Get Your iPhone Photos Featured On Our New Website!

We’re really excited to announce that we’ll soon be launching our brand new iPhone Photography School website! As a thank you for your continued support, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to have your own iPhone photos featured in our new website design. We’re holding a contest this week where you can enter your images, and if your photo is selected it will appear on our new site where it will be seen by millions of people! The deadline is Sunday June 28, and you can find out how to enter below.

iPhone Photography School Homepage

About The New Website

Our new iPhone Photography School website is being completely redesigned. It will still offer the same great content, such as in-depth tutorials, news and updates, interviews with iPhone photographers, and of course the weekly photo contest.

But the new design will provide you with an improved user-experience, offering easier navigation so that you can find exactly what you’re looking more quickly and easily.

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How Your Photos Will Be Used

Rather than using our own images in the new website design, we would like to feature your amazing iPhone photos instead!

By entering your iPhone photos into this contest, you will be agreeing to allow us to use your submitted images anywhere on the iPhone Photography School website.

iPhone Photo Fantasy Edits 30

Any images submitted to this contest may be used on our new website for free and without reference. Images will not be used for any other purposes, such as selling them or using them in our promotional materials.

We currently receive 638,697 visits per month, and this is increasing all the time. So if we feature your photos on our new site, we can guarantee that they’ll be seen by millions of people!

Motion iPhone Photos 38

How To Enter Your Photos

We’ll be holding this contest on EyeEm in the same format as our regular weekly contests. There is no theme for this contest, so you can submit any of your best iPhone photos as long as they were shot and edited on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

To be in with a chance of having your iPhone photos featured on our new website, simply tag your images using the IPSWebsite tag on EyeEm. You’re welcome to submit photos that you’ve entered in any of our previous contests.

You can tag photos in the description field when you upload them, or when you edit the description of a photo that has already been uploaded (tap the three dots icon to edit a photo).

Please upload photos to EyeEm in full resolution and without any watermarks to make sure we can feature them on the website. Please do not submit more than 15 images.

The submission deadline is Sunday, June 28.

Good luck everyone!

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  • CathyC

    Too bad you are not giving credit to the photographer. The photo may be seen by millions but if no one knows it is yours why do it?

    • Georges Dutil

      Agreed, I see no purpose in this. You would be making any photo your own. Would never submit pictures under such conditions.

    • Hi Cathy. The selected images will be credited in a blog post, just like the normal contest results, but it’s not possible to do this on the website as the images will be forming an integral part of the webpage design. Adding credits would take away from the clean design and would make it confusing to navigate the page. Also, a lot of the images would be too small to add photographer names, etc. This contest is about giving our readers the opportunity to have their photos (instead of ours) featured on the new website (if they so wish by entering the contest), rather than about promoting any particular photographers’ work. We already have 250 submissions and I can’t wait to go through them all next week 🙂

    • Jessica

      It is easily possible to have a minimal design where credit shows up when hovering over a photo, and/or where clicking on the photo links to the photographer’s website.

    • Scott Farley

      Agreed as well! Credit must be given on all photographs. I would not submit either the way it is.

  • Awesome! Congratulations on the new site, can’t wait to see it! And, already working on uploading the pictures to the IPSWebsite contest!

    Looking forward to what your new site will bring, I’m sure it’ll be more amazing photos, tutorials and information for us iphoneographers. Cheers! 😀

    • Thanks Grisel – we’re super excited about what the new site has to offer! I look forward to seeing your beautiful photos in the contest 🙂

  • jerrylazar

    Wait, the photographers receive neither financial remuneration NOR credit for their chosen images? And the incentive for participating is exactly what again? You’re teaching people how to take great photos so that can charitably give them away to for-profit companies and organizations? Please explain the logic!

