Kristen Radden
I started iPhone photography in March 2013, quite by accident. At that time I had no photography experience and only five photos in my Camera Roll. But I was looking for a creative outlet and soon discovered the potential of iPhone photography and photo editing. I notice the beauty in ordinary things. My favorite photography subjects are objects and anything that appears old, forgotten, empty, alone, quiet and imperfect. A few years ago I thought of myself as someone who wasn’t into photography, and now I enjoy sharing my ideas with the iPhone photography community through these tutorials.

Best Photo Collage App For iPhone: Compare The 5 Best Collage Apps

A photo collage app is the perfect way to showcase a collection of your favorite iPhone photos. Arranging a set of images into a collage helps you emphasize a theme or tell an interesting photographic story. Photo collage apps provide templates of grids and other layouts, making it quick and easy to create beautiful collages from your images. But which is the best photo collage app for you? In this tutorial you’ll discover the five best collage apps for iPhone.

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How To Use Superimpose App For Blending iPhone Photos

The Superimpose app offers a great set of tools for combining two iPhone photos together in a variety of ways. You can change the background around your subject, add an artistic texture overlay, or create a unique double exposure that blends two images together. Superimpose also offers basic editing options including preset filters and color and exposure adjustments. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to use the Superimpose app to replace the background in your iPhone photos and create a stunning double exposure effect.

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7 Ways To Add Creative Blur To Your iPhone Photos

Have you ever wondered how to blur the background in your iPhone photos? Or indeed, how to add other creative blur effects such as motion blur, bokeh, or a blurred vignette? It may seem illogical to add blur to a perfectly focused photo, but using apps to add blur effects can bring more attention to your subject and help tell your photographic story. In this tutorial you’ll discover seven ways to edit your iPhone photos with creative blur.

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8 Ways To Capture Serenity With Your iPhone Photos

Just looking at certain kinds of photos can make us feel calm and serene. But is there a formula for capturing serenity? What colors, effects and image choices can we use as iPhone photographers to create a peaceful, serene image? In this tutorial you’ll discover specific elements that will help you evoke wonderful serenity in your iPhone photos.

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How To Break The Rules Of Composition For Powerful iPhone Photos

Photo composition is the key to creating powerful iPhone photos. There are many compositional rules that help you arrange the elements in a scene in the most visually pleasing way, but sometimes breaking the rules can lead to even greater results! So how do you know when to follow the rules and when to break them? In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use and break three common rules of composition to create stunning and compelling iPhone photos.

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6 Ways To Create Mood & Atmosphere In Your iPhone Photos

Atmosphere and mood play important roles in your iPhone photography. Mood conveys an emotional tone, while the atmosphere projects a sense of place and time. Both of these elements draw the viewer in, allowing them to connect with your photo. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to use place, time, seasons, weather, colors and patterns to change and enhance the mood and atmosphere of your iPhone photos.

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How To Take Great iPhone Photos Of Old Abandoned Subjects

Do you often notice old, forgotten subjects like abandoned houses, broken benches or old vehicles? Objects that appear old, broken, alone or left behind make great subjects for your iPhone photography. Not only are they full of visual interest, but they evoke emotions, memories and a great sense of mystery. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to shoot and edit wonderful iPhone photos of old forgotten and abandoned subjects.

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How To Enhance Your iPhone Photos With Textures

Adding a textured background or overlay to an iPhone photo is a great way to enhance its visual appeal. You can use textures to replace an unwanted backdrop, make an over-exposed sky more compelling, or add a tactile appeal to the image. It’s easy to make your own unique textures using apps, but how do you apply them to an image? In this tutorial you’ll learn two techniques for adding your own background textures to your iPhone photos.

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How To Create Your Own Texture Overlays Using iPhone Photography Apps

Adding distressed textures to your iPhone photos can give them a unique and artistic appeal. There are lots of great texture packs that you can purchase and download online, but why pay money when you can make your own unique texture overlays? Creating your own textures from scratch gives you far more control, allowing you to customize the colors and texture effects to suit the photo you’re editing. In this tutorial you’ll learn two simple methods for creating beautiful texture overlays for your iPhone photography.

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How To Create A Unique Flower Portrait iPhone Photo

Flowers are wonderful iPhone photography subjects because they’re simple to shoot and always look beautiful when you photograph them. And you don’t even have to wait for nice weather – you can purchase a bunch of flowers at any time of the year. There are many creative ways to shoot and edit flowers, and one of my favorite techniques is to create a flower portrait. Much like a portrait of a person, a flower portrait captures the mood and essence of the flower, highlighting its color and petal shape. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a unique and beautiful flower portrait using apps on your iPhone to add blur, paint and texture effects.

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