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Attention Videographers:

“Get Paid To Film The Most Beautiful Videos You've Ever Created – While Travelling The World And Earning A Full-Time Salary”

Become A Full-Time Videographer

Then this page could literally change your life!

But only if you keep reading.

iPhone Photography School is the world’s No. 1 online photography resource in terms of sales.

Selling instructional videos generates all our revenue, so our goal is to make our videos as beautiful as our photos.

By the way, these videos are NOT recorded with the iPhone. In fact, our most recent videos were shot at beautiful off-site locations using a variety of camera angles.

And right now, we need your help to further improve the quality of our videos.

This is a full-time position and you can apply from anywhere in the world.

9 Reasons To Become A Full-Time Videographer At iPhone Photography School


Film The Most Beautiful Videos You've Ever Created

Are you often approached by freelance clients that want boring, run-of-the-mill videos for their corporate needs?

That's not what we are going for. Because we are in the photography niche, our videos need to look absolutely STUNNING, too.

Actually, as we keep separating ourselves from the competition, creating extremely beautiful video content is a key part of our company's strategy.

What this means for you is that you'll get to film videos where every frame looks like an outstanding photograph.

Most Beautiful Videos

Create Dynamic Videos Without Relying On A Tripod

Most instructional videos are static, and to be honest, boring. Leaving your camera on a tripod probably doesn’t sound fun to you. But that’s not how we approach our videos.

Our goal is to produce engaging videos that are a pleasure to watch. Sure, there will be some talking head shots. But you’ll spend most of your time recording stunning B-roll and beautiful close-up details.

You’ll be using stabilizers more than tripods. And your videos will never be boring.

On the right is an example of one of our recent videos.

Below is an example of one of our recent videos.


Millions Of People Will See Your Videos

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a video that only a few hundred people will ever see... and even fewer people will care about? That can be crushing.

Fortunately, our videos reach a huge audience. Over the past 365 days, our videos have been viewed 25,007,433 times. And the reception of these videos has been outstanding.

Work with us, and millions of people will see and enjoy your work.


No More Looking For Clients

If you’re like most videographers, you probably don’t enjoy looking for clients too much. Even if it's just checking if your old client has some more video work for you (for the 100th time), this process is stressful and exhausting.

And not all clients are reasonable. Maybe they keep changing their mind about what they want from you and the video. Maybe they like to go through dozens of review rounds. Or maybe they’re just a pain to work with.

All of these problems will be gone when you join our company as a full-time videographer.

No More Looking For Clients

Stable Income You Can Count On

Videography work can be highly profitable… at least in the summer months when there are countless weddings, corporate events and other opportunities to shoot outdoors.

During the winter - when the client activity is much lower - you often have to get by on what you made in the summer.

Join our company, and you’ll get a competitive salary that you can count on throughout the year.

Stable Income You Can Count On

Shoot At Awesome Locations Around The World

You already know this... In most places, you can only shoot comfortably for about four months of the year. The rest of the year is just too cold.

To deal with this, we travel to warm, beautiful places where we know we can shoot great videos - for several weeks at a time.

Last winter, we spent a total of two months shooting in the most vibrant parts of Mexico. This year, we'll choose equally stunning locations.

What's better than seeing the most beautiful places in the world AND getting paid for it?

Shoot At Awesome Locations Around The World

Endless Opportunities To Grow

No one is born a great videographer. You got to where you are today by continuously learning, experimenting and picking up tricks from the best in the business.

We understand how important growth is for videographers.

As an education company, we live and breathe learning. You'll be expected to spend paid time improving your skills and getting better at what you do. And we'll pay for equipment, online courses and books that will help you get better.


Brilliant Teammates

We know that talented people like you want to work with other highly talented people.

Our success and company culture attract some of the most brilliant people from around the world. We recruit people who are not just smart, but are also positive, motivated, and work hard to achieve things that others call impossible.

Get in, and you'll be working with some of the most inspiring people you've ever met.


Join A Company You Actually Believe In

Do you care about helping people? At iPhone Photography School, you'll help millions of people improve their photography.

Do you want to be proud of your company's products? Us too. We track customer satisfaction for all our courses, and our scores are on par with companies like Apple.

Join us and you'll work for a company you actually believe in.

Join A Company You Actually Believe In
What We Expect

Here’s What We Expect Of You

  • You have a high-quality video portfolio
  • You love shooting and editing dynamic videos
  • You have a lot of experience with video stabilizers
  • You’re extremely proficient with Adobe Premiere
  • You’re great at color correction and editing sound
  • You're organized and pay close attention to detail
  • You can travel internationally on a regular basis
  • Please only apply if you meet all these criteria. Other applications will not be considered.

If you delay submitting your application,
someone else will be hired before you.