  • Great to hear about the update. Hope it will have a SEARCH feature 🙂

    • It will most definitely have a Search feature and lots of other great ways to make it easier to navigate to just what you need. We’re super excited about it here! 🙂

  • Jessica

    Why are they being used “for free and without reference”?? They should at the very least be credited to the photographer! When I first saw this post I was going to enter some of my photos, but not once I saw they will be uncredited. Ideally you should even do more than credit just with the EyeEm username; you should allow the photographers to provide a name and link to whatever site they primarily use for their photography. And if you are using them “anywhere on the website” with no set time limit, you really should offer some compensation as well.

  • Beth Heebner Chmelir

    It is a fact that I missed originally when reading over the guidelines for the contest this week. I have removed my pictures from the album as I feel it is dishonest for the site to use photos without credit to, or for, the photographer. At the very least credit should be given, even if there is no payment made for licensing. This seems a cheap ploy to avoid proper business licensing and is shameful.

  • Chrysalis travel

    I agree with everyone who is concerned about lack of crediting the photographer– even Apple in their iPhone 6 contest credits the photographer on their billboards and when they are using the images. No protection and no credit for the photographers — no thank you.

  • ACelticDragon

    While the chance of having my photos shown on the website are nice, without credit given for wherever on the site the photo is used, I won’t be submitting for the IPS Website contest. It is easy enough to embed credit to photographer and with EyeEm userid in the photograph’s metadata so that it’s visible when the cursor hovers over the photo.

  • Marcin

    Hi Kate, can you please give link to your new website ? I cant find it.
    My understanding is that to join contest i should post my photo on EyeEm. Than you will post the best on your blogspot without credits ?

    • Hi Marcin. Our new website is not live yet. To enter this week’s contest you just need to tag your EyeEm photos with hashtag IPSWebsite. The selected images will be posted next week on our blog and credited with your EyeEm username (just like the usual contest results). They may then be used as images on our new website but with no credits there.

  • Ludwig Wagner (zuluspice)

    It’s hard enough getting our work noticed, but no reference to the photographer/artist is not acceptable. When publications, newspapers etc use free editorial shots they give credit to the photographers, at the very least. We are already allowing you use of our best images for free, it’s not much to ask for something in return!

  • Thank you all for your comments. I hope the points below address your concerns:

    1. This is a voluntary contest and you are under no obligation to take part. For anyone concerned about submitting their images, or who doesn’t wish to have their photos displayed on the new site (without credit), we completely respect your reasons for this. We will of course publish the winning images with photographers’ usernames in a blog post, just like we do with the regular contest winners results.

    2. The IPS team already have thousands of our own images that we could use on the website, hence the reason we wouldn’t purchase images or pay licensing fees. This is simply an opportunity for people to see their own photos instead of ours on the site, should they so wish.

    3. A lot of the images on the site will be relatively small, and some will also be used as link buttons with title text already displayed on top of them. To have more text/usernames displayed or popping up on every photo would just make the whole site messy and confusing to navigate. The reason we’re creating the new site is to create a better user-experience for our readers.

    4. Having high quality iPhone photos displayed on our website’s homepage is not about promoting any particular photographer’s work – that’s what the weekly contests are for. This is about creating a beautiful website that shows people what amazing images you can create with an iPhone.

    Thank you to everyone who has submitted such fantastic images so far, and I look forward to selecting the winning photos next week! 🙂

  • James Sullivan


    I have always enjoyed participating in the IPhone Photography School competitions and have learnt a great deal by doing so. Like others I missed the lack of credit to photographers. I would like to support the new website as I agree wholeheartedly with the way this site has been operated up until now. However, I disagree with not crediting photographers, it seems like an uncharacteristic misstep. I’ll remove my photos from the competition.


    • Hi James. I completely respect your views and hope to see your great photos submitted in our regular contest in a couple of weeks 🙂

  • Alex Uhlarik

    Look, if you are concerned about your photos not getting proper credit, I respect that. Just don’t enter your photos. Personally, I don’t care if I get proper credit or not because I don’t take pictures for money or fame. I take them because I get personal satisfaction out of taking a really great picture and sharing it with others to enjoy. Regardless of whether they know it’s mine or not.

