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A Guide To Creative iPhone Photo Editing In Snapseed

The Snapseed app is great for everyday iPhone photo enhancement, but it also has an excellent range of tools that allow you to get more creative with your editing. These features include black and white conversion, vintage and grunge textures, light leaks, tilt-shift effect and frames. In this article you’ll learn how to use these creative tools to take your iPhone photo editing to the next level.

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A Beginners Guide To Snapseed iPhone Photo Editing

Using apps to edit your iPhone photos is considered to be an essential part of the iPhone photography experience. But many people don’t know where to start. Or they ruin their photos by over-processing them. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through a step-by-step editing workflow in the popular free Snapseed app, giving you the essential skills you need for enhancing your iPhone photos.

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8 Tips For Taking Stunning iPhone Photos Of Water

Photographers are often drawn to water in its many different forms, including the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, waterfalls and rain. From the mesmerizing stillness of a calm lake, to the exhilarating crashing waves of the ocean, water makes a really interesting photography subject. In this tutorial you’ll discover eight great tips to help you take better photos of water with your iPhone.

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10 Lessons You Can Learn From A Child To Improve Your iPhone Photography

Years ago, before I got into photography, I was a preschool teacher. I found that spending time with young children helped awaken my own creativity because I was able to observe how they tapped into their own creativity on a daily basis. Kids are amazingly creative little people – they’re fearless creators who allow themselves to explore new ideas through play. In this article you’ll discover 10 lessons that you can learn from children to help you become a better and more creative iPhone photographer.

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How To Create Unique Double Exposure iPhone Portraits

Double exposure photography allows you to combine photos to create truly unique images. Using apps on your iPhone allows you to create amazing double exposure portraits that will surely have your friends and family asking “How did you do that?!” In this tutorial you’ll learn how to unleash your creative side and produce these incredible double exposure portrait photos on your iPhone.

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7 Tips For Creating Symmetry In Your iPhone Photos

Symmetry in photography creates a powerful visual impact which is both appealing and intriguing. In this tutorial, you’ll discover useful techniques for creating symmetrical compositions such as how to look for symmetry while you’re out shooting and how to compose your shots for maximum impact. You’ll also be introduced to some iPhone apps for creating symmetrical photos in situations where you can’t find any natural symmetry in the scene.

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