8 Ways To Create A Compelling iPhone Photo Series

Having your iPhone with you at all times means you can shoot anything you like. Sometimes that freedom is liberating, but the endless choice of subjects can also be overwhelming, leaving you without any clear focus or creative direction. A great way to break free from all of this choice is to intentionally photograph a series of the same subject or scene. By forcing yourself to photograph the same thing again and again, you can actually make yourself more creative. In this tutorial you’ll discover eight different ways to shoot an interesting photo series that will make you more creative than you ever thought possible.

iPhone Photo Series 63

1. Choose A Subject For Your Series

When thinking of a subject for your series, choose something that you can easily revisit and photograph whenever you want. It can be a building, a prop, a person, or whatever you like.

iPhone Photo Series 6

Think of places near you that are distinctive and photogenic. Is there a public place near your home or office that has great natural light or beautiful shiny floors?

iPhone Photo Series 64

By returning to that place on a regular basis you’ll start to notice where the good places are to shoot at that location, and you’ll learn the rhythm of what happens there.

iPhone Photo Series 47

After you’ve shot all the “good angles,” try to find another angle that you’ve never shot from before.

Try shooting from low down or high up, or shooting through something else. The goal is to get you to look at the space or subject in a new way.

iPhone Photo Series 8

You can also return to the location with different people, which will immediately give you variety for your main subject, even though the locations stays the same.

iPhone Photo Series 15

2. Find Subjects That Are Similar

If you don’t have a distinctive location that you can get to on a regular basis, try finding lots of locations that are very similar to one another.

iPhone Photo Series 37

By shooting a series of subjects that are related, your series will easily showcase what’s similar and what’s different about each subject.

iPhone Photo Series 14

It’s like finding a theme that you like and then looking for many variations on that theme.

iPhone Photo Series 43

Your subject could be a series of locations that are similar, or a bunch of props that have something in common with one another.

iPhone Photo Series 34

Almost anything can be a series, so pick something you like and start shooting!

iPhone Photo Series 17

3. Shoot A Subject With A Clear Concept

If you feel stumped for finding good locations, you can always force yourself to look at a familiar subject in a new way by making yourself shoot it with a clear, simple concept.

iPhone Photo Series 1

For example, autumn leaves are always pretty to shoot, but can you make yourself think about them in a whole new way?

How about putting a special rule in place, like “I’m only going to shoot minimal photos of autumn leaves.”

iPhone Photo Series 20

By adopting a restriction like that, you’ll be looking at trees and their leaves with fresh eyes. This will rejuvenate your photography and inject your work with new creativity.

iPhone Photo Series 31

You might find that you want to shoot using lots of negative (empty) space, or by collecting some leaves and shooting them against a solid background.

iPhone Photo Series 39

By making yourself shoot with a limiting concept, you access new areas of your brain and you’ll surprise yourself with how creative you can be.

iPhone Photo Series 19

4. Shoot From Different Angles & Perspectives

If the subject for your series is a single specific thing and it’s static (like a building or a sign), you can spark your creativity by looking for different angles and perspectives to shoot from.

iPhone Photo Series 29

After you cover all the basic angles, start to think about how many other ways you can photograph your subject.

iPhone Photo Series 27

Can you get directly below it or directly above it? Really close? Far away? Can you frame it in a way that will make it seem new?

iPhone Photo Series 23

Experimenting with angles will improve your eye for composition and force you to be more creative.

iPhone Photo Series 30

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5. Shoot Against Different Backdrops

If your subject is portable, you can take it to different locations and shoot it in new environments. The subject will become the constant thing, while everything else around it changes.

iPhone Photo Series 25

Maybe your subject will be small enough that you can keep it with you all the time, and then whenever you’re someplace new, take it out and see if you can find a great location in which to photograph it.

iPhone Photo Series 42

Seeing your subject in unusual places will add variety to your series, and inspire you to think of even more unexpected places to photograph.

iPhone Photo Series 44

Don’t be afraid to carry interesting props around with you. As you can see, I’ve taken my favorite little red chair to all sorts of locations to create this particular photo series.

iPhone Photo Series 36

6. Shoot In Different Seasons

Another great way to build a strong series around a single subject or scene is to return to it at different times of year.

iPhone Photo Series 16

If you’re ever feeling stuck with your creativity, returning to a subject you’ve previously photographed is like seeing an old friend again.

iPhone Photo Series 28

Pay attention to how the subject is different during each season, and try to focus on that with your photos. Or maybe your subject never changes, but the world around it reflects seasonal changes.

iPhone Photo Series 4

Your seasonal subject can be a single tree, or an area that you like to go to and shoot from different angles.

iPhone Photo Series 38

Regardless, by focusing on the seasonal aspect of your subject you’ll easily be able to create a series that has variety and stimulates your creativity.

iPhone Photo Series 3

7. Tell A Story With Your Series

If you shoot a series over a long period of time, you’ll eventually start to build up a narrative of events that can tell a story. This is perhaps most easily done if the subject of your series is a person.

iPhone Photo Series 62

You might want to think about how many different ways you can shoot that person, or how many different locations you can photograph them in.

iPhone Photo Series 11

For example, I’ve been building a series of photos of my husband. I photograph him from behind in places that we visit. He even has his own hashtag on Instagram: #backofburtshead.

iPhone Photo Series 46

By looking at all the photos at that tag, the story of our life together starts to unfold by documenting all the places that we’ve visited together during the past few years.

iPhone Photo Series 21

8. Capture A Sense Of Place

You can also tell another kind of story with a series, by trying to capture the spirit of a place in a group of photos.

iPhone Photo Series 59

Maybe a place that you want to photograph is so large that you can’t possibly tell the story of that place in a single image.

iPhone Photo Series 53

Capturing a series of images at that location will create a more complete picture for the viewer, and it will get you thinking more creatively about how you take these photos.

iPhone Photo Series 55

If you’re trying to capture the feeling of what it’s like there, look for images that convey the different moods of the place.

iPhone Photo Series 56

Try photographing the scene at different times of the day to capture different kinds of light. Take some photos with people and some without.

iPhone Photo Series 48

However you choose to shoot your location, by trying to tackle your subject from different points of view you can capture a real sense of place.

iPhone Photo Series 33


No matter what you choose as the subject or theme of your photo series, giving yourself boundaries will force you to be more inventive as you try to work within those limitations.

iPhone Photo Series 66

By organizing your series of photos around a single specific subject, you can very quickly unleash your creativity and produce strong, meaningful images that will fascinate your viewers.

iPhone Photo Series 65

All you have to do is find a subject or location that you’d like to photograph, then spend some time exploring different ways to shoot it.

iPhone Photo Series 67

And the best thing about a photo series is that you can continue working on it indefinitely, giving you plenty of time and opportunity to come up with creative ideas and improve your iPhone photography skills.