The 20 Best iPhoneography Resources and Websites

The recent years have seen an explosion of excellent iPhoneography websites, courses and online communities. These resources, together with their readers, have contributed enormously to the development of this emerging photography genre. Updated for 2014, this page lists the world’s leading iPhone photography resources that provide value to iPhoneographers.

iPhoneography Resources

AMPt Community

AMPt Community is a network of mobile photographers, artists and videographers. AMPt is a huge resource where one could spend hours at a time. AMPt features include user profiles, photo and video uploading, chat, blogs, forum, photo challenges, featured artists and more.

Art of Mob

Art of Mob, previously known as iArt Chronicles, is a mobile photography blog by Geri Centonze (check out my interview with Geri). In this blog Geri features amazing iPhone photographers, shares industry news, and posts great photo editing tutorials. My favorite section of this blog is The Whole Story, where an interesting and often mysterious photo is featured and described in more detail.

Creative iPhoneography

Creative iPhoneography is an iPhone photography blog and community by a passionate iPhoneographer Kristen Radden. In addition to sharing her own photos, Kristen also posts iPhoneography workflows, monthly photo challenges and more.

David Molnar

David Molnar is the author of iPhoneONLY Photography ebook who also shares free iPhoneography tips and tutorials on his iPhone photography blog and email newsletter. David also works as a professional photographer specializing in music and advertising photography.

David Pasillas

David Pasillas is a professional photographer who likes to take photos with the iPhone in his spare time (check out my interview with David). David has an iPhone photography blog where he shares his iPhone photos and writes about how they were created.

Davide Capponi iPhoneography

Davide Capponi is an iPhone artist and photographer from Italy with a unique style of artistic photo editing (check out my interview with Davide). On this blog David shares his iPhone photography and explains the editing behind his amazing photos.

EyeEm Blog

While EyeEm is primarily known as a photo sharing app, they also have an interesting mobile photography blog where they run photography challenges, feature talented photographers and share mobile photography tips.

Grryo Community

Grryo is a mobile photography website with a goal to promote and support mobile artists. Their website contains numerous excellent mobile photography articles, tutorials, reviews and interviews that were published by the members of the community.


A bilingual resource in both French and English, Hipstography is a community dedicated to the Hipstamatic photo app. Hipstography allows users to submit their photos, which are then featured on the website. This is the place to go if you’d like to learn more about the different lens and film combinations offered by Hipstamatic.

Hossedia is a blog by Justin Balog, a professional photographer and the author of The Art of Mobile Photography video course. In this blog Justin covers different topics related to iPhone photography every Friday.

7 Little-Known iPhone Photography Tricks

It turns out that there are specific things that anyone can do to take incredible iPhone photos. That's why we've created this video revealing 7 little-known tricks for taking incredible iPhone photos that everyone adores. Click here to watch this video.


Instagramers is a global community of Instagram users and mobile photographers. In addition to Instagram, this website covers mobile photography apps, tutorials and other relevant news. There are hundreds of local Instagramers networks around the globe, so check that out if you’d like to meet up with mobile photographers from your area.

iPhone Photo Academy

iPhone Photo Academy is an in-depth iPhone photography training program by Emil Pakarklis, the founder of iPhone Photography School. This program has helped hundreds of students take better photos with their iPhone than most people can take with a DSLR.

iPhone Photography School

iPhone Photography School – which is the website you’re currently reading – teaches people how to take and edit better photos with the iPhone. With in-depth iPhoneography tutorials, interviews and a weekly photo contest, iPhone Photography School is one of the world’s leading iPhone photography resources.

iPhoneography Central

With regular app reviews, tutorials, artist features, gear reviews and more, the iPhoneography Central is one of the world’s leading iPhone photography websites.

iPhoneography Today

iPhoneography Today is a curated online newspaper by iPhoneography expert and a lifelong photographer Jack Hollingsworth. Jack keeps up with everything that’s going on in iPhone photography and shares all the important news in this online newspaper.

Karen L Messick Blog

Karen L Messick is a professional photographer and a talented iPhone artist who mostly works in a painterly style (check out my interview with Karen). Karen has an iPhone Adventures blog where she shares her iPhone art and explains how it was created.

