizing the bulk of the pics in albums to be able to see just rose pics that are u categorized and thus probably could be deleted. I bet you that’s a basic feature of any android on the market.

    • Laine Rudolfa

      This feature has it’s benefits, though. If you have a lot of albums and you forget where you put a specific photo, you can always find it in all photos album by searching chronologically. 🙂

    • Pavel Atanassov

      This is possible with the Utiful app that serves as a complementary photo library for iOS organized in folders. It enables you to freely move photos between the Camera Roll and the Utiful folders, and yes, the photos are really moved out of the Camera Roll so it gets clean at last. Utiful is hence the perfect complement to the Photos app, solving its limitations.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      What you want is provided by the Utiful app. It is a separate, complementary photo library / folder system, that lets you freely move photos out of the Camera Roll to the Utiful folders and vice versa. You can organize as you wish and get the photos finally out of the Camera Roll. You can also mark the Utiful folders with sticker labels for faster orientation.

  • DorisZh

    Hi, Kate. In All photos, I have photos taken by my iphone, screenshots and pictures I downloaded. Is there a way to make all photos taken by my iphone go automatically into a certain album without being mixed with other pictures and screenshots, just like all screenshots being automatically saved in the album Screenshots? Thank you very much!

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Unfortunately, that’s not possible. There are only certain photo types that are recognizable by your iPhone, for example, when taking self portraits or screenshots – these are then being separated in different albums. Other type of photos you have to manually put in chosen albums. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • DorisZh

      I see… Hope in future iOS versions it can be fixed. Anyway thank you for your reply!

  • Chad

    Can you create an album within an album? Like in android where you can have a folder within a folder. Just to organize you pictures.

  • Mike

    I’ve added a bunch of photos to an album and I need them in periodic order (which they are not). Is there an automated way to organise the images? Thanks

    • Je-ann

      No there isn’t an automated way. You may need to manually change the properties of the photos using your computer so that they will appear in order on your iPhone. The photos are sorted by date.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You have two options to do this, see my reply to Maupie’s question above.

  • Mr-DJ

    I cannot believe how many people have asked one particular question over again, several times, and the answer was already explained in the article itself. There is ONE SET of photos on your phone. The original database if you will. When you make ALBUMS, you are not using up any more space as you are not actually making copies of the original photos. The albums just give you easier ways of sorting through your photos to find / view them. So, NO you cannot remove the Camera Roll once you have set up your albums. The Camera Roll (or All Photos Album) is still the only place those photos actually reside. I guess an easier way to describe an Album that you create is to say that it is not really an album, it is just an instruction (when you click on it) to tell your phone what photos you want it to go get so that you can view them. When you thought you were actually putting copies into an album, you really were only indicating which photos to show you from the Camera Roll, when that Album is selected. It’s just a sorting mechanism.

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Thanks for stepping in and explaining this. 🙂

  • Maupie

    It seems that photos within an album are sorted by the date they were added to that album, not sorted by the date they were created. Is there any way to change this?

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You have two options: Option 1: Manually reorder the photos within an album. To do so, within an album tap “Select” and then drag the photos to their new place. Option 2: Get the Utiful app, move the album from the Photos app to a Utiful folder, reorder the folder by date taken of the photos, and move the folder back to an album in the Photos app. To do so, open Utiful tap Add Photos, then “Tap here for options”, “Open Another Album” and choose your album, tap on its name and choose “Move Album”. After its moved, open it in Utiful, tap Reorder and then the calendar symbol to sort by date taken. After that tap again on the album name and choose “Export Folder”, “Export to Photos app”, done.

    • Lisa Jo Rudy

      I don’t think there’s a way to change this in albums you create — but the general camera roll should have everything organized by the date on which the photo was taken.

  • Pavel Atanassov

    Perhaps you can try the Utiful app to this purpose that really moves the images out of the Camera Roll, so you know what you have already organized (in the Utiful folders) and what still remains (in the Camera Roll). Hope that helps.

