30 Incredible iPhone Photos of Streets and Cities

Thank you all for participating in our weekly iPhone photography contest. Since the contest was moved to EyeEm the submission quality has greatly improved. If you’re still on the fence about joining the contests on EyeEm you should definitely give it a try! With that said, here are my favorite photos from this week’s photo contest.

iPhone City Photo 13


iPhone City Photo 1


iPhone City Photo 2


iPhone City Photo 3


iPhone City Photo 4


iPhone City Photo 5


iPhone City Photo 6


iPhone City Photo 7


iPhone City Photo 8


iPhone City Photo 9


iPhone City Photo 10


iPhone City Photo 11


iPhone City Photo 12


iPhone City Photo 14


iPhone City Photo 15


iPhone City Photo 16


iPhone City Photo 17


iPhone City Photo 18


iPhone City Photo 19


iPhone City Photo 20


iPhone City Photo 21


iPhone City Photo 22


iPhone City Photo 23


iPhone City Photo 24


iPhone City Photo 25


iPhone City Photo 26


iPhone City Photo 27


iPhone City Photo 28


iPhone City Photo 29


iPhone City Photo 30


Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments.

How to Enter the Next Photo Contest

You don’t need to fill your iPhone photos with detail and clutter to make an impact. In fact, the more you can eliminate distractions from the frame, the more powerful your photos become.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv02 preset

This is especially important when sharing photos on social media where you only have about a second to make an impact before the viewer moves on to the next photo. That’s why complex photos often go unnoticed on social media while simple compositions almost always do well.

So the new contest theme is minimalism, and the new contest tag is IPSMinimalism (albums are now called tags after the latest EyeEm update).

To participate, simply tag your photos using IPSMinimalism tag on EyeEm. You can tag photos in the description field when you first upload your photos or when you edit the description of a photo that has already been uploaded.

All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Please upload photos to EyeEm in full resolution and without any watermarks to make sure I can feature them on the website. Please do not submit more than 10 photos each week.

The submission deadline is Sunday, April 20.

  • mikekorn

    Thank you very much for choosing two of my photos, Emil! Congrats to all (especially to my friends from Grupa Mobilni: @myby_one, @goharadziszewska and @adam__o) 🙂

    • Thank you guys for your continued support, your work is amazing!

  • Cachorro12

    Thanks for the feature Emil, quite honored to be among such talented iphoneographers. I did missed your analysis thou.

    • Thanks, hope to see you participate next week! I got the impression that the analysis wasn’t well-read and that my time would be better spent on separate tutorials. I’ll have to consider that more carefully.

    • Cachorro12

      I don’t only enjoy them, but I learn from them, but if they are taking time from the tutorials, then they take precedence. Keep up the great work.

    • Don Ortolan

      I too agree about having the analysis. They are very informative and a great learning tool for all of us trying to learn. However, having said that I would not want you to give up on the tutorials. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

  • Zach Antonick

    Thank you, Emil! These weekly contests have been such a huge help for my photography. I’ve always liked minamalisn in most everything so I’m really excited to see the submissions for this week (as well as try my own). Keep up the great work at IPS.

    • Thanks Zach, can’t wait to see your minimalism shots!

    • Thanks Zach, I can’t wait to see your minimalism photos!

  • cjenkins570

    Thank you very much for featuring one of my photos. I’m so honored to be among these amazing shots by fellow iPhoneographers.

    • Thanks for participating, I love that bridge shot!

    • cjenkins570

      Thank you!

  • Roman Ivanov

    Just joined to EyeEm) Try myself in this contest)

  • Luke

    Thank you for including my shot! It’s an honor to see my work among these other great images.

  • Chris Stern

    I understand you did not do an analysis this week and can understand how it takes time as you have been doing it on 3 photos. Perhaps doing an analysis on one photo which is exceptional will be worthwhile to keep it going.

    • I’ll have to think about that. I liked the idea but I got the impression that very few people were reading it based on some stats that I had. I think a lot of people just look at the photos for inspiration, which is a different mindset from learning.

  • Luis Castro

    My first comment on your amazing blog.Thank you very much for including 2 of my photos, it´s really an honor, specially after seeing the other winners.

    • Thank you Luis, I hope to see you participate this week as well!

  • Jenya

    Amazing shots, Congrats to all !

  • Ahmed Chiley

    Where shall I upload my photo?

  • atsash

    Thanks for featuring my photo. It’s an honor. I’m loving EyeEm so much:) Congrats to everyone. I couldn’t pick a favorite. I love them all. I don’t know how you choose.

    • I know, it’s always a challenge to pick the best…

    • Stuart Guest

      Well done atsash again. I agree entirely there are so many great admissions this week.

    • atsash

      Thanks so much. I appreciate your encouragement:)