20 Great iPhone Photos Showing the Power of Emotion

Thank you all for participating in our iPhone photography contest this week. While I was going through the wonderful submissions today, a weird thought entered my mind. Every week I have such a hard time selecting the best 12 photos, so why don’t I simply feature more if there are enough good submissions? That’s exactly what I did this time, so here are my 20 favorites.

Emotional iPhone Photo 10


Emotional iPhone Photo 01


Emotional iPhone Photo 02


Emotional iPhone Photo 03


Emotional iPhone Photo 04


Emotional iPhone Photo 05


Emotional iPhone Photo 06


Emotional iPhone Photo 07


Emotional iPhone Photo 08


Emotional iPhone Photo 09


Emotional iPhone Photo 11


Emotional iPhone Photo 12


Emotional iPhone Photo 13


Emotional iPhone Photo 14


Emotional iPhone Photo 15


Emotional iPhone Photo 16


Emotional iPhone Photo 17


Emotional iPhone Photo 18


Emotional iPhone Photo 19


Emotional iPhone Photo 20


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Today I realized that we have never had a silhouette contest. Honestly, that’s really weird. I should have though of this earlier. I still rememberer how excited I was when I took my first silhouette photos with the iPhone.

In fact, I first got excited about iPhoneography after seeing how incredibly easy it was to take spectacular silhouettes with the iPhone, and one of the first tutorials I ever did for this website was about creating silhouette photos with the iPhone. Check it out if you don’t know how to create beautiful silhouettes or if you just need some tips and inspiration.

So the new contest theme is silhouettes, and the new contest tag is #IPSSilhouettes. Make sure you spell that correctly.

To participate simply tag your best silhouette photos using #IPSSilhouettes tag on Instagram. Your Instagram must be public or I won’t be able to see your photos. It’s OK to submit old photos as well as new ones, but please only submit your best work. All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No DSLR photos please.

The winners will be featured on this blog and on my Instagram account on Monday, July 22.

  • Clint

    Great selection!

    Really glad I found this site. Thanks for creating such a fantastic mobile photography resource.

  • hunger

    I like it!

  • smith934

    Some great examples of emotion here. I do have one objection and that’s what I see as the tendency of so many ‘phone’ photographers to overuse filters and effects. That’s just me, being a bit old school and still admitting to use of LR and PS. Thing is though I don’t go overboard. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Personally, I think too much of detracts from the story.

    Thanks for what you’re doing here and I am glad I found this place.

    • I certainly understand your point. Part of the reason is that all these photos come from Instagram, and the smaller iPhone screens allow for much stronger filters than large-scale photos.