iPhone Photo Contest Winners XI

Thanks to everyone who participated in #IPSContest this week. I really hope to see your photos in our weekly thematic contests as well. Before I give you all the details about next week’s contest, here are my personal favorites this week.

iPhone photo 04


iPhone photo 12


iPhone photo 01


iPhone photo 10


iPhone photo 02


iPhone photo 03


iPhone photo 05


iPhone photo 06


iPhone photo 07


iPhone photo 09


iPhone photo 11


iPhone photo 08


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As I mentioned above, this was the last week of #IPSContest in its old form. Thanks to people like you, this contest has been a great success. Every week about 200 photos were submitted, and many of theme were really, really good. I’m really happy with all the photos that have been featured on this website.

However, the contest tag has gotten out of control in the last few weeks. There are more and more photos that were obviously not taken with an iPhone (I can tell it from perspective, depth of field and lens flare). There are also some people who submit everything they ever upload to Instagram, so the contest feed is often a mess. It’s time to change things a little.

Starting from this week, every Monday I will issue a thematic iPhone photography challenge that will come with a brand new tag on Instagram. Throughout the week you can submit best photos that relate to the tag. The photos can be old or new, but please only submit your best work.

Just like before, on Monday I will go though all the submissions and pick a handful of photos that will be featured on this blog as well as on my Instagram profile.

The next week’s theme is reflections, and the contest tag is #IPSReflections.

Any type of reflections are welcome. They could be found on glass surfaces, lakes, rivers, puddles, ice, cars, etc. If you need some tips and inspiration to get started, check out the article I wrote on using reflections in iPhone photography.

To participate simply tag your best iPhone photos using #IPSReflections tag on Instagram. All you have to do is leave a comment with the tag and you’re in. All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. No DSLR photos please.

I’m looking forward to seeing your reflection photos.