Rob Dunsford
I'm a keen photographer, web developer and musician living in Mid Wales UK. I've spent many years using a DSLR to shoot concerts, portraits, weddings and equestrian events. But despite having access to some of the best photography equipment around, I still use the one camera I'm never without - my iPhone! I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of photography and tend to take a DIY approach, often making my own accessories or utilizing ordinary household objects to suit my needs. I love how photography allows us to tell stories and freeze a moment in time, forever.

iPhone Photo Printer Comparison: Pick The Best Printer For You

Are you looking for an easy way to print your iPhone photos? With so many different printers available, it can be difficult to choose the right iPhone photo printer for your needs. In this article you’ll discover five great printers that take the hassle out of printing your iPhone photos. Whether you want a compact and portable photo printer for iPhone, or a larger wireless printer for home use, we’ll help you choose the best iPhone photo printer for you.

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TouchRetouch: How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Your iPhone Photos

The TouchRetouch app offers a quick and easy way to remove unwanted content from your iPhone photos. Within seconds you can erase power lines, dust spots, skin blemishes, or any other object that you feel is spoiling your composition. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use the TouchRetouch app to remove unwanted objects from your iPhone photos, allowing you to create cleaner and more striking images.

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How To Use iPhone AE/AF Lock For Perfect Focus & Exposure

The AE/AF Lock iPhone camera feature is invaluable for achieving perfect focus and exposure in your photos. If you’re wondering how to access this feature, and why you would need to use it, this article has the answers! In this tutorial you’ll learn how to activate AE/AF Lock on your iPhone camera, and how to use it in a variety of shooting situations. Once you master AE/AF Lock, you can be sure that your photos will always be sharply focused with perfect exposure.

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Olloclip iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Lens Kits Offer New Improved Design

Olloclip have announced three brand new lens kits for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In addition to these lenses, you can also pre-order the excellent ollo Case for the new iPhone 7 models. In this article you’ll discover what these olloclip iPhone 7 lens kits have to offer, and how the new lens system design will improve your user experience.

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Olloclip iPhone 6 & 6s Lens Comparison: Pick The Best Lens Kit For You

Olloclip have a great range of lenses available for the iPhone 6 and 6s, as well as the iPhone Plus models. But with many different lenses to choose from, how do you know which one will best suit your needs? Whether you want to shoot close-up macro photos, flattering portraits, or wide-angle landscape photos, there’s a lens kit to suit every photographer. In this article you’ll discover which lenses are included in each olloclip iPhone 6 (and 6s) lens kit, and what kind of iPhone photography these kits are most suitable for.

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New iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Camera Features Get Powerful Upgrade

The brand new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models have had some major camera upgrades – which is great news if you’re a mobile photographer as you’ll now be able to take better photos than ever before. The iPhone 7 Plus has an incredible dual lens which allows you to create stunning DSLR-like photos with a shallow depth of field. And the iPhone 7 has some fantastic new features too. Read on to discover more about the new iPhone 7 camera features, as well as the amazing photographic capability of the iPhone 7 Plus.

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Review Of ZEISS ExoLens Wide-Angle Lens For iPhone 6, 6s & Plus

Are you looking for a high quality wide-angle lens for your iPhone? We’ve been testing out the new ZEISS ExoLens wide-angle lens kit for the iPhone 6, 6s and Plus models, and it’s the best quality lens we’ve ever reviewed. This professional-level iPhone lens is based on the same technology that’s been used for high-end DSLR cameras. Read on to find out more about the ZEISS ExoLens, and how you can use it to create superb quality wide-angle shots with your iPhone.

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Review Of Olloclip Macro Pro Lens For iPhone 6 & 6s

Macro photography allows you to capture close-up detail of tiny subjects. It’s great for photographing insects, flowers, leaves and other subjects with intricate detail and texture. To enable your iPhone to focus at such close distances, you’ll need to attach an add-on macro lens to your phone. We’ve recently tested out the olloclip Macro Pro Lens system for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus, and in this article you’ll find out how it performed in terms of usability and image quality.

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Review Of Olloclip Active Lens & Ollocase For iPhone

I’ve recently had fun testing out a couple of new olloclip products: the ollocase iPhone case which lets you use any olloclip lens system without having to remove the iPhone’s case, and the Active Lens system which includes an Ultra-Wide lens and 2x Telephoto lens. In this in-depth review you’ll discover how they performed, and whether they’d make a useful addition to your iPhone camera bag.

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Inmacus iPhone Lenses Offer Superb Image Quality

Have you been disappointed by the image quality of add-on iPhone lenses? Are you looking for a high-end, reasonably-priced lens system that produces the sharpest photos possible? If so, you should definitely check out the new iPhone lens and filter kits from Inmacus. We’ve been reviewing their 18mm HD Wide Angle Kit and HD Macro Filter Kit – and we’re super impressed! In this article you’ll discover how each of these Inmacus accessory kits can be used to improve your iPhone photography with high quality results.

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