Back Up Your iPhone Photos With The Portable Piconizer

Piconizer is an exciting new gadget that offers a convenient pocket-sized photo library for backing up and organizing your iPhone photos. Currently in the process of gaining funding on Kickstarter, it looks set to be a really useful accessory for iPhone photographers. In this article you’ll discover how Piconizer can be used to back up your camera roll and free up space on your iPhone.

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What Is Piconizer?

If you take a lot of photos with your iPhone, the chances are that you’ve had to delete a lot of images from your device to free up enough space for taking more photos, installing apps or updating to iOS 8.

Sure, you can transfer pictures from iPhone to PC for safe storage and then delete them from your phone. But what if you’re away from your computer and you need to delete photos to free up space?

Yes, you could back up your photos using iCloud Photos or another cloud-based storage facility. But you need internet access for this and what if you’re out of range without any Wi-Fi? Besides, many people are wary of cloud storage and prefer to keep a physical backup of their images in their possession.

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With this in mind, Maktar, Inc., a leading software and hardware developer, designed Piconizer – a small pocket-sized storage device that’s available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.

It’s the first ever iOS device with a corresponding app that allows users to easily transfer photos and videos from their iPhone’s camera roll. You don’t need a computer or an Internet connection – the device simply plugs into the lighting connector on your iPhone.

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Piconizer is compatible with all Apple products that have the lightning connector. This includes the iPhone 5 and later models, and the 4th generation iPad, as well as later models. Unfortunately, it isn’t compatible with the iPhone 4s or older models.

How Does Piconizer Work?

Photos, music and apps are the most consuming items when it comes to data storage space on your iPhone. The Piconizer storage device allows you to shift your photos and videos from your iPhone to Piconizer. In other words, it’s an extension of your photo storage.

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To transfer your photos from your iPhone to Piconizer, simply plug the Piconizer device into the lightning connector of your iPhone (the slot where you insert your charging cable).

The corresponding Piconizer app will automatically launch. Use the app to select the photos and videos you want to download to Piconizer. You’ll then have the option to delete these images from your iPhone, freeing up valuable space.

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Piconizer will actually allow you to keep low-res versions of the image on your phone, so you can still see the images in the camera roll and upload them to social media. But the high-res versions will be stored on the Piconizer device.

The Piconizer app will have a tag system, similar to Google, Twitter or Instagram. When photos are imported to Piconizer the photo’s basic tags are dates and geotags. You can add tags to organize a group of photos with an event name or tag people, making it easy to find photos later by searching for specific tags.

Security is an important issue with regards to data storage, so within the Piconizer app there are privacy settings which allow you to tag certain photos as “Private.” Viewing them would require a password created by you.

Once you’ve downloaded photos and videos to Piconizer, you can easily access them on a computer if you wish. The Piconizer device contains a microUSB port allowing you to connect it to your computer.

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What Are The Benefits Of Piconizer?

Piconizer is a great option for backing up your photos. You can either use it as a backup device so that you have a second copy of your photos in case you lose or damage your iPhone.

Or you can use it as an extension to your existing iPhone storage where you keep your images on Piconizer and delete them from your phone to free up space for taking more photos.

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I think Piconizer would be especially useful if you’re going on long trip or vacation where you won’t have regular access to your computer or the internet. Piconizer is so small that you can simply carry it with you and back up your photos while you’re on the move.

It’s also great if you don’t use a computer much, or don’t want to fill up your computer with your iPhone photos. Simply download them to your Piconizer instead.

Or if you don’t like the thought of backing up your photos to cloud storage, or your internet connection is poor making this a lengthy process, Piconizer is a great backup solution.

How To Purchase Piconizer

Maktar is currently still running its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with the aim of reaching its $50,000 goal by December 17, 2014. Funds raised through Kickstarter will be used to finalize production of Piconizer and begin shipping products in March 2015.

To back the campaign and pre-order your your Piconizer, visit the Piconizer Kickstarter page where there are a number of pledge options to choose from.

By pledging via Kickstarter, you’ll receive a significant discount on the normal retail price, but hurry as there are only a limited number of devices on special offer!

Pledge $49 on Kickstarter for a 32GB Piconizer (normal price $100). An $89 pledge will get you a 64GB device (normal price $140). And the special offer on the 128GB Piconizer is $199 (normal price $279).

If you’d like to find out more about Piconizer, you can visit the Maktar website for further information. You can also watch the Piconizer video below.

  • UPDATE: This Kickstarter project has now exceeded its funding goal! So Piconizer will now definitely go into production 🙂