  • rameshmehay

    Is there any app which helps you to copy pics from an album to your pc and back again instead of using iTunes?

    • Lisa Jo Rudy

      You should be able to use many different techniques to do that — Airdrop, which is built into the iPhone, instantly transfers images to the Mac. You can also use Google Photos, which stores all your images on the cloud and allows you to download them to your PC. If you plug your phone into your computer using a USB cable, both Mac and PC have built in programs that will ask if you want to download your images. When you want to put them back on your iPhone, you can use any of these systems (or many others) in reverse!

  • ek

    Does the concept of Favorites not exist in an iPad? How can you get your Favorites folder from you iPhone to appear in your iPad? Photo sharing is turned on, and the photo stream is syncing correctly…

    • Laine Rudolfa

      iPad has the favorites option as well. The favorites folder will appear when you have at least one favorited photo. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • ek

      But if I have favorites in my iphone, can I not open that same favorites in my iPad?

    • Je-ann

      You can have the same favorite items (even the same photos) on your iPad if you have your iCloud enabled. You can learn more about it here:

  • billd

    But I can’t move a photo from camera roll into an existing album.
    This photo management system is not user friendly or intuitive or smart.
    I can’t really manage albums.
    I can only pretend to based on what Apple THINKS I want to do.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Hi, just to let you know that the Utiful app complements the iOS photo management with a separate photo library / folder system, to which you can freely move photos from the Camera Roll and vice versa. So you can finally organize your photos in folders just as you wish and get the out of the Camera Roll. Hope this helps.

  • Why_is_it_so

    My question is related to Beth’s, however, I don’t want/need to delete anything from Camera Roll as I accept its purpose. I just want to find out what’s there that I haven’t allocated to an album. I’ve not put any shot/s into more than a single album, however, I now have 489 shots (all types) in CR and a sum of only 488 in my albums. Thus I need to find the shot not yet in an album. A tad difficult to do manually.
    The files on any PC (Win or Mac) can be searched for duplicates, so if this can be done on an iPhone, then the one (or several) that don’t show up as duplicates are the missing one(s). So, who can develop an app to do this (ideally with a choice to show either duplicates or non-duplicates) – if Apple can’t?

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Indeed, this has to be done manually and can be challenging. Hopefully there’s gonna be a solution for this soon!

  • Marina

    Hello. After importing the photos and videos taken, they all went together. And the videos don’t appear in the ‘movies” or “videos” feature. If i remember correctly, ones the went to the “home videos” folder. I there some way to set a rule for videos going to such a folder? thanks

    • Je-ann

      Hi Marina! Are you using a PC or Mac? Here are some instructions on how you can transfer your photos on our computer: I’ve tried importing my iPhone photos on my PC and it game me the option to select a folder where I can place the videos and photos.

    • Marina

      Hello Je-ann. To your question, I am using Macbook. And I still haven’t decided wether to use the Apple PHOTOS feature to deal with my photos, or Image Capture. The latter allows to make a folders in the finder, but I cannot see the location on the map as in PHOTOS library. On the other hand, trying to create Facebook album, I couldn’t add photos from PHOTOS library.
      By the way, I have 2 questions. 1. Where the photos imported by PHOTOS feature actually stored? 2. Where the photos on STREAM actually stored? Thank you

    • Je-ann

      Both has their advantages, I suggest that you use both if you have a good amount of storage on your Mac. Not really sure on which exact folder on the Macbook contains the imported photos/videos from the Photos Application. As for the Image Capture, you will be able to select your own folder where you can store the images:

  • Juan Carlos

    Ok, but how can I transfer these photo albums to my mac as they are created in my iphone ? Is a lot of work to keep only in the iphone

    • Use the Photos app on your Mac, and make sure you have iCloud Photos switched on in your iPhone’s settings. In the Photos app on your Mac you can view the albums exactly as they appear on your iPhone, and you can export the images from the Photos app (which are actually stored in iCloud) onto the hard drive of the your computer if you wish. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Lynda

    Can I rearrange photos in a shared album ?

