The Complete Guide To Snapseed Photo Editing App

Snapseed is one of the most popular image editing apps available for iPhone. Whether you want to perform basic image enhancements or get more creative with your editing, the free Snapseed app is a great tool for improving your iPhone photos. If you need a universal easy-to-use photo editor app, you can’t go wrong with this app. In this article you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Snapseed through a series of video tutorials.

In the first video above) I’ll cover the basics of Snapseed, automatic editing tools and Details module. Please download the photo that was used in this video so that you can follow along. You can also download the other photos that were used in these videos using the arrows in the image popover window.

Snapseed may look a bit different on your iPhone since it has been updated after the videos were filmed. While they’ve added a couple of new adjustments, everything that’s covered in these videos is also applicable to the new version.

In the second video I’ll show you how to use Crop, Straighten, B&W and Tilt-Shift modules.

Please download the photo that was used in the second video so you can follow along.

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In the third video I’ll demonstrate how to use the two most essential photo editing tools in Snapseed – Tune Image and Center Focus. Pay close attention to this video as you’ll be using these adjustments a lot.

Please download the photo that was used in the third video so you can follow along.

In the fourth video I’ll show you how to use Selective Adjust, which is another really cool feature of Snapseed. In this workflow you’ll also get another chance to look at Tune Image.

Please download the photo that was used in the fourth video and the photo that will be used in the fifth video so you can follow along.

In the fifth and final video I’ll show you another really interesting workflow in Snapseed where you can apply most things we’ve learned so far. At the end of the video I’ll briefly show you the filters and frames that you can also find inside Snapseed.

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  • Anon

    Thanks for the great tutorials! They’re really helpful on both the iPhone and Android versions of the app! =)

  • yannick

    WOW…nice tutorials about a so great application….I am already used to Nik plugins as I am using Nik softwares for Lightromm…As I am using my iphone more and more to shoot pictures, these tutorials really fit good for me…Thanks again and congratulation for your blog…

  • yannick

    Hi back Emil, may you tell me what you use to film your ipad or iphone device…Thank you

  • Skylar

    I really loved this series, thanks for making these videos! I had Snapseed at one point, but just took it as another editing app that wasn’t very useful to me (when truthfully I didn’t understand how to use many of the features). Thanks to you, I’m definitely re-downloading!

    • Happy to hear that! Snapseed and VSCO Cam are my two favorites, and they cover almost anything anyone would need for iPhone photo editing.

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  • rod

    I’ve been using Snapseed A LOT for years – and yet I still picked up some tips from these. Great videos – after a iphone 365 last year, I’m struggling for inspiration – but I’m find your tips are really helping

  • Susan

    Thank you. I’m brand new to shooting with my iPhone, so this is really useful information! Can’t wait to get started.

  • Joan Bartosik

    You’ve helped to make an already great app even greater! Thanks for your interesting and easy to follow instruction.

  • Ullis_U

    Great blog and great pic’s on Instagram. Using Snapseed since last 2 months and this gave me new ideas!

    • Thanks, so happy to hear that. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Vicky

    Nice job on the tutorial! I use Snapseed but picked up some good tips. Thank you

  • Jim

    Hi Emil. Since I can’t watch youtube here, is there another way to look at your videos?
    Thanks. Jim

  • I am loving to use this application in my brand new iPhone.

  • matteo

    Is this app resizing your images?

  • Patrice

    Your tutorials explained a lot, thank you. But, why doesn’t Snapseed have an eraser to delete wires and poles for instance? is there another App to use first to accomplish this then go to Snapseed? hope you can help, thanks

  • Elizabeth A

    Really loved this tutorial. Thanks so much.

  • Anna Cronin

    Great tutorial. I use Snapseed more than anything else, but I hadn’t really explored a couple of the options because I hadn’t really cracked them – namely tilt shift and selective adjust. Now I’m really keen to start using them properly! I thought it was interesting that you didn’t touch on HDR scape, which is probably what most people use Snapseed for – and overuse it dramatically and badly!! I think a tutorial on how to use it well would benefit a lot of Instagrammers 😉

  • Metoymi

    can snapseed update several photos simultaneously with a single edit? For example, can I select 10 photos and use the saturation enhancer only once to update all 10 photos or am I restricted to editing 1 photo at a time?

