8 Tricks For Incredible iPhone Architecture Photography

Buildings make wonderful subjects for your iPhone photography. Their shapes, lines, angles, patterns and textures can be used in so many ways to create an interesting image. So how do you start shooting more artistic looking photos of architecture? In this video tutorial you’ll discover 8 tricks for composing more unique and beautiful architecture photos with your iPhone. If you enjoy this video, check out our iPhone Photo Masters course where you’ll receive more expert tuition on photographing architecture, as well as other essential iPhone photography skills.

It's easy to take a quick snapshot with iPhone, but most people don't know how to take full control of their iPhone's camera. That's why we created a free video revealing 7 hidden iPhone camera features that every photographer should use.

  • Ramon

    Excelent tips and beautiful photos. Thank you!

    • So glad you enjoyed this video Ramon. We’d love to hear which one was your favorite tip! 🙂

    • Ramon

      The one tip I found most interesting is shooting a row of buildings from one side. This is something I’ll be looking for in the future.

    • That’s definitely a great tip, and one that I don’t use that often either. I’ll certainly be looking out for this too! 🙂