  • Judy He

    I hate the people & place album is there a way to delete those please help me out please ???

    • Hi Judy. I’m afraid you can’t delete those default albums that the iPhone creates automatically.

  • rony

    Anybody know how to change album back to small on..this ios 10 show very big album photos..

  • Greg Smith

    Is there a recommended app to find and delete duplicate photos?

    • Hi Greg. As there is only one copy of each photo on your iPhone (even if a photo appears in several albums, there’s really only one copy of it stored on your phone), can you let me know what you mean by “duplicate photos” so that I can help you find the right app? Do you mean photos that look very similar, e.g. maybe you shot several photos in quick succession, but only want to keep one of them? Or maybe you mean that you have the original and an edited version, and you want to delete the original? Thanks, Kate.

    • Greg Smith

      Kate, thank you. I actually uploaded photos from other sources than my iPhone so I can have them all together. I have 40k+. I do have duplicate photos as this just happened over the years due to lack of organization.

    • Thanks for the extra info Greg. If you want to remove the duplicates from your iPhone, this app should do the job:

    • patman01

      Hi Kate. Which app would this be? I tried the link and it just loops Into a blank dis.cus page

    • Hi, if the following link ( doesn’t work, just try searching for “Duplicate Photos Fixer” in the App Store – it’s by a company called Systweak Software.

    • Henrik Herskind

      Could you please name the app so I can search for it in the Danish Appstore?

  • Linda

    How do I transfer the albums from my oldiPhone to my new iPhone? The photos have transferred across but no it the albums.

    • Hi Linda. How did you transfer the albums from your old iPhone to the new one?

    • Linda

      Hi Kate Via itunes

    • Hi Linda. I’m sorry but I’m not sure why the albums haven’t transferred across. It’s difficult for me to work out the problem without being able to see it first hand. I would recommend going to your nearest Apple Store where they should be able to help you.

    • Linda

      Thanks for trying Kate

  • Jackie Fife

    In the People album I accidentally named a person with her sister’s name! Is there a way to change it? Now all of the photos for her are incorrect.

    • Hi Jackie. Just tap on the thumbnail with her name in the list of people, then tap on her name at the top of the screen, delete the name and type the correct name.

  • kraftkris

    Thank you for this information! I was going crazy trying to figure out how to add pics to an existing album!

  • Mohamed Abdel Rehim

    Add photo to the place album in iPhone 6

  • Paul Hwang

    A bit off topic here, but is there a reason why your all photos number is different? Meaning when you actually go into the All Photos folder and scroll to the bottom the number of photos showing is different than the outside of the all Photos folder. Mine is that way as well and I was just trying to figure it out.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Can it be that the number shown in the overview is the number of photos plus number of videos?

    • Paul Hwang

      You’re absolutely correct. Slap on forehead! Thank you.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Be welcome 🙂 And here is how the number of folders, photos, and videos are displayed in the Utiful app, which is a separate photo library organized as a filing system for photos that complements the Photos app. (cf. attached screenshot).
      (Something went wrong with attaching the screenshot and I don’t find a possibility to try again. In my own Utiful library I have “55 folders, 1091 photos, 14 videos” – displayed at the lower bar of the Folders overview).

  • Mike Hood

    Can you get these albums to show up in Photos on computer?

  • Kiriakoula Giakoumidis Spellma

    Once you have created your own photo album, is there any way to have this photo album imported to your computer? I don’t think I see it anywhere in the photos computer app. I spent all this time creating different albums and now I feel as if they are just stuck on my phone! PLEASE HELP 🙂

    • What kind of computer do you have? If you’re using a Mac, the albums that you create on your iPhone will appear within the Photos app on your Mac.

  • Martha Lauren Smith

    My phone doesn’t show me the option when I delete photos to delete the picture or remove from specific album. How do I figure this out?

