30 Superb iPhone Photos Of Buildings & Architecture

Thank you to all of the talented photographers who entered their pictures in our weekly iPhone photography contest. This week’s theme was “Buildings” and we had a fantastic selection of images submitted, from modern architecture to abandoned buildings in landscapes. As always, it was very difficult to choose just 30 winners, but here are the final winning iPhone photos of buildings and architecture.

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 33

Ruben Carlon

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 1

Alexander Gershtein

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 2

Anna Rezulak

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 3

Charles Hezsely

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 5

Connie Jensen

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 6

Daniela Gualtieri

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 7

Dariusz Sobiecki

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 9

Deena Berton

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 10

Dwight McAnear

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 12

Faye McGinley

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 13

Fiona Grose

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 14

George Roumeliotis

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 15

Georgia Barlow

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 39

Gracia Cid Blasco

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 16

James Ballantyne

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 17

Jason Farrar

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 18

Jayne Burland

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 20

Juan Rendon

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 21

Katie Harrison

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 22

Kelwy Oliveira

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 23

Leah Eddy

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 24

Leslie Gertz

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 25

Liz Anderson

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 26

Maria Cristina Gonzalez

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 28

Masako Kozawa

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 30

Nancy Sherman

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 31

Remi Canard

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 32

Rosa Perry

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 34

Suzanne Van Putten

iPhone Photos Buildings & Architecture 35

Thomas Joseph

Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments below!

How to Enter the Next Photo Contest

Last week we published a really great tutorial covering 7 Tips For Taking Amazing iPhone Street Photos Of Strangers.

The article is full of useful tips on building your confidence, remaining discreet, and preserving the anonymity of the people you photograph.

iPhone Street Photos Of Strangers 107

Practical tips for remaining discreet include shooting from a distance, blending in with your surroundings, photographing from behind or above, and capturing reflections, shadows or silhouettes.

iPhone Street Photos Of Strangers 113

Once you’ve become more confident, you can then try shooting from a closer distance so that you can capture the facial expressions and emotions of your subjects.

iPhone Street Photos Of Strangers 111

So the new contest theme is Street Photography, and any iPhone street photos can be submitted.

To participate, go to contest.iphonephotographyschool.com in your web browser and sign up or log in.

When you’ve signed in, tap Submit Photos then select the photo you want to upload.

Repeat to upload more photos (you can submit up to 10 images). If you change your mind, you can delete a photo by tapping Delete beneath the image.

All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Images should not have watermarks.

The submission deadline is Sunday, April 10. Winners will be announced on Monday, April 11, and the winning images will also be featured on our iPhone Photography School Facebook page.

  • Mike Lodge

    So the new contest theme is Street Photography, and any iPhone photos of buildings in landscapes or urban……….Does the last part refer to the Buildings contest as opposed to Street Photography.

    • Well spotted Mike! It should have said street photos – I’ve altered it now. Thanks for letting us know 🙂

  • Maria Papakostopoulou

    Hello! Does it matter if we have already posted the pics on Instagram?

    • Hi Maria. It’s fine to submit photos that you’ve already posted on Instagram or anywhere else 🙂

  • Joanna Proffitt

    Love that shot, Masako Kozawa!

    • Masako Kozawa

      Thank you, Joanna!

  • Faye

    Question…am I correct in assuming that a winning photo in any given contest may be entered in a subsequent contest?

    • Ranc

      That’s what usually people do and I notice same pics win different contests. However I think a winning picture shouldn’t be eligible for the subsequent contests.

    • Hi Faye. Yes that’s right – there’s no restriction on which photos you can enter 🙂

    • Faye

      Great! Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Darek Sobiecki

    Kate ! Thank you for all your selections of my photographs – it has always given me a lot of pleasure ! Although it has never happened before, today the last letter of my surname is missing – the correct one is Sobiecki 🙂

    • Hi Darek. Sorry about that – I’ve corrected it now 🙂

    • Darek Sobiecki

      Thanks Kate ! 🙂

  • Fiona Grose

    Thanks for including one of mine, always a little buzz, my 2 favourite photos are submitted by Leah Eddy and Masako Kozawa, I always feel a little bit jealous when I see everyone else’s photos but I guess that’s good, keeps up the pressure to improve.

    • Masako Kozawa

      Thank you, Fiona! Such an honor.

  • Deena Berton

    A nice surprise to have one of my images included. Thank you. I really like all the images. My favorite is the image by Anna Rezulak. I just love the perspective and the fact that she had the foreground elements of weeds which complimented the derelict building.

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Congratulations Deena! 🙂

  • Ruben Carlon

    Wow thank you so much for featuring my pic each contest is more difficult since there is a lot of talent here, congratulation to every one else.

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Congratulations Ruben! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Suzanne van Putten

    Thank you Kate, I was so excited to see my pic included in the 30 as there is such a high caliber of photography in the list. My favourite is Charles Heszley I am a big fan of reflection in buildings.

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Congrats Suzanne! Your photo has an amazing perspective. 🙂

  • Gracia Cid Blasco

    Thank you Kate for including one of my photographs!! I´m so happy today :-). It’s the first time I stand at your weekly contest and it’s been a nice surprise! There’s a lot of talent here. Congrats to everyone else!

    • Laine Rudolfa

      Congratulations Gracia! And thanks for entering your beautiful photo. 🙂

  • Mike Lodge

    Any further news on being able to see all of the photos submitted. Also what is the chance of when the images are put onto the FB page that comments are added so that members can maybe understand why particular images were chosen. Thanks.

    • Je-ann

      Hi Mike, you can now view all the photos submitted. You can tap on the “All Photos” option on the top right of the contest page or access it here: http://contest.iphonephotographyschool.com/all_photos

      We’ll take note of your suggestion about including the comments. Thank you! @katewesson:disqus

    • Mike Lodge

      Hi Je-Ann
      Thanks for getting back to me. Funnily enough I did notice that after I sent my message – what about retrospective viewing like last weeks Building contest. I looks like just the current entries.
      Regards Mike

    • Je-ann

      We’re going to look into that. Thank you! 🙂

  • oldladywalker

    I enjoy all the photos, the stark black and white, some I know are buildings not certain what direction they are shooting and the photos that are scenes.
    Being a hiker I relate to Jason Farrar photograph. It’s eerie when I walk into a scene like his, I never know who is around. It appears tranquil but is it?