30 Incredible Landscape Photos Taken With The iPhone

Thank you to everyone who submitted such amazing photos in our weekly iPhone photography contest. The theme this week was “Landscape” and we had a huge amount of entries. With a total of 591 stunning landscape scenes to choose from, it was very difficult to make my selection and I had to leave many wonderful images out. But here are my favorites photos this week.

Landscape iPhone Photos 2


Landscape iPhone Photos 1


Landscape iPhone Photos 3


Landscape iPhone Photos 4


Landscape iPhone Photos 5


Landscape iPhone Photos 6


Landscape iPhone Photos 7


Landscape iPhone Photos 8


Landscape iPhone Photos 9


Landscape iPhone Photos 10


Landscape iPhone Photos 11


Landscape iPhone Photos 12


Landscape iPhone Photos 13


Landscape iPhone Photos 14


Landscape iPhone Photos 15


Landscape iPhone Photos 16


Landscape iPhone Photos 17


Landscape iPhone Photos 18


Landscape iPhone Photos 19


Landscape iPhone Photos 20


Landscape iPhone Photos 21


Landscape iPhone Photos 22


Landscape iPhone Photos 23


Landscape iPhone Photos 24


Landscape iPhone Photos 25


Landscape iPhone Photos 26


Landscape iPhone Photos 27


Landscape iPhone Photos 28


Landscape iPhone Photos 29


Landscape iPhone Photos 30


Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments!

How to Enter the Next Photo Contest

Last week we published a tutorial featuring 12 mobile photography tips that every photographer should know. It covered essential techniques such as focus and exposure, how to keep the camera steady, how to take panoramic shots and tips for editing your photos.

Mobile Photography iPhone Tips 6

The article also covered some great composition tips to really make your photos stand out. One of the most important composition techniques to master is the Rule of Thirds which states that you should position your subject or horizon off-centre, rather than in the middle of the frame.

iPhone Photo Composition 22

You can use the grid in the camera app to help you position the subject on one of the thirds lines or at one of the intersection where the lines meet. Or just imagine the lines when you compose the shot. To turn the grid on, go to Settings > Photos & Camera, then switch the Grid option on.

So the new contest theme is Rule of Thirds, and any iPhone photos that have the main subject or horizon positioned off-centre according to the Rule of Thirds can be submitted.

To participate, simply tag your iPhone photos using IPSThirds tag on EyeEm. You can tag photos in the description field when you upload them, or when you edit the description of a photo that has already been uploaded (tap the three dots icon to edit a photo).

All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Please upload photos to EyeEm in full resolution and without any watermarks to make sure we can feature them on the website. Please do not submit more than 10 photos each week.

The submission deadline is Sunday, February 15.

  • Sue

    Thanks so much for featuring me. I am new to mobile photography and I love using my iPhone. I visit your website daily and appreciate all the tips.

    • Thanks for submitting your great photo Sue. I’m really glad to hear that you find our tutorials helpful in your iPhone photography 🙂

  • Ujin Austria

    Thanks you! 🙂 – @kokeysian

  • Karolina Anna Łuszcz

    Thanks a lot!:)

  • Jessica

    Thanks for choosing my photo! I joined EyeEm just to enter these contests (@jessica_eye), because I mostly use Flickr but I have really enjoyed reading this site. I take lots of iPhone photos and though i also have a “real” camera, I no longer think of it as a “better” camera, just as different tools with different strengths and weaknesses, and quite often the iPhone is the right tool for the shot.

    • Congrats, you’ve won my favorite shot!

    • Jessica

      Thanks! (I guess I was posting as a guest earlier, but I figured out how to log in now.)

    • Thanks for submitting your great photo Jessica! Glad you’ve enjoyed reading our tutorials. You’re quite right about the cameras. I find the “limitations” of the iPhone are a positive thing. You can forget about the technicalities of a DSLR and really concentrate on what makes a good photo – subject matter, light and composition. Hope to see more of your photos in future contests 🙂

    • Jessica

      Thanks! I will definitely be entering your future contests.

    • Oh that’s a shame! I can see from your profile photo that you have a stunning macro photo of a snowflake! 🙂

    • Jessica

      Thanks! I did take that one with the iPhone, and a macro convertor/lens of course (Olloclip). I’ve taken snowflake photos with a couple different cameras and macro lenses and actually the iPhone+Olloclip is up there as one of the easiest to use and some of my best results. I’ve also gotten really good results with a tiny point and shoot and a magnetic macro convertor. I’ve actually had the hardest time with macro convertors on my DSLR – which is surprising until you start reading about the relationships between sensor size and macro photos. Small sensors seem to be easier to work with, if I recall correctly.

    • Fantastic to know you can take such amazing macro photos with the iPhone 🙂

    • Jessica

      Thanks again! I like to push what the camera can do. I used to do that with my old pocket point and shoot and now I do it with the iPhone too. I like to do things like extreme macros and photos of lightning, that most people wouldn’t think you could do with a phone (though maybe that perception is changing). I should have joined these contests sooner, but now that I have set up an EyeEm profile for them, I hope I’ll get a chance to show off some of my favorites!

    • That’s a fantastic attitude to have Jessica – it’s great to be constantly learning new things about your camera and about photography in general. I look forward to seeing more your photos in future contests!

    • Jessica

      (If anyone is still reading this thread, I changed my EyeEm name to my real name, Jessica_Dyer, so it would be easier to find me on Flickr etc.)

  • My favorite goes to @jessica_eye because I love the juxtaposition of the flowers against the city skyline. Great shot!

  • Brittany Holman

    Is it acceptable to submit a photo that was entered into a previous contest (but wasn’t featured) if it fits the new contest criteria?

    • Hi Brittany. Yes, that’s absolutely fine 🙂

  • Karolina Anna Łuszcz

    Thanks a lot!:)

  • Charlie dreams

    Thank you so much for choosing my photo!! (@dreamsofcharlie) Absolutely love this website and find it very useful. Hope to see all of you on IG and EyeEm

    • Thanks for submitting your photo Charlie – great composition, colors and reflections! Glad you’re enjoying our tutorials 🙂

  • tracymg

    EyeEm no longer supports iOS 6 – for various reasons I have not upgraded to a newer OS – just wanted to share this in the event that others may be experiencing problems with the EyeEm platform.

  • Desmond.wang

    Almost 600 pictures participate in this contest, Congratulations Kate!

    • Thanks Desmond! It’s great to see so many people participating 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Thanks for choosing my photo! It’s an honor to be chosen from so many great photos this week. I’m glad I don’t have your job, Kate! You do it well!

    • Thanks for entering the contest Jeremy. It’s very difficult choosing from all the great photos, but I do enjoy it 🙂

  • SimraN NanwanI

    Congrats everyone.. Great choices :).. And great theme for this week… Thanks for sharing!