    • Hi Martha. To remove a photo from a particular album you have to open that album, select the image, then tap the delete button. You’ll then be asked whether you want to delete the photo or just remove it from the album.

  • muescha

    you should note very early that putting images in albums are not a copy and thats why i can not delete it in AllPhotos. the image need to stay in AllPhotos. thats why i would call the Albums as Tags and not as Album.

  • Peterbarbera

    On my iPhone 6 plus can I put one Album into another Album. Example: Summer Vacations, add Summer 2017 Album

    • Sorry, you can’t do that in the Photos app.

    • muescha

      and how you do this in the Fotos app from iOS?

  • Fritz Nörgler

    The description of how to remove photos from an album is not quite correct/complete. You can do this with your private albums. But Apple has created albums themselves which I cannot modify whatsoever. Neither can I delete them nor can I remove photos from them. It is so sad how Apple restricts the user…

  • Ingrid Morton

    I download all photos to an external hard drive. I noticed all photos edited by Snapseed reverted to their original form. How do I save my edited photos?

    • Hi Ingrid. When you edit in Snapseed, ensure you select the Export option when saving the image.

  • macbev

    I connect my iPhone to the computer to move all my pictures to the Photos app and I choose to delete them from the phone after they are moved to the computer. WHY do pictures that are on my computer keep showing up on the iPhone after I have deleted them? I bought a phone with lots of storage, but it keeps getting eaten up with all the photos. And, as you said, when I try to delete some photos from the Camera Roll, it says that they will be deleted from ALL my devices. I don’t think I have chosen to sync the computer with the iPhone or to store my images in iCloud, so why is this happening and what can I do to prevent it?

    I also wish there were a way to mark some pictures as keepers, so that they would never be deleted from the phone when I transfer photos to the computer.

  • Garry Westby

    I found this article most helpfu

    • So glad to hear you found this useful 🙂

  • geektink

    Can you add a sub-folder in iOS Photo albums?

    • No, I’m afraid you can only add folders as described in this tutorial.

  • Elijah

    Hi, I have organized my photos on my phone into a bunch of different albums and am getting a new phone soon. I have backed the photos up to my computer but the albums don’t transfer over. For instance, I have one album I titled “Family” with the pictures of me and my family in it. But on my computer they are just part of the All Photos, and there is no “Family” album. When I get the new phone and restore it from my old phone, I want these self-created albums to still be there. Is there any way to do this or will I have to go through and recreate the albums and add the photos to them again on my new phone?

    • Hi Elijah. Do you have your photo library backed up to iCloud? If so, the albums should transfer onto your new phone when you set up the new phone with your Apple ID. Here’s an article telling you all about storing your photos in iCloud:

  • Juan Martín Allub

    Hi there. I have 2 questions: 1) may i create a folder into another folder? 2) What will be happens when i have a lot of folders? for example in a few years, It will be a mess! thanks!

    • Hi Juan. No you can’t create an album within an album sorry. You can have as many albums as you want, but try to think carefully about what you call them so that you don’t end up with too many similar albums.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Have a look at the Utiful app. It’s a simple way to organize photos into folders and keep your Camera Roll clutter-free. With it, you can create subfolders, too. Here’s the link to Utiful on the app store: as well as to the Utiful iOS Users Group on Facebook, where you can get feedback to Utiful directly from real users:

  • Bethzy

    you can use Snowloop to search your private photos without having the need to manually organizing them. It uses some AI to describe your photos too I think I have the link……

    • Henrik Herskind

      Snowloop is not accessible in the Danish Appstore. We are told it can be bought via the American Appstore.

  • Alicia

    I am able to download a copy of my photos to my pc using icloud but cant seem to figure out how to keep them within the albums that I have created on my phone. Can you help? Do I need to sort through all photos and create albums again on my pc?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Alicia. I believe that Windows computers don’t recognize the albums that you’ve created on your iPhone – so yes, you’ll have to reorganize them on your PC I’m afraid. If you have a Mac it will keep everything in the same albums that you have on your iPhone.