MobiTog Community

MobiTog is a popular mobile photography forum and community where members can share photos, ask for feedback, get their questions answered, and otherwise exchange ideas related to mobile photography.


While Mobiography is primarily a mobile photography magazine for iPhone and iPad, they also have a great website covering photo apps, tutorials, interviews with talented iPhoneographers, industry news and more. There’s a lot of value on the site even if you don’t want to subscribe to their digital magazine.


Paul from Skipology is an acclaimed iPhone photographer who shares his photos and iPhoneography techniques on this interesting and great-looking website.

The App Whisperer

The App Whisperer is a large and prolific iPhone photography website. While their primary focus is app-related news, they also publish interviews, tutorials, industry news, competitions and a lot more. There are over 20 talented columnists writing for The App Whisperer – including many award-winning iPhoneographers – and each column is as individual as the artist himself.


Finally, I have to apologize that some deserving resources are probably left out from this list. While I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, there is just no way I could mention everyone on this page.

The 7 Best iPhone Photography Apps

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  • We Are Juxt

    From all of us at We Are Juxt, thank you for including us in this great list of resources!

    We will add you to our blog roll as well and appreciate all the love that this great community of creatives brings. We are honored to be a part of such a loving and supportive community!

    Thank you Emil!

    • Of course, how could I possibly leave you out. You’re doing such a great job!

      Thanks for mentioning my site on your sidebar!

  • tracymg

    Time to update the list? 🙂

  • tracymg

    Pixelapper seems to be a gambling web site, IPA is defunct, LifeinLoFi is not updating with much regularity. Bob Weil is now offering a course, Susan Tuttle I believe also offers classes (but not sure she has a blog) – just off the top of my head..

  • So happy to have been included on the update as well. Thanks Emil!

  • Thanks so much Emil for including my blog! Btw, I have just rebranded my blog to Davide Capponi iPhoneography

    • Thanks for letting me know, I somehow didn’t notice the change 🙂

  • Thank you Emil, honoured to see Skipology included amongst these amazing resources.

    • Keep up the good work Paul!

    • thehealthyeatingsite

      I love the Skipoolgy blog. It’s great to see someone taking the time to share such artistic techniques. I know how much time goes into posts like that. I really appreciate it. Inspiring just to look at, and so much more if you want to learn new techniques too. Storm in a Teacup is one of my all-time favorite iPhone photos (and great title too!).

  • atsash

    Thank you for letting us know about some great resources. I will definitely have to check them out!

  • Claudia

    I really love reading all the blogs here but there is one thing that ai have to get off my mind…I don’t read anything about Combo Apps or Tina Rice on the website. In my honest opinion she is one of the best !!! Maybe is an interview with her an idea???

  • lalaithbr

    Yeah, I’m with Claudia. I think Combo Apps by Tina Rice is one of the best blogs nowadays and you forgot to mention it.
    I like some of the other you mention too… But this one is really missing.

  • gilkicker weevil

    yes I was going to say how about Combo Apps, definitely up there with the rest of these great blogs

  • Wayman_Stairs

    I also wonder why combo apps blog got left out? it is a great resource for tutorials, app and mobile equipment reviews and sweet giveaways

  • Danny

    Great list! I agree with others Combo Apps should be included on this list.

  • rjllane

    Hello Emil. Pleased to see that you helping us all to keep up with the world of iPhone photography. The landscape as far as blogs and websites is concerned is going through a major change as noted by others in the comments. I cross-referenced your list against the various resources that I value, and like the last few people to comment here, I would note that Combo Apps is one of the most active sites at the present time.

    Keep up the posts and have fun taking photos … MomentsForZen (rjllane)

  • Una

    Combo Apps is my main resource!

  • Fredrik Nilsson

    I agree with some of the others. You should definitely add Combo Apps. Having been a member of the mobile photo community I can say that Combo Apps is one of the few I still follow. There are other good sites, but I like how the blog tries to evolve with its readers without losing its distinct flavour. I’ve tried to run blogs myself, and I can attest that is hard to do.

