8 Quick Tips For Improving Your iPhone Night Photography

Do you find night and low light photography challenging? If so, you’re not alone. The lack of light can cause all sorts of problems, including blurry photos, incorrect exposure and unsightly grain. But with a few simple techniques you can dramatically improve how your photos turn out. In this short article you’ll discover eight quick and easy tips for taking amazing iPhone photos at night and in low light.

Artificial Light iPhone Photos 8

Photo by Rob DePaolo

1. Keep the camera steady to avoid camera shake and blurry photos caused by slow shutter speeds. Use a tripod for best results.

2. After tapping to set focus, swipe down on the screen to reduce exposure if necessary. Aim for dark shadows and correctly exposed highlights that show some color and detail.

3. Make use of artificial light sources such as lamps, street lights, candles, etc. to illuminate your subject.

4. Instead of using the iPhone’s built-in flash, use a more powerful external flash unit such as the Nova flash. This will give you full control over the angle of light for more flattering shots.

5. To avoid grainy photos, try using a long exposure app like Cortex Cam, NightCap Pro or Average Camera Pro.

6. Create mysterious shadows and dramatic silhouettes using artificial light sources.

7. Use a slow shutter app like Slow Shutter Cam to create interesting long exposure light trail effects.

8. Convert photos to black and white to emphasize the contrast, eliminate color casts and create a more dramatic mood.

Quick Tips Cheat Sheet

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iPhone Night Quick Tips

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