Julie Vinding

7 Tips For Taking Amazing iPhone Street Photos Of Strangers

Strangers are an important element in your iPhone street photography. They help you tell interesting stories and capture the viewer’s imagination. But if you’re new to street photography, you probably lack the confidence to photograph people you don’t know. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to take amazing iPhone street photos of strangers while building your confidence, remaining discreet, and preserving the anonymity of the people you photograph.

iPhone Street Photos Of Strangers 13

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How To Shoot Amazing iPhone Street Photos In Harsh Sunlight

Street photography is all about storytelling. And a great way to tell interesting stories through your iPhone photos is to create a sense of mystery and drama. One of the best techniques for creating dramatic and intriguing photos is to shoot in strong sunlight so that you can capture silhouettes, shadows, reflections and lens flare. In this tutorial you’ll discover how to make the most of harsh sunlight to capture incredible iPhone street photos that will grab and hold your viewer’s attention.

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