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All photos on this page were sent in by our readers, who shot and edited them on iPhone.

About ImagePhoto by @zoechoi

This website was created to help you apply timeless principles of great photography using the only camera that you have with your at all times. With over 500,000 unique monthly visitors and in-depth tutorials created by some of the most admired photographers on Instagram, iPhone Photography School is the best place to master the emerging art of iPhone photography. Our free tutorials will help you take photos that are so great that you’ll be surprised not that they were taken with the iPhone… But that it was YOU who took these photos.

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Meet Emil Pakarklis – Founder of IPS

Emil PakarklisI’m a self-taught iPhone photographer, photography teacher and the founder of iPhone Photography School. Despite having no formal training or arts background, my passion for taking photos allowed me to quickly improve as a photographer and turn this website into the world’s leading iPhone photography publication. I’m the author of best-selling iPhone Photo Academy and iPhone Editing Academy online courses, and spend much of my time running the business aspects of IPS and looking for ways to serve the audience better. Instagram @iPhone_Photography_School

Meet Kate Wesson – Editor Of iPhone Photography School

Kate Wesson As Blog Editor, I work with an amazing team of talented iPhone photographers to publish tutorials and articles on a wide range of mobile photography topics. Our aim is to help you fulfill your artistic potential and inspire you to start creating incredible images with your iPhone. When I’m not writing about iPhone photography, you’ll find me teaching digital photography and image editing workshops for my local college. In my spare time I love to get away in my campervan to explore new and beautiful landscapes – which of course make wonderful locations for my iPhone photography! Instagram @katewesson

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Meet iPhone Photography School Authors

Rob DePaoloRob DePaoloWith a focus on fine art and conceptual portrait photography, much of my iPhone photography draws upon my dark sense of humor and my love of surrealism and all things absurd. That being said, I also enjoy the spontaneity of unplanned work including street photography and other styles. While I do occasionally work in color, my true love is black and white photography as it places an even greater importance on the quality of light and texture in an image. Having originally been trained in film photography I bring much of that “manual” approach to my digital processing as well.

Instagram @rdepaolo

Kristen RaddenKristen RaddenI started iPhone photography in March 2013, quite by accident. At that time I had no photography experience and only five photos in my Camera Roll. But I was looking for a creative outlet and soon discovered the potential of iPhone photography and photo editing. I notice the beauty in ordinary things. My favorite photography subjects are objects and anything that appears old, forgotten, empty, alone, quiet and imperfect. A few years ago I thought of myself as someone who wasn’t into photography, and now I enjoy sharing my ideas with the iPhone photography community through these tutorials.

Instagram @the_creative_i

Paul-MoorePaul MooreI’m an avid amateur photographer from Ireland who uses photography to relieve the stress of my day job as an accountant and financial advisor. I’m married with three young children, and my other interests include music, film and the great outdoors. I started my iPhone photography journey five years ago when I discovered an app called Photogene. The addiction quickly took hold and I’ve spent every day since striving to improve. My favorite subjects are my family and the Irish landscape. My photos have appeared in publications and exhibitions all over the world.

Flickr @mooro2
Instagram @mooro
EyeEm @paulmoore

Rob-DunsfordRob DunsfordI'm a keen photographer, web developer and musician living in Mid Wales UK. I've spent many years using a DSLR to shoot concerts, portraits, weddings and equestrian events. But despite having access to some of the best photography equipment around, I still use the one camera I'm never without - my iPhone! I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of photography and tend to take a DIY approach, often making my own accessories or utilizing ordinary household objects to suit my needs. I love how photography allows us to tell stories and freeze a moment in time, forever.

EyeEm @robdunsford

Karyn-TenoKaryn TenoI’m a wife and the mother of four children. I was born and raised in Colorado, met my husband in Florida where we both worked as musicians at Disney World, and now reside in East Tennessee where I homeschool my four children and play guitar in our family bluegrass band. I enjoy taking photos of my family and the beautiful area where we live. The challenge of using an iPhone for photography is exciting to me, and I love the fact that a special moment can be captured with a small device that’s always with me.

Instagram @reason_to_sing

Jill-EmmerJill EmmerI’m a self-taught iPhone photographer from Minneapolis. I’m also a mom of two young boys, and part of an adventurous, outdoors-loving family. I enjoy taking whimsical photos that inspire, and my minimalistic style playfully uses color and scale to create unique story-telling photos. I also love to use fun props in my photography. I have a passion for iPhone photo editing and frequently "create" the photos I desire through a wide range of apps. I've been told that I have a bubbly personality and I hope it shines through in my photos!

Instagram @shineonyoucraydiamond

Kwe-BentumKwe BentumI live in the Greater Chicago area and am currently a grad student. I’ve always been passionate about photography and I owned a couple of film cameras prior to shooting mobile. This long lost passion was rekindled about three years ago when I purchased my first iPhone. My photography style focuses on urban lifestyle and architecture. Street photography has always been a favorite genre of mine, but I find myself experimenting with conceptual photography when possible. My goal in photography is to never stop creating, and to keep evolving my work of art.

Instagram @quake18
VSCO Grid @quake18

Eric-MuellerEric MuellerI’m a Minneapolis-based photographer who comes from the world of design, having worked as an advertising producer for most of my career. Last year I quit my job to pursue photography full time, but I took that sense of design with me. As a result, my photos have a clarity of message and a strong graphic quality to them. I appreciate good architecture, minimalism and strong composition. My photos usually present the world as a slightly more perfect place than it actually is - a world that inspires me, and a world I aspire to live within.

Instagram @ericmueller

Mark-HemmingsMark HemmingsI’m a professional advertising and travel photographer from the beautiful east coast of Canada. I also teach photography workshops in Japan and Mexico for iPhone and DSLR enthusiasts. My introduction to iPhone photography was one of those eureka moments. I was doing street photography in Mexico with a large Canon DSLR, extended battery pack and enormous lens when I realized I wasn’t having any fun. So I put my pro gear back in my villa and decided to try out my iPhone – it was light-weight, unobtrusive and fun. I was instantly hooked!

Instagram @markhemmings

Cat-CliffeCat CliffeI’ve always enjoyed photography, but finally making the move to an iPhone with the purchase of a 5s has been the best decision I’ve made in my self-taught photography journey. Getting an iPhone has also introduced me to the fun that you can have with editing photos. There are some amazing apps available for this. I’m based in Worcestershire, UK, and as a family we love being outdoors. We’re most likely to be found on a long walk somewhere at the weekends. This gives me plenty of opportunity to get the nature shots I love, with my companions making regular appearances in my photos.

Instagram @bodneyboo

Julie-VindingJulie VindingI’m a 35-year-old Copenhagener, photography addict and primary school teacher. I’m in love with street photography, and am especially fond of capturing shadows, harsh light, silhouettes and puddle reflections. I always have my eye out for the perfect stranger to walk by. I started my iPhone photography adventure a few years ago. I love that this little piece of electronics, that I always carry around with me, helps me capture the moments and scenes I experience and see during the day.

Instagram @bubblysquirrel

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