  • Claire Bunn

    I love Snapseed and use it constantly. I’ve recently been told that it outputs at 72 dpi. Is this true? Is there any way to alter the dpi? Please tell me yes so I don’t have to abandon my favorite app.

    • Mike

      Snapseed doesn’t change the resolution of your photos.

  • Ed

    Fantastic Snapseed video tutorials for my iPhone 6. Thanks!!!!!

  • Angelo L.

    Ottimo blog!

  • James Moody

    Great tutorial Emil…I use it a lot. There were several tips that I did not know. VERY HELPFUL!!

    • Glad to hear you found this article helpful James 🙂

  • Photobug

    Best series yet! I have Snap Seed but hadn’t explored all the possibilities. Thanks – great tips.

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed these tutorials. Snapseed is such a great app!

  • SansSouciBlogs

    I so appreciate this tutorial, it is a great help. (Then I opened the app on my phone and realized the whole thing seems to have been upgraded and looks different– so that’s another learning curve finding my way around).

    Taking a bit of time and will watch the videos several times. I need to resize to post to a blog. Wish there were a neat tool like this that would also batch resize.

    Thanks for all your help! (I signed up for the Bob Weil class and find your emails, which are more basic, are most useful for now.

  • Michael LaNoue

    Photos edited in Snapseed 2.0 are not saved in Apple’s new Photos program. Where are they saved to? Does anyone know?

  • raymond pena

    Love Snapseeed. But your new version has created a problem.After editing a photo and allowed my i-pad to MODIFY.,it does show up on the camera roll,but in uploading to my computer,the modified version does not transfer.only the original version transfers. HELP

    • Hi Raymond. I believe that this issue is confined to specific apps for transferring photos to and from devices.

      The bug is a “Known Issue” and the Google online help states the following: “When using Lightroom or Image Capture to transfer images that have been edited in Snapseed to a Mac desktop computer, only the original image is transferred. As a workaround to properly transfer the edited image, please use an alternate storage app like Google Drive.”

      You haven’t stated whether you have a Mac or PC, but we’ve tested it on a Mac using PhotoSync and AirDrop, and in both cases, the edited version was transferred.

      I hope this helps.

    • raymond pena

      I have a HP pc and your earlier version of snapseed transferred edited images
      perfectly. Do I have to use google drive? It would complicate things for me.
      I know nothing about it.

    • Hi Raymond. What procedure do you currently use for transferring your iPhone photos to your computer?

    • raymond pena

      I photograph my paintings with my I.pad,edit in snapseed,allow to modify.
      Plug in to hp pc windows 8 and upload. It worked before.
      Is there’s snapseed for windows 8? That way I could edit on the pc.

    • Thanks for the info Raymond. Unfortunately I can’t test this out as I use a Mac rather than Windows, but in answer to your question, yes you can actually edit your images in Snapseed on your PC.

      It’s part of Google+, so you have to have a Google account and you can only access the Snapseed Editing tools via the Google Chrome web browser.

      So first you must install the Google Chrome web browser on your PC (if you don’t already have it):

      Then create a Google account (or sign in if you already have one).

      In the Chrome browser, go to Google, then open your Google+ page (your name with a plus next to it at the top of the screen).

      On the left of the Google+ page click the Home dropdown arrow, then select Photos. Open the photo you want to edit, on it, then click Edit.

      On the right of the screen you’ll see the Snapseed editing tools which you can use to edit your image.

      We should be publishing an article on how to do this in the next couple of weeks 🙂

    • raymond pena

      Opened photo. the word-edit- not listed. no edit option. no editing tools. no mention of snapseed. Snapseed is not officially open to
      pcs,can be accessed through an android emulater…then thru
      bluestacks–unsafe sites. The bottom line is I want Snapseed
      to allow transfer of my edited images to my pc OR let me change the image pixel size in snapseed. OR give me the old version of Snapseed.

    • Hi Raymond, sorry you weren’t able to access it on a PC. Like I say, I’m using a Mac so am unable to test this out using Windows. The only information I can find on the Snapseed site relates to Macs but this might work for you too…
      “When using certain apps to transfer images that have been edited in Snapseed to a Mac desktop computer, only the original image is visible within the app. As a workaround to properly transfer the edited image, please use an alternate cloud-based file-sharing app like Google Drive.”
      If I can find out any more information, I shall let you know.

