Paul Moore
I’m an avid amateur photographer from Ireland who uses photography to relieve the stress of my day job as an accountant and financial advisor. I’m married with three young children, and my other interests include music, film and the great outdoors. I started my iPhone photography journey five years ago when I discovered an app called Photogene. The addiction quickly took hold and I’ve spent every day since striving to improve. My favorite subjects are my family and the Irish landscape. My photos have appeared in publications and exhibitions all over the world.

13 Tips For Enhancing Your iPhone Landscape Photos With Editing

The iPhone is an ideal camera for landscape photography, but often the photos straight out of the camera don’t look as impressive as the scene appeared in real life. Luckily there are some great editing apps for improving your landscape photos – from subtle lighting adjustments to dramatic alterations in the look and mood of the image. In fact, there are so many apps and editing techniques that it can be difficult to know where to start. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to enhance the natural beauty of your iPhone landscape photos using the very best apps and techniques.

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How To Shoot Incredible Music Photography With iPhone

Are you a fan of live music concerts? If so, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to capture the wonderful atmosphere with your iPhone, only to end up with photos that are completely underwhelming. Photographing live gigs can be challenging due to the low light conditions, ever-changing stage lights and moving subjects. But with a few simple techniques you can overcome these problems. In this article you’ll discover eleven tips for capturing exciting iPhone photos of musicians and live music events.

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How To Use Snapseed Filters To Create Wonderful Mood In Your iPhone Photos

Filters are a great way to quickly change the look and feel of your iPhone photos, and the free Snapseed app offers a fantastic selection of presets for editing your pictures. But these aren’t just ordinary presets! They’re fully customizable and offer a huge degree of flexibility and creativity, especially when combined with the Stacks Brush tool which lets you apply effects to just certain parts of your image. In this tutorial you’ll discover the full potential of Snapseed’s filters, and how they can dramatically alter the mood of your iPhone photos.

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How To Use Snapseed’s Advanced Photo Editing Tools

Snapseed is a favorite editing app amongst iPhone photographers, but many people don’t realize how powerful it is. If you want to take your photo editing to the next level, you need to explore the advanced editing tools in Snapseed. They allow you to make selective adjustments, correct perspective problems, remove unwanted objects and apply subtle vignettes. In this article you’ll discover how to use these advanced Snapseed tools to improve your photo editing and give you options that you never realized were possible!

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How To Use Snapseed’s Basic iPhone Photo Editing Tools

If you’re looking for a photo editing app that’s easy to use, yet contains advanced image editing tools, the free Snapseed app has got to be number one on your list. Snapseed offers an intuitive user experience with amazing tools for both beginner and advanced iPhone photographers. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily enhance your iPhone photos using a selection of the most essential Snapseed editing tools.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Editing iPhone Photos With Apps

Editing your iPhone photos can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new to iPhone photography. Deciding which editing apps to use, which adjustment tools to try out, and what order to apply your edits can involve a lot of trial and error. In this article, you’ll be shown some step-by-step editing workflows, from start to finish, to create three distinct types of edit. You’ll discover the use of selective lighting and color adjustments to subtly enhance a photo, learn how to create a dramatic black and white image, and apply special effects to turn an ordinary iPhone photo into an amazing fantasy-style image.

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8 Tips For Getting Started With iPhone Photo Editing

Taking photos with your iPhone is just the first step in the photography process. Editing your images is where the fun really begins! This can be a daunting task for beginners. Which apps should you use, and where do you start once you’ve downloaded them? But there’s actually much more to consider than just apps. If you’re keen to discover the fascinating possibilities of editing your images, this tutorial will provide you with an insightful overview of all aspects of the editing process to help you plan and execute your iPhone photo editing like a pro.

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How To Enhance Your iPhone Photos In PhotoToaster App

PhotoToaster is one of the best all round iPhone photo editing apps available, but for some reason it’s often overlooked. This app is suitable for both beginners and more experienced iPhone photographers, and has an excellent selection of tools for enhancing your images. From simple preset filters to advanced slider settings and selective adjustment tools, this app has something for everyone. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to edit your iPhone photos using the wide range of tools that PhotoToaster has to offer.

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How To Capture Dramatic Skies In Your iPhone Photos

The sky is one of the most important factors to consider in outdoor and landscape photography. It often takes up a large portion of the frame, so it’s vital that you capture it at its best. How the sky appears in different weather conditions can have a dramatic effect on your iPhone photos. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make the most of the sky in your iPhone photos, capturing dramatic skyscapes even when the weather is against you.

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10 Ways To Build Your Confidence As An iPhone Photographer

If you’re just starting out with iPhone photography, embarking on this new photographic adventure can be a daunting prospect. Even if you’ve been using your iPhone camera for a while, you might be lacking the confidence to take your photography to the next level. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten inspirational ways to build your confidence as an iPhone photographer, improving your skills and photographic eye along the way.

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