30 Wonderfully Creative Abstract iPhone Photos

Thank you to everyone who participated in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s theme was “Abstract” and we had over 750 amazing images submitted. The quality of entries was absolutely superb, which made it very difficult to select just 30 winners. After much deliberation, here are the 30 winning abstract iPhone photos that show wonderful creativity.

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 13

Hillary Morin

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 1

Adrian Werner

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 2

Antonio Camacho

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 4

Basith Al Naasar

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 5

Chris Baird

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 6

Dan Kafalas

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 7

Daniela Gualtieri

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 8

Dariusz Sobiecki

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 9

David Popkin

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 10

Deena Berton

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 11

Evelyne Sieber

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 12

Gunnar Hägg

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 14

Holly Schultz

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 15

Inna Klim

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 16

Joanna Proffitt

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 17

Karen Morgan

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 18

Karin Taylor

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 19

Kelwy Oliveira

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 21

Lolly Kakumani

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 24

Manthan Patel

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 25

Maria Cristina Gonzalez

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 26

Mary Ann Tardif

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 28

Mike Lodge

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 32

Penni James

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 33

Ramim Alam

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 35

Remigijus Stirbys

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 36

Rosie Karel

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 38

Sherry Manners

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 39

Vicki Russell

Best Abstract iPhone Photos 40

Wei Wei

Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments below!

How to Enter the Next Photo Contest

Last week we published a tutorial covering 11 Clever Ways To Use Buildings In Your iPhone Landscape Photos.

The article is full of useful tips on how to make your landscape photography more interesting and eye-catching.

iPhone Landscape Photos With Buildings 35

Not only do buildings add a strong focal point and sense of scale, but they also allow you to create wonderful mood and atmosphere.

iPhone Landscape Photos With Buildings 19

Buildings are a great way to tell interesting stories about the landscape and they create an emotional connection between the viewer and your photo.

iPhone Landscape Photos With Buildings 4

So the new contest theme is Buildings, and any iPhone photos of buildings in landscapes or urban environments can be submitted.

To participate, go to contest.iphonephotographyschool.com in your web browser and sign up or log in.

When you’ve signed in, tap Submit Photos then select the photo you want to upload.

Repeat to upload more photos (you can submit up to 10 images). If you change your mind, you can delete a photo by tapping Delete beneath the image.

All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Images should not have watermarks.

The submission deadline is Sunday, April 3. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 4, and the winning images will also be featured on our iPhone Photography School Facebook page.

  • Congratulations everyone! Really amazing work 🙂

    • Deena Berton

      Thank you for including one of my images. I really liked a lot of these and enjoyed that they seem to represent a wide range of techniques.

  • mym

    When will we be able to see other photographer’s work and like the photo in tihs non-EyeEm environment? Why did you leave EyeEm?
    Also, could you please tell us (perhaps repeat) your process for choosing the top 30? Use an algorithm?

    • Hi Mym. I’m not sure of the timescale at the moment, but we’ll definitely keep you posted. There are several reasons why we chose not use EyeEm, including the fact that images can’t be downloaded at full size and quality from EyeEm, and we’ll be able to offer more features in the future by using our own platform. As Mike correctly mentioned in his reply, there’s no algorithm to select the winners. They’re chosen by real people just like other photo contests, and the winning images are selected based on factors such as overall image quality and sharpness, composition, lighting, subject matter, storytelling and editing. I hope this answers your questions. Best wishes, Kate.

  • Nancy

    Congratulations to the winners this week. All of these are amazing abstracts!

  • Mike Lodge

    Just added a reply to Mym but the post keeps disappearing. Is it better to ignore the Reply option nod just post as a comment.

    • Hi Mike. For some reason your comment went into the pending folder, but I’ve just approved it so it should now be visible 🙂

    • Mike Lodge

      Thanks Kate. Thought I was losing my mind for a minute.

    • No problem Mike 🙂

  • Eunito

    it would be nice if all the competing photos and winners could have their instagram or eyem profile in order to be able to see great photos!
    I learned a lot from this!

    • Mike Lodge

      Eunito – isn’t that the point of belonging to IPS or IPM where all the learning takes place via the videos. You will not really learn just from looking at photos on EyeEm. I’m sure many members will still post their images in Facebook for you to view.

    • I learn a huge amount from simply viewing the work of others on EyeEm and one of the benefits of participating in the contests was being able to view the work of others and see how the theme was being interpreted as the week progressed. This learning occurred across a range of areas from composition, to story telling , lighting etc and often in conjunction with your tutorials. I would think it would be a shame if the huge learning opportunities available via viewing the work of others was underestimated.

  • Thanks so much for including my mushrooms amongst these other wonderful images. Much appreciated! 🙂

  • tracymg

    It was an interesting theme for a contest, but truly not every image reflected an abstract in subject matter and editing – a cat is a cat and buildings are buildings – I don’t think images that are recognizable objects can be defined as abstract

    • Laine Rudolfa

      It’s pretty hard to define what is an abstract photography. It could also be about unusual shapes and sizes, lines or colors. But thanks for your opinion Tracy. 🙂