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Our Award-Winning iPhone Photography Online Courses

iPhone Photo Academy

Our bestselling iPhone Photo Academy course will help you take incredible photos with the only camera that’s always in your pocket. Within just a few hours, you’ll be taking better photos with your iPhone than most people can take with their big cameras!

With 489,681 happy students, this is our most popular course. Sign up now, and you’ll be taking the kind of photos you never thought possible – using nothing but your iPhone!

iPhone Editing Academy

iPhone Editing Academy will show you how to make ordinary photos look spectacular. It’s the logical next step for all iPhone Photo Academy members who want to further improve their iPhone photos with masterful editing.

You can improve even your best photos with just minutes of editing. This course reveals how to beautifully edit your photos, so you can finally give them the look they deserve!

iPhone Video Academy

Join Simone Ferretti as he reveals the proven formula for recording captivating iPhone videos. In just a few hours, you’ll discover how to seize precious moments with confidence, making your clips go viral on social media.

Capture everything from your child’s first steps to dream vacations - no more boring videos. After this course, you’ll be able to capture not just visuals, but emotions, stories, and moments in motion, making your videos truly unforgettable.

Video Editing Academy

Video Editing Academy will show you how to use editing apps to create impactful videos from any footage. It's the logical next step for all iPhone Video Academy students who want to transform their videos with powerful editing.

Get ready to unlock the editing secrets used by viral video creators and watch your social media followers skyrocket!

Instagram Academy

Are you struggling to get Instagram followers? Join Hannah Birtwistle as she reveals the proven formula to create an irresistible Instagram account.

In this course, you’ll discover how to create captivating content with confidence and start attracting likes and followers easily. All without spending hours online!

Capture It All

Sure, you know how to capture still images. But life doesn’t happen in static frames. In this course, Clifford Pickett will show you everything your iPhone camera can do to help you capture what you feel using every medium that’s available to you.

From hidden camera settings to advanced photo and video techniques, this course will help you go beyond the still image and use your iPhone camera to its full potential.

iPhone Landscape Mastery

In this course, you’ll be joining Clifford Pickett on an unforgettable adventure through the Italian Alps. You’ll be watching over Cliff’s shoulder as he shows you every landscape photography tip and technique he’s discovered in his photography career.

After this course, your days will be filled with passion and curiosity as you explore the world and capture its endless beauty (even if you can’t travel to famous photography locations).

Urban iPhone Photography

Join Clifford Pickett as he shares his secrets for capturing breathtaking iPhone photos in any city or town. You’ll be right over Cliff’s shoulder as he explores every inch of New York City, transforming everyday urban scenes into extraordinary images.

Unleash your creativity and master the techniques for capturing stunning city skylines, striking architecture, iconic landmarks, vibrant street life, and the captivating people who bring the city to life!

Signature Preset Collection

With our bestselling Signature Preset Collection you’ll be able to create breathtaking photos with just one click. These presets are the ultimate shortcut for applying professional edits to your photos easily.

Say goodbye to dull iPhone photos forever and create sophisticated style in seconds!

iPhone Food Photography

Join Andrew Scriviani on a flavorful journey around Sicily as he reveals his secrets for capturing food photos that will make your friends hungry. Discover how to show off your skills in the kitchen while also capturing the smell, taste, and texture of food.

Along the way, you’ll also find out how to capture the story and the people behind the food. Explore the cities. Visit the markets. Meet the locals. All while learning iPhone food photography.

Online Courses From Photography Pro – Our Sister Site Helping You Master Your Big Camera

Digital Camera Mastery

Digital Camera Mastery will help you take your camera off AUTO mode and start taking the photos of your dreams. Now, if you’re like most photographers, you probably didn’t expect that your camera would be that complicated. But here’s the good news…

Thanks to this course, you’ll know how to pick the exact right camera settings. You’ll be carrying your camera with confidence, knowing that your photos will turn out great!

Photo Shortcuts

This course reveals 50 practical, easy-to-follow formulas for taking excellent photos in any situation. Anyone can use these formulas to take incredible photos. It’s just like a photo cookbook. If you follow the recipes, you’re guaranteed to get stunning photos!

These 50 shortcuts take all the guesswork out of photography. They’ll show you exactly what to do to capture outstanding photos, while still leaving space for your creativity.

Lightroom Editing Mastery

Editing can improve even your best photos. And there’s no faster way to edit than using Lightroom. That’s why professional photographers swear by it. So this course will show you how to use Lightroom to turn ordinary photos into magazine-quality images!

While Lightroom can be confusing, this course explains everything step-by-step in plain English. Sign up today, and you’ll be a skilled photo editor by this time tomorrow!