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How To Use iPhone Burst Mode For Incredible Action Photos

Do you find it challenging to photograph moving subjects with your iPhone? Have you ever missed the shot by the time you’ve pressed the shutter button? This video from my iPhone Photo Academy online course will show you how to take incredible action shots using the Burst Mode feature of your iPhone’s camera.

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10 Secrets For Taking Incredible iPhone Travel Photos

Are you planning a vacation and wondering what camera to take? If you’re thinking of carrying bulky camera equipment, you should reconsider! Whether you’re planning a weekend city break, a family vacation or a round the world adventure, your iPhone is the perfect camera for your trip. In this tutorial you’ll discover ten ways to guarantee success with your iPhone travel photography.

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5 Ways To Create A Sense Of Depth In Your iPhone Photos

Creating a sense of depth and distance in your iPhone photos can sometimes be tricky to achieve. If you don’t have anything in the scene to add a sense of perspective, your images can look flat and lifeless. In this tutorial you’ll discover five highly effective composition techniques that will help you to convey a stronger sense of depth in your images. This will allow you to produce more intriguing and exciting iPhone photos that invite the viewer to explore the details all the way through the scene.

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How To Use SKRWT App To Fix Perspective Problems In Your iPhone Photos

Have you ever tried photographing a straight facade of a tall building, but ended up with a photo where the vertical lines converge towards the top of the photo? Or maybe you’ve tried photographing a perfect symmetrical pattern, but it ended up slightly tilted. Photographing these kind of subjects can often be tricky as the perspective means that the lines won’t end up perfectly straight. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to quickly and easily correct perspective and lens distortion problems in your iPhone photos using the popular SKRWT app.

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How To Remove Unwanted Objects In Your iPhone Photos

Do you sometimes wish you could remove an unwanted object or imperfection from your iPhone photos? It might be a distracting object that’s making the composition uneven, a bird in the sky that wasn’t supposed to be there, a blemish on a person’s face, or a small dust spot on your lens. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to easily remove unwanted elements and clean up your iPhone photos using the TouchRetouch app.

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7 Tips For Creating Incredible iPhone Photos Using Pattern & Repetition

Our lives are filled with patterns and repetition, but we don’t always notice them. Patterns are sometimes man-made and other times a result of natural repetition. Wherever you find patterns, they’re sure to make wonderful photos with a strong visual impact. In this tutorial you’ll learn where to find visual repetition in the environment around you, and how to use patterns to take incredible abstract photos with your iPhone.

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