    And even more importantly, I’m entering this contest because I know the writers for this well-respected blog produce great articles for iPhoneography (and even photography in general). So knowing that my photos could be used help inspire thousands of new photographers, THAT in itself is a good enough reason for me to submit my photos and help contribute to what will undoubtedly be a quality iPhoneography blog.

    This contest is not about getting credit for our work, it’s about having the chance to see our work used to inspire others by showing that it is possible to create beautiful pieces of art with something as commonplace as an iPhone.

    • Hi Alex. That’s a good point you’ve made – we all take and share photos for different reasons. We should all respect one another’s views about how we share them, where we share them, and for what reasons. I’m really looking forward to seeing the photos you’ve submitted! 🙂

  • tracymg

    I also think you should credit the photographer and embed copyright protections. This can be done in the background without interference with forward facing design being compromised – a rollover with links to EyeEm, Flickr, IG or personal web sites are all options – the IPPA contest winnerd were afforded these protections.

    • Hi Tracy. A rollover with links is fine (and relevant) on a webpage where the purpose of that page is to showcase photos that have won in a competition, but not possible when the purpose of these images is to form an integral part of the webpage background/design, as is the case here.

    • tracymg

      Hard to imagine without seeing the design I guess – but might imagine that with all the technology available, there is not some manner of crediting images.

  • Lucas Franck

    I would love that began to also use tags on instagram ! I do not usually use the EyeEm , still need to get used to…

    • Hi Lucas. Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t upload the images at a large enough size for us to display your photos in the contest results blog post at high resolution. This is why we use EyeEm to host the contest. Once you get used to it, you’ll love EyeEm 🙂

  • Sorodoros Sassodoro

    Business versus creativity. Entrepreneur versus the artist. This is a long-standing issue that should not need to be debated on a web site that purports to support photographers. There is no good excuse for denying a photographer credit regardless of how their images are used. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small thumbnail or a larger image. If one is using a photographers image to enhance or advance a website for any reason at all, it’s at least a common courtesy to credit the photographer. All the excuses given here for not doing so are just empty apologias. Emil et al have made a nice name for themselves as proponents of a growing niche culture of the general photography movement. To deny a photographer credit turns that well-intentioned concept on its face. Do you really want so many former (?)supporters to regard IPS as an opponent of everything it once stood for? Instead of a defense of such an obviously defenseless position, why not listen to the voices here? Is it really such an objectionable policy to credit a photographer’s work? If you step back from this entrenched position, and have a look at ought to be clear, it is pretty easy to do the right thing, especially since it can only garner more support and good will for IPS and Emil, and can do IPS no harm at all. You have nothing at all to lose.

  • prettythingsak (Katie)

    I think this is such a fun idea for a contest! I have learned so much (for FREE) by following this blog and studying the tutorials. I would be incredibly excited to have an image selected for display on the new website. I am also looking forward to the new design, although it is hard for me to imagine that it could get better. Thank you, iPhone Photography School editors and contributors, for sharing your passion so generously.

    • Hi Katie, I’m glad to hear you’ve learned so much from our tutorials. I still learn something new every day from editing this site and judging the weekly contests 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your photos!

    • So cool to see you on here Katie, good luck!

  • Let’s not forget – while we are asking for submissions with only a blog post as credit – readers of the IPS blog *are* getting something for free in return – i.e. several free news articles, tutorials, reviews and interviews per week – which my colleagues and I work very hard at producing. And the photographers *are* getting credited – just somewhere more practical than the location of the image itself. As a web developer myself I don’t see a practical way of crediting the photographer for such a small image where the image is displayed – especially as the image is effectively being used as a link/button – it can’t link to two places (the intended link destination AND the photographer’s website) at the same time.