    • Hi Raymond. I just had the chance to use a Windows 8 PC, where I signed into my Google+ account in the Chrome browser (you have to be using Chrome – it won’t work in other browsers such as IE Explorer or Firefox), and it worked just like it did on my Mac. On the Photos page of Google+ I clicked Upload Photos > selected my picture > Done, then Skip rather than Share. When it’s uploaded I click on the photo and the Edit option appears above it. Maybe it’s worth giving it another go?

  • Val Robertson

    Snap seed doesn’t appear among the apps on my iPhone 6+. I’ve just re-downloaded it and it still doesn’t appear. When I ask the snap seed app to open a photo on my device (the iPhone 6+) it says ‘this app does not have access to your photos or videos’. I’ve opened privacy settings but snap seed is not there. Why not? How can I use snap Seed?

  • Vanessa Dela Cruz

    It takes so long to process the edited photos and sometimes it doesn’t save the photos.

  • I realized, watching this tutorial, that I tend to only go through the modules only once while editing a photo. I rarely go back and make more adjustments between modules, such as going back to Ambience after converting a photo. I’ll use my filters and modules more effectively now.

  • David Murray

    I have been using Snapseed for years. Just today this problem arose: I get the message,” Could not save image” when trying to save my photo.

  • Hi Christopher. You can’t resize in Snapseed, but you could use a dedicated resizing app such as Image Size:

  • Jérôme Fennell

    Great tutorial, my only problem is white balance doesn’t seem to be there in the new version of the app. Please let me know if it has been put elsewhere or has had a name change.

    • Hi Jerome. Glad you enjoyed this tutorial. If you go to the Tune Image tool in Snapseed, then select Warmth, you can adjust the color temperature of your photo 🙂

  • Every video tutorial is great and useful.

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Glad to hear that you enjoy our video tutorials, Yusuf. 🙂

  • This is one of the great tutorial you have shared. its so informative and very easy to understand.

  • This is great i will try this with my new iphone 6s got it few days ago.

  • Michelle Kraft Cook

    Does the app allow for black/white while leaving some parts of the photo colorized?

  • David

    I am afraid I am all at sea! I am just starting out but when I try to crop a photo, when I have got it as I want it, I press save, there are three choices but whichever I choose, (for example, copy) I do not get the cropped photo. This is a very elementary question, can someone help please ?!

    • Lisa Jo Rudy

      When you say you press “save,” are you actually uploading the photo to the camera roll? You DO need to apply any changes you make BEFORE uploading to the camera roll, so that may be your problem!

  • Natasha

    I tried to do this bus as soon as I “open” a new photo all my actions are gone. I have several similar photos that I just need to save those actions to apply to all the photos. Help!

    • Je-ann

      Did you Export the photo instead of Save a Copy? This may be the reason why the Actions were gone.

  • Jody

    Would like to learn how to write a greeting on a photo.

    • Hi Jody. Snapseed now has a Text tool which allows you to type text, move it around, and change the look and style of the text.

  • i just the like great the app. just ow creation. especially, its crop, straighten and tilt-shift works best, which i use most of the time.

  • patty

    Has anyone printed a large size photo after editing in snapseed?

  • Donna Youngwirth

    How can I save a picture edited with snapseed to my photos( on my “c” drive so I can post and send them? I am using it on a Dell laptop.

  • After watching the above tutorials I am filling that, it’s pretty easy editing photo with snapseed. Thanks for the article.

  • Its really creative article. thanks for sharing this information once again.

  • I personally use Snapseed to edit photo. It is really an amazing photo editing app. I really appreciate your effort. You put lots of time to make the videos. I have learnt a lot from your videos.

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the videos 🙂

  • This is a most important blog and it’s a very helpful for us . Thanks for sharing .

  • Installed this app recently but wasn’t sure how to use it much ,
    this video posts will surely help me learn more , thanks for the post

  • I am trying to do snap seed but its not working on my phone. I don’t understand whats problem with my phone ? Anyone can give me suggestion what can I do for solve this problem.

  • Hidden tips means something special … really glad to get few amazing photo app for mobile photography.

  • Snapseed is even better now than it was back when this was posted.

  • Je-ann

    Snapseed has changed their layout just recently. We’re going to look into updating this soon.