30 Incredible iPhone Street Photos Taken In Cities

Thank you to everyone who entered your images in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s theme was “Cities” and any photos taken in urban environments could be submitted. As always, it was difficult to choose just 30 winners and many great images had to be left out. But here are my favorite iPhone photos of streets, architecture and people in city locations.

City iPhone Photos 8


City iPhone Photos 1


City iPhone Photos 2


City iPhone Photos 3


City iPhone Photos 4


City iPhone Photos 5


City iPhone Photos 6


City iPhone Photos 7


City iPhone Photos 9


City iPhone Photos 10


City iPhone Photos 11


City iPhone Photos 12


City iPhone Photos 13


City iPhone Photos 15


City iPhone Photos 16


City iPhone Photos 17


City iPhone Photos 18


City iPhone Photos 31


City iPhone Photos 19


City iPhone Photos 20


City iPhone Photos 21


City iPhone Photos 22


City iPhone Photos 23


City iPhone Photos 24


City iPhone Photos 25


City iPhone Photos 26


City iPhone Photos 27


City iPhone Photos 28


City iPhone Photos 29


City iPhone Photos 30


Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments!

How to Enter the Next Photo Contest

Last week we published a great tutorial that explored 8 Famous Quotes From Master Photographer Ansel Adams.

In this article you’ll discover how the words of this amazing photographer (who started taking pictures over 100 years ago) can help you improve your iPhone photography today.

Ansel Adams Quotes iPhone Photography 9

Ansel Adams is famous for his stunning black and white landscape photos of the American West. And while black and white photos have a classic, timeless feel, they’re just as powerful today as they were in the days of film photography.

Ansel Adams Quotes iPhone Photography 1

So the new contest theme is Black & White. To participate, simply tag your black and white iPhone photos using IPS2015BW tag on EyeEm.

You can tag photos in the description field when you upload them, or when you edit the description of a photo that has already been uploaded (tap the three dots icon to edit a photo).

All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Please upload photos to EyeEm in full resolution and without any watermarks to make sure we can feature them on the website. Please do not submit more than 10 photos each week.

The submission deadline is Sunday, September 20. Winners will be announced on Monday, September 21, and the winning images will also be featured on our iPhone Photography School Facebook page.

  • Well done everyone! A superb collection of city shots 🙂

    • Thanks so much Kate for selecting my image. I’m honoured.

    • Thanks for submitting your great photo Rosa 🙂

  • What a great collection of Street Photographs! So honored to be included!

    • They fantastic aren’t they! Thanks for submitting your great picture 🙂

  • Terri

    Special shout out to Evelyne, Rosa & Remi. Congrats my friends.

    • Thanks so much Terri! That’s so sweet ??

  • Great selections Kate! My favorite goes to @charliesees. Love buildings in buildings.

  • Elaine (sunflowerof21)

    Great selection. One of my favourite genres. Wish I was as good at it as the people featured here. Congrats all!

  • Thiago Nascimento

    They look so mystical, all these wonderful photographers really erased the mundane idea of cities!