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Our brand new iPhone Travel Photography eBook is being launched in just a few days, and we’re super excited here at iPhone Photography School! In fact, we’re so eager to share the amazing photography techniques and iPhone photos from this book that we’re offering you a sneak preview right now! In our free preview download you’ll discover how to avoid taking cliche shots while traveling.

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The greatest challenge that you’ll face when taking travel photos with your iPhone is how to take pictures that are unique, creative and interesting.

So how do you avoid taking the same cliche and boring shots that every other tourist before you has taken? How do you make your iPhone travel photos really stand out?

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To find out we partnered with Mark Hemmings – one of the world’s leading travel photographers and travel photography instructors – to write the best travel photography eBook possible.

This fantastic eBook will be launched on Monday August 31, but before that we’d love to give you an exclusive preview of what this book has to offer.

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For a quick preview of our iPhone Travel Photography eBook download this free report now: 5 Simple Ways To Avoid Taking Cliche Shots While Traveling.

In this free report, Mark Hemmings teaches you how to shoot truly unique travel photos that tell powerful stories and capture authentic cultural details.

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If you ever take iPhone photos while traveling, you’re going to absolutely love this eBook preview.

And if you apply these five simple techniques, your travel photos will never look the same again!

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The full eBook is launching on Monday August 31, but why wait until then to start improving your iPhone travel photography?

Free eBook Preview: 

5 Simple Ways To Avoid Taking Cliche Shots While Traveling


With so many incredible photo examples it may take some time to download, so please be patient…

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