  • Denise

    Hi Emil, Thank you for the list! There are a lot of good sites mentioned here! One blog site which bears mentioning, is: “Combo Apps: Mobile Extreme Editing” found at Tina willingly shares her extreme expertise in editing skills with her easy to understand tutorials. Tina also shares reviews of photography apps, giving you the knowledge of whether you want to download the app reviewed. Also, there are many in depth reviews on accessories for your phone. There is a wealth of information to be found at Combo Apps, and I always look forward to receiving emails for her newly posted tutorials/reviews.

  • lalaithbr

    So, why, Emil, did you deleted my suggestion comment? Really. I’m not pleased at all with your childish attitude. It was merely a suggestion – you could go for it or not. I even said that I was pleased with some of the blogs you chose! I don’t understand.

    • I deleted all comments mentioning a particular resource because the owner of that resource directed people to this page asking them to leave a comment promoting that resource. Who’s being childish here?

    • lalaithbr

      Well, If I didn’t intended to comment at first – regardless of what you said. I wouldn’t. I am a very sincere person and didn’t like my comment deleted. I don’t do nothing to merely please others. I still think my suggestion as valid as before since the blogs I most follow is Art of Mob and Combo Apps. So if you omitted Geri’s blog, I’d do the same… Since I love her blog. Can’t talk about other people though…

  • tracymg

    Good resources – from the comments below, I was not sued whether to leave suggestions. It might be worth the PR value for YOUR site here, to build the most current, comprehensive list of

  • tracymg

    Sorry – my total comment was that it might be worth PR value to create the most comprehensive list on the web. Add a few resources every week. Keep up the awesome contests and content!

  • Yeah, I did send them and they gave you a suggestion. Do you even do actual research before you write your posts ? I’ll tell you why, I got the information from an email of a guy who just posts pretty photos, the apps he lists and no details of how he edits the photo. Some of the sites aren’t that active, some of the sites aren’t helpful information and last it just sounded like a plug for your site. You shouldn’t even be in the list. If I was going to compile a list I wouldn’t say “best in the world” when it’s a bias point of view. I would of put “iPhone Photo Sites to Check Out.” Then people wouldn’t have expectation and you’re not setting people up for disappointment. Take your sites out of the equation because people are looking for other sources and not yours for obvious reasons.

    By the way you need an education on technical terms and be comprehensive when you write critical reviews.

    That all I have to say and you know where to find me.

  • Wayman_Stairs

    ok so my original comment was deleted and I see that its because you believe that I was directed to so. Hoever this link popped up on my fb account so i thought I would check it out. i often utilize some sites listed here such as app whisperer and art of mob (and have been featured many times on these sites) but combo apps is abother favorite and I think very worthwhile and comprehensive site l, more so than some of the sites listed here. I also enjoy P1xels, for some awesome iphone art! Sorry you have something against tina and her awesome blog, not sure why!

    • I don’t approve her attention-seeking attempts to promote her blog and get more recognition, which is what this is ultimately all about.

    • Wayman_Stairs


      this is jot my intention though, just would like to see the best blogs/sites get their deserved attention.

  • Thanks for sharing all these great resources @iphoneps:disqus ! I’m honored to be included in this list of stellar folks 🙂

  • Hi, really glad to hear you’re getting back into creative photography with your iPhone! Social networks dedicated to photography are a great place to share your photos, get feedback from other photographers, and inspiration from seeing other people’s work. Instagram and EyeEm are a great place to start – you can download their apps from the App Store. You could also start entering our weekly photo contest too! 🙂

    • LeDuke Sf

      Thanks. I haven’t use Instagram nor EyeEm. I thought Instagram is kind of like Twitter, but for Facebook. Are their groups or sites where you have people who are truly interested in photography and enjoy the creative aspects of photography and editing? I would love to receive candid feedback on my photos, not just receiving ‘like’ clicks I sometimes get from friends.

    • Maybe try Flickr. You can access it via their website ( and they also have an app.

  • Joe

    Been thinking about teaching iPhoneography classes. I’ve had lots of people ask me to show them how to take better shots. Wondering how I should get started… My IG @ whateveryouare

  • Thanks, Jack. It is now

  • AnonymityBreedsContempt

    It looks like the first link is dead, dead DEAD.

  • Thank you for an information about the best iPhoneography resources and websites.