The Complete Guide to Image Blender Photo Editing App

In this tutorial you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Image Blender photo app. While there are many similar layer and masking apps, none of them can beat Blender in terms of simplicity.

Image Blender Photo 3

If the whole idea of layers and masks scares you, Blender is the perfect app to start with. But despite its simplicity, there are so many things you can do with Blender, and in these video tutorials I’ll cover what I think are the three most interesting ways to use this app.

The first video introduces you to the basics of Image Blender and shows you how to best use this app for creating multi-exposure photos like the one you can see above.

Please download this and this photo so you can follow along on your own iPhone.

In the second video I’ll show you how to use masks in Blender to selectively apply adjustments made in any other app to only some parts of the image. Please download this photo to follow along.

Here is the end result with Mextures effects applied to the top part of the photo only.

Image Blender Photo 1

The 7 Best iPhone Photography Apps

There are thousands of excellent photo apps on the App Store, and the things you can do with apps are absolutely incredible. With that said, the number of photo apps out there is overwhelming, and it's really hard to know which apps are worth getting. 

That’s why we created this free report revealing the 7 best iPhone photography apps that you should start using straight away. Click here to download this free report. 

In the final video I’ll show you how to combine elements from different photos into one composite image. Please download this and this photo to follow along.

And here is the end result of this editing workflow. No, the birds weren’t there.

Image Blender Photo 2

  • rj pinat

    Thank you so much from your tutorials! Im really learning alot! Hoping for more!

  • Elaine

    Another excellent tutorial, Emil! I’ve played around in Blender, mostly creating double exposures, but now I understand more about using the making tools! Thanks!
    ~ Elaine in Oregon

    • Thanks Elaine! I’m happy you learned something new.

  • Great and informative training Emil. I definitely enjoy @imageblender and plan to keep using it. It sure replaces photoshop on my iPad!

  • Vishnavee

    Are there any free apps like this

    • There might be something, but I don’t really know.

    • J0AN

      Instafusion on ios

  • sourav

    Instafusion – Best Image Blending APP – top paid app in US AppStore !! #instafusion

  • Johnny Smith

    I noticed that sometimes the edges of the blended pictures are jagged and not smooth. Is there a way to fix this or another blending app similar that doesn’t have this problem?

    • You have to be very careful with how you cut off the different layers, if you do it extremely precisely that won’t be an issue.

  • Wendy Nash

    Hello, I have a very simple question … right at the beginning of adding this app to my Ipad and i have struck a block. When I followed the above instructions for installing and selected settings a frame came up with some formatting such as ‘Always save as PNG’ and resolutions etc. and not the page Emil indicated on the video. There is no Tips and Tricks, rather ’email support, Rate Image Blender etc.’
    Can anyone help me out here. In anticipation many thanks, Wendy