30 Incredible iPhone Photos of Cities and Street Life

Thank you all for participating in our weekly iPhone photography contest. As expected, there was a large number of great submissions this week, which is not surprising since most iPhone photographers live in cities. As always, it wasn’t easy to pick the winners and many excellent photos had to be left out. With that said, here are my personal favorites this week.

iPhone City Photo 18


iPhone City Photo 01


iPhone City Photo 02


iPhone City Photo 03


iPhone City Photo 04


iPhone City Photo 05


iPhone City Photo 06


iPhone City Photo 07


iPhone City Photo 08


iPhone City Photo 09


iPhone City Photo 10


iPhone City Photo 11


iPhone City Photo 12


iPhone City Photo 13


iPhone City Photo 14


iPhone City Photo 15


iPhone City Photo 16


iPhone City Photo 17


iPhone City Photo 19


iPhone City Photo 20


iPhone City Photo 21


iPhone City Photo 22


iPhone City Photo 23


iPhone City Photo 24


iPhone City Photo 25


iPhone City Photo 26


iPhone City Photo 27


iPhone City Photo 28


iPhone City Photo 29


iPhone City Photo 30


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The New Contest

The next week’s theme is monochromatic photos, and the new contest tag is #IPSMono.

While pure black and white photos are technically monochromatic, I want you to get more creative, so I will not feature black and white (grayscale) photos. I want you to add a tint to your photos, just like I’ve done in the photo below.

Monochromatic iPhone Photo

If you don’t know how to create monochromatic photos that are not B&W, check out my most recent tutorial at INK361 on creating monochromatic photos in Snapseed.

To participate tag your best monochromatic photos using #IPSMono tag on Instagram. Your Instagram must be public or I won’t be able to see your photos. It’s OK to submit old photos as well as new ones, but please only submit your very best work. All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Please do not submit photos with large watermarks.

The winners will be featured on this blog and on my Instagram on Monday, September 16.

  • Emil – what a great array of city shots! Thanks for including mine. One of the downfalls of living in the suburbs is only occasionally venturing into a city!

    I love the theme for next week!

    • Thanks Geri! I hope people will get really creative with the monochromatic theme.

  • Amur

    Dear Emil,

    I am really thankful to you for inspiring all the iPhone users for a better photography hobby. You are simply amazing, keep the good work going. I have learned a lot and now into it. Thanks once again.


    • Thank you so much Amur for the kind words!

      Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can do for you.

  • Petru

    Hy , i can’t find the next contest theme. Don’t know where to look. Tnk you

  • Petru

    Found it!! Sorry 🙂

    • No worries Petru. I’m looking forward to seeing your shots 🙂

  • Charlene

    Great collection of city photos and thank you again for including my shot as well!

    • Thanks for participating Charlene & good luck next week!