30 Unbelievable iPhone Reflection Photos

This week our iPhoneography contest was about reflection photography. Hundreds of really great photos were submitted to this contest and it wasn’t easy to select the winners. With that said, here are my personal favorites this week.





























































Analysis of the Winning Photos

Every week I take a few of the winning photos and do a short analysis explaining what I like about each photo and what iPhone photography lessons we can learn from them.



Emotion is the most powerful thing you can show in photography. This image tells a strong emotional story, which is made even stronger by the mystery in the frame. The photo is cropped in such a way that we can only see a part of the girl’s face, which allows the viewer to fill the gaps and create their own story.

The exact emotions shown in this photo are unclear – it could be love, hope or longing – and that depends on who views the photo. The color correction that the author has used complements such emotions and creates a coherent and visually pleasing image.



One of the coolest tricks in reflection photography is rotating the image by 180 degrees so that the reflection appears normally while the real subject is upside down. In fact, this technique is used by six photos on this page!

The cool thing about this technique is that it really confuses the eye, which naturally assumes that the upside-down image is the reflection, but only upon closer inspection you realize that your eyes have been tricked.



This photo demonstrates the power of simplicity in photography. It is very simple but it feels almost magical as the lack of distractions draws our attention towards this unique moment. Also notice how vignetting is used to draw the eye towards the subject in the background.

The New Contest Theme

The new contest theme is black and white photography.

To participate tag your best iPhone photos using #IPSBW hashtag on Instagram.

Your Instagram has to be public or I won’t see your photos. It’s OK to submit old photos as well as new ones, but please do not submit more than 10 photos. All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. I do not feature photos with watermarks.

The submission deadline is Sunday, March 16.

  • Whistlingrabbit

    Oh WOW! So excited to be picked alongside all these great photographers. It was a fun theme to play with. Looking forward to bnw now. congrats to all my fellow finalists too.

    • Thanks for participating and good luck next week!

    • And your prompts get us thinking of different things to shoot!

  • goh.

    thank you Emil!:)

  • Zach Antonick

    Honored to be chosen! These contests have definitely helped me improve. Looking forward to black and white!

    • Thanks for participating Zach! I’m so happy to hear that.

  • Steven Yep

    Wow! Thank you for having me featured as one of the finalist! 🙂

  • Dave Rothschild

    Beautiful selection Emil! My personal favorite is Janes3girls. As mentioned the emotion and the light are stunning.

  • atsash

    Thank you for selecting my photo. I love these challenges. Thanks so much for hosting them.

  • Thank you Emil – I love all of the different reflections – some so subtle and some to bold. Well done all!

    • Thanks Geri! It always amazes me how differently people see the same theme or topic – it never gets boring!

  • Thank You Emil !

  • Jeff

    Awesome selection and congrats to everyone !

  • Cary Gossett

    Thank you Emil! Great selections. Thanks for the highlight! It’s an honor & very much appreciated. @Cyner_G

    • Thanks for participating. Hope to see you participate next week!

  • Jenya

    Thank you for selecting my photo and congrats to everyone !

  • Arjun

    Awesome photos….I still cannot believe that these were taken using an iPhone…absolutely stunning..looks like pictures taken using DSLR..again mind blowing..congrats to everyone

    • The idea and creative vision always trumps equipment. Sure, you could also take these images with a DSLR, just like you could use a DSLR to take poor photos.

    • Zach Antonick

      So true! As I look back at photos taken with my DSLR, I see this all the time.

  • Rhishav Kumar Das

    The pics you have chosen are wonderful. Good choice Emil. Hope to see many more contests in the future. Keep up the good work. As you have said earlier that you need to be creative with your art because it is one the most important thing to take a good photo and then there is the need to practice. The equipment being a mobile or a DSLR comes last in importance of a pic.

    • Thank you! The creative vision always trumps equipment.

  • Bradley W

    Argh! I thought the submission deadline was Tuesday! I have so many good B&W pics 🙁

    • Sorry about that, I was in the process of moving the deadline and I’ve already selected the winners.