10 iPhone Photography Tips To Improve Your Photos Today

Some people work for years to master iPhone photography shooting and editing techniques. But you don’t want to wait for years – you want to start taking better photos today! In this article, you’ll discover ten quick and easy photography tips that you can start using today to significantly improve your iPhone photos.

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1. Keep Your Photos Simple

Steve Jobs used to say, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and he was clearly onto something.

New photographers often overcomplicate their photos. Too many details can distract the viewer, making it hard to create a harmonious composition.


One interesting subject is all you need to create a memorable photo, and it’s easy to get the composition right when your photo has just one subject. Don’t worry if most of your photo is filled with empty space. This will only make your subject stand out more.

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Simple compositions are also idea for social media. If you share your iPhone photos on Instagram or a similar photo-sharing network, people will view your photos on the tiny screen of their phone. As a result, much of the detail you have in your photos will be lost to the viewer.

Keep your iPhone photos simple and your audience will enjoy them more.

2. Shoot From A Low Angle

The majority of iPhone photos are shot from the chest height of an adult. That may be convenient, but there are usually more creative options! You can easily improve your photos by finding a more interesting angle, and often the best way to do that is to simply shoot from a lower perspective.


There are three great reasons for shooting from a lower angle.

First, your photos will automatically become more intriguing because they allow the viewer to see the world in a new way.

Second, by shooting from a lower angle you can show your subject with nothing but the sky in the background. This is a good technique for removing unwanted distractions and making your subject stand out.


A third benefit of taking photos from a low angle is that you can show interesting details in the foreground that would otherwise be lost. Try kneeling or even lying on the ground to use this terrific iPhone photography tip!

3. Show Depth In Your Photos

Most photos – and especially landscape photos – look better if they have subjects in the foreground, middle ground, and background. By following this simple iPhone photography tip, you’ll immediately make your images more three-dimensional.


The photo above is made more interesting by showing the trees and orange sand in the foreground, the large orange rock in the middle ground, and the forests in the background.


In the photo above, the small road takes up the entire foreground and extends far into the background. This draws the viewer through the scene and makes the photo more engaging.

4. Align Your Subjects Diagonally

The two main subjects in the photo above are the house in the top right and the road at the bottom left. It’s not an accident that these subjects are placed diagonally from each other. By aligning the important subjects diagonally you can make your photos more balanced and harmonious.


The large orange rock on the top right of the photo above is a very strong subject. It would take all our attention if it weren’t for the small rock at the bottom left. Because the subjects are aligned diagonally, the photo and composition are more harmonious. Whenever you have multiple subjects in your scene, try aligning them diagonally to create a balanced composition.

5. Shoot From The Level Of Your Subject

The #1 mistake people make when taking photos of children and pets is shooting from standing height. When  you shoot down from above, you wind up with a birds-eye view of your subject, with none of the wonder and detail that make children and pets such popular iPhone photography subjects.


Here’s a simple iPhone photography tip to immediately improve your photos dramatically. If you want your child or pet to stand out in the photo, you have to get down to their height. And don’t be afraid to get close.

6. Include Shadows In Your Composition

When the sun is low, the shadows can often be even more interesting than the actual subjects of your photos. A great iPhone photography tip is to shoot when shadows are present, and to include them in your composition whenever possible. The longest shadows are created when the sun is lowest – at the “golden hour.”

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7. Take Silhouette Photos

A silhouette is the dark shape of an object taken against bright light. Silhouetting is one of the most interesting iPhone photography techniques, and it’s easy to achieve.

Here’s a simple iPhone photography tip – to take silhouettes with your iPhone, simply shoot against the source of light. Your iPhone will take care of the rest.

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This photo was taken from the shadow of the chimney, so the sun is located directly behind it. Since it was shot against the source of light, all the subjects in this photo automatically become silhouettes.

Silhouetting works best when the sun is low above the horizon near sunset or sunrise. Just find a subject with an interesting outline (such as a person), make sure the light is coming from behind your subject, and take a silhouette photo!

If the silhouette doesn’t appear dark enough, you can reduce the exposure levels to make the image darker.

8. Photograph Reflections

Reflections make wonderful iPhone photography subjects. While you can find reflections on many different surfaces including glass, shiny cars, and ice, water is probably the best surface for reflection photography.


Unlike mirrors, water can distort reflections in waves. To get effects like those in the photo above, hold your iPhone just an inch above the surface of the water.

If there are no waves, you can always create them yourself by moving your hand through the water. The photo below was taken just after the water was deliberately disturbed.

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To take the most dramatic photos, be sure to include both the reflection and the reflected object in your composition.

Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice that reflections are everywhere – and they look great in photos!

9. Use Symmetry

In photography, the word symmetry describes an image in which both halves are identical. Take a close look at any of the reflection photos in this article, and you’ll notice that the reflected and non-reflected parts are divided exactly in half. But of course reflection is just one way to create symmetry in your photos.

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Look out for symmetrical scenes and subjects, and don’t be afraid to place them in the middle of the photo to really make the symmetry obvious.

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It’s true that basic composition guidelines such as the rule of thirds don’t suggest placing your subjects symmetrically in the center of a composition. Sometimes, though, rules are made to be broken. You can’t argue with the dramatic effect you can create with symmetry.

10. Add Drama With VSCO Filters

Entire books have been written about the topic of photo editing, but you don’t need high-end editing skills or technology to add drama to your iPhone photos. The easiest way to apply powerful but subtle artistic effects to your photos is to use the preset filters in the VSCO app.

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Just open the VSCO app, load the photo and tap on the editing icon. This will automatically take you to the presets. Try out different presets to see their effect on your photo, and change their strength if needed. You can also download more presets, both paid and free, from the store inside the app.

VSCO presets allow you to apply beautiful but subtle artistic effects in seconds, while also making it hard for you to over-edit your photos. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do amazing edits with VSCO presets.

11. Apply What You Just Learned 

Pick just one of these 10 tips – the one that speaks to you the most – and apply it the next time you take photos with your iPhone. You’ll be very happy with the results… at which point you should come back, pick another tip and apply it as well. Good luck!

7 Little-Known iPhone Photography Tricks

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  • Jessosceles

    I found with my iPhone 4, touching the light part in pictures makes it darker, and doing silhouettes with that is really effective. This is a simple one. Good tips in this blog

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