Join The MobiTog Community & Improve Your iPhone Photography

One of the things that draws people to the world of mobile photography is the ever-growing online community of individuals who share a passion for this art form. However, that community is becoming so large and diverse that it can be difficult to know where to best spend your time when online. Luckily, there are a handful of web-based communities that really stand out amongst the crowd, and MobiTog is one of them. In this article you’ll discover why MobiTog is considered by so many to be the number one community for mobile photographers around the world, and how joining this community can help improve your iPhone photography.

MobiTog Mobile Photography Community 14

Image by Dominic Weston – Member of MobiTog

A History Of MobiTog

MobiTog was first launched in October 2010 after only a few months of initial development. The site was conceived of and created by Roger Gilbert, Matt Cooper and Matt Hawkins. One of the main goals at the time was to provide a place for the growing number of mobile photographers to truly convene as a “community.”

While there were (and still are) many sites that focused on certain aspects of mobile photography (image sharing, app reviews, tutorials, etc.), there really were no sites devoted to fostering an online discussion community of like-minded mobile photographers.

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Some sites certainly provide small-scale discussion forums as one of the things that they offer. MobiTog, on the other hand, is first and foremost an extensive, well-organized discussion forum.

Many other sites are centered around image sharing with the community aspect being a secondary offshoot. MobiTog also serves as a great place to share images, but it’s done in the context of the larger community that makes it far easier to hold discussions around one’s work. Such conversation is often difficult on other image sharing sites such as Flickr, Instagram and EyeEm.

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When I asked Roger Gilbert (one of the founders of MobiTog) about the evolution and sustainability of the community, this is what he had to say:

“From our humble beginnings, as the original site for iPhone Photographers, MobiTog has remained true to its initial ideology, whilst embracing the wider mobile photography fraternity. MobiTog has always been, and still is, the one constant.

“We remain, even now, the only community for mobile photographers that has survived the changing face of mobile photography. All other similar sites have tried, but they have come and they have gone! MobiTog remains THE Mobile Photography Community, for all mobile photographers, all around the globe.”

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Image by Catherine Restivo – Member of MobiTog

Benefits Of Joining MobiTog

MobiTog is free to join and has very minimal on-site advertising. This helps to provide a clean and simple user experience for all MobiTog members, which is something that the site administrators wish to continue as long as possible.

This simple user experience provides an easy to navigate platform for sharing images and engaging in discussions about apps, accessories, shared images and mobile photo techniques. All of this happens in a fun and supportive community context. Discussions are intended to be supportive and constructive, not critical or negative in any way.

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Image by Cristian Margarita – Member of MobiTog

Joining MobiTog is a great way to meet other mobile photographers, learn from their images and techniques, and give back to the community by sharing your own photos and tips. If nothing else, simply viewing the growing gallery of shared images provides a wealth of inspiration that can help to make you a better mobile photographer.

Without its diverse members, MobiTog wouldn’t exist. As Roger explains, “MobiTog is its members… fact! And those members have been hugely instrumental in the progression of the MobiTog community through our early years and, even now, we continue to evolve and develop, not just with the technology, but more importantly with our family of immensely talented mobile photography artists.

“MobiTog has maintained a truly friendly, helpful and welcoming community, having managed to avoid the nastier elements of social media. This is entirely down to the attitude and mindset of all of our brilliant and diverse membership – we owe it all to them!”

To sign up and join the community, visit the Mobitog website:

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Image by Simin – Member of MobiTog

All Mobile Devices Welcome

While MobiTog may seem to be geared primarily toward users of iOS devices, this is really just reflective of the fact that iPhone users make up the majority of mobile photographers in the world today.

However, the MobiTog administrators have made it quite clear that users of all mobile devices are welcome. In fact, the name “MobiTog” was chosen quite deliberately so as not to show favoritism toward one brand of device over others.

MobiTog Mobile Photography Community 8

Image by Jeffrey – Member of MobiTog

The MobiTog App For iOS

In addition to the robust MobiTog website accessible from a desktop or laptop computer, there’s also a simple, yet very effective MobiTog app available for use on iOS devices. The app really hones in on the core part of the MobiTog community – the discussion forums.

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That being said, the app still allows for easy access to other features such as uploading images and accessing your private messages. Not that the desktop site is cluttered with extraneous features in any way, but the app really does an excellent job of keeping this “mobile” community truly mobile.

Check It Out For Yourself

There is certainly more that can be said about all that MobiTog has to offer its members, but why not find out for yourself firsthand? With no cost to join and an easy registration process, you can be participating in discussions and sharing your work with the community in no time at all.

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Image by Valeri Gail – Member of MobiTog

If you’re already a MobiTog member, please feel free to share your handle here so that others in the IPS community can look for you on MobiTog as well.

You can learn more about how this great community was created by reading our interview with the founders of MobiTog.