    • Damla M.J.Archer

      Hi! I can’t find the answer to my problem, so I thought maybe you could help… I’ve created lots of albums on my iPhone, but when I transferred the photos to my Mac using iPhoto, it didn’t transfer my albums – did only the ones that apple creates automatically. And when I took the iPhoto workshop, I asked this question to the Apple staff specifically, and they told me that I was supposed to see all the albums I have on my iPhone, on iPhoto as well… Any ideas on what’s going on? Thanks in advance!

  • Alexia Laura

    I have a problem..I don’t have any of the default albums,it just shows people but that’s all,no “Videos”,”Screenshots” or “Camera Roll” and if I try to create another one after some days it deletes itself.

  • Matt

    In a photo album I created on my phone, my photos are all out of chronological order. How do I put into order without manually moving each one?

  • Kelly Kirkland

    Why do the pics have to stay on the main camera roll? Once they are moved to an album you shouldn’t have to see them every time. Scrolling through the camera roll should not contain photos that you may not want certain people to see. If a photo is safe in an album there is no need for it to still show up in the all photos. It is very irritating, having albums should be a way to sort not just another place to go to find them.

    • Pavel Atanassov

      Yep, Apple’s approach to photo organization is irritating. Fortunately, what you need is already possible with the Utiful app. It enables you to move photo into organized folders, so that the photos get physically moved out of the Camera Roll and organized into the folders you create.

  • Mel McGuff

    I’d like to know how to upload my pics to my computer in the same albums I’ve “sorted” them into on my phone. There’s a reason I’ve put them into albums and that’s because I need certain pics together. Can I do that? Thanks.

  • Steve Lewis

    Is there a way to hold Albums, within Albums, for instance can I have an album called “Holidays” and in there different holiday albums for different holidays?

  • Madi

    Hi there, I’m looking to clear my photos off my iPhone but transfer them to a hard drive. However, I understand you can only transfer them in a lump sum, and I would like to keep them in their albums because I have quite a few important albums that I’d like to keep together. I also don’t have enough storage on my laptop to keep my photos on there, hence wanting to transfer to a hard drive… is there any app that can help with this? Thank you! Hope that makes sense! Madi

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You can get the Utiful Photo Organizer app that allows you not just to copy to albums but move photos out of the Camera Roll to folders. You can export one, many, or all of your folders to your computer as you wish. You can easily move a whole album from the Photos app to Utiful: Start Utiful, tap “Add Photos” > “Tap here for options” > “Open another album” > choose the album > “Tap here for options” > “Move album”. You can of course also move a selection of photos to a new folder. check it out on the App Store.

  • Debra Ryan

    I’ve sorted a bunch of pictures into different folders. Now I want to delete the pictures from my camera roll, but does that mean it will delete from the album as well?

    • Pavel Atanassov

      You mean into a) different albums in the Photos app or b) different folders in the Utiful app? If a), then yes, deleting the pics from the Camera Roll will delete them also from all albums in the Photos app :-/ . If b), then no, that is, you can safely delete the pics from the Camera Roll and they will stay in the Utiful folders.

  • Tania Lynn

    I came to this site hoping to find the following-I wish that once you create, name and add photos to an album that would be the only place you will see them. So as Not to clog my All photos album. I create albums to have quick access to specific photos but can’t you then delete them from the All photos album?

    • Pavel Atanassov

      What you want is possible with the Utiful app. Utiful is a new, easier way to organize your photos on iOS. It lets you MOVE (not just copy!) photos from the Camera Roll into separate folders! This enables you to get rid of the clutter in your photo library but keep the important stuff for reference later.

  • KarenskaJazz

    I have roughly 43,000 photos in Photos — which consist of over 250 albums. There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the albums (not by date, not alphabetically, not size, etc.) The only instruction I have seen to ORGANIZE ALBUMS is to manually select and move one by one. Obviously, that is not helpful. Any suggestions?