    IPS has been up-front about how it intends to use the images – and how the photographers will be credited. It’s optional.

    Collectively IPS staff have a repository of many thousands of suitable images at our disposal – our own images. It would be far easier to dip into these than to go to the trouble of inviting submissions and selecting the best.

    The number of photographers quietly & happily submitting images in response to this initiative is proof that the arrangement works for those taking part. It is simply a sincere, well-intentioned & successful initiative to encourage iPhone photographers to get involved & hone their skills.

    I have enjoyed looking at the 850+ images that have already been submitted and look forward to seeing more. 🙂

  • Mari C.

    I usually don’t like to engage in back and forth streams of comments but I felt a need to speak up. I want to say I respect everyone for expressing their opinions and I feel that if done respectfully so much can come from it. I found great value in Kate’s comments as well as in Alex’s but for Alex to try to lesson Jessica who also had great points was a bit off putting to me.
    As an aspiring photographer I too share my photos and take photos out of pour joy and love of the experience but to enter something to share your talent and totally give up any acknowledgement is not cool. It’s like opening the door for someone and them not saying at least thank you. I am not invisible, I am here, I was the one who opened the door. I love Emil’s contributions and have learned so much but I agree with Jessica that at least an acknowledgment of name would be fantastic. I personally can understand if you want to start small and no monetary values are attached but to share with you something I took pride in doing and not even have my name mentioned is a big no no. I take lots of joy in sharing and again as Alex said you aren’t forced but right is right.

    • Hi Mari. Thank you for your comments. In defense of Alex, his comments weren’t directed towards Jessica – he was replying to the comments made by several people before him. For some reason the comments don’t show up in the order that they were written. Anyway, I just wanted to say, I’m not sure if you’re aware but all winning images *will* be credited in the usual way in the contest results blog post. Because of how the photos will be incorporated into the integral design of the site, e.g. link buttons that contain text, background banners, etc. it simply isn’t possible to show credit on top of each image that we choose to use. It would make for an extremely messy website which would be very confusing to navigate – and the whole point of the new site is to make it easier to use. As a few people have pointed out, I’ve never come across a website where the name of the photographer appears on all photos that are used in the design. I hope you can understand the reasons for this. We’re just trying to create a great resource for you all to use 🙂 While many people, including yourself, wouldn’t want to have their photos used without direct credit on top of their image (which is perfectly understandable), there are 150 people so far who would be very happy to see their images appear on the homepage while we credit them in a separate blog post. I hope everyone can respect their choices too. Like you say, a healthy debate done in a respectable way isn’t a bad thing 🙂

  • Arnie

    When will the new website be up and running?

    • We don’t have an exact date Arnie, but our designers and developers are working hard on getting it ready as soon as possible 🙂

  • Jo Sullivan

    Hi, I just submitted several photos to your EyeEm page, but only two are showing up. Any idea why? I love this way of promoting both iPhotography and supporting the artists who create art using iPhonegraphy.

  • Jo Sullivan

    Hi, I’ve just tagged several photos with your IPSWebsite tag, but only two are showing up on your page. I only shoot with my iPhone 6, sometimes alone and sometimes with either a Moments Tele or Wide Angle. Would love to know my photos are properly submitted.

    • Hi Jo. What’s your EyeEm username?

    • Jo Sullivan


  • Carenzo96

    I haven’t had the opportunity to read through all comments, so I’m not sure this question has been asked: is it possible to give a credits page, where all photographers are listed, like a bibliography for a written work or credits at the end of a movie? This way, you may not have to drastically impact the aesthetics of your website, but it is still a way to credit the photographers that are generously sharing their photos without compensation.

    • Hi, we’ll be crediting all of the selected photos in a post later today 🙂

    • Carenzo96

      I had meant a credits page on the website, not just in a blog post. Anyway, best of luck with your new website!

  • When will the new site be launched?
    » Can’t wait to visit the site without the annoying pop-up 🙁 «