iPhone Photography Training by Richard Koci Hernandez

Today I watched some amazing iPhone photography videos by expert iPhoneographer Richard Koci Hernandez (@koci on Instagram). The greatest thing about these videos was seeing exactly how Richard approaches the scene to take his amazing street photos.

I’ve always been surprised how street photographers manage to get so close to their subjects without interrupting them. Richard talks about this in great detail. It’s kind of funny to see how he blends in with his subjects, pretending he is using his phone for something else.

Richard also talks about photo editing and covers the basics of telling a story with photography. The videos are available at Lynda.com where you have to register if you want to see them all. However, my favorite video in which Richard is shooting in the streets of LA is available without registration. Its a must-see if you are interested in street photography.

If you want to see all the videos, you can register for a 7-day free trial at Lynda.com (that’s what I did). Just don’t forget to cancel it when you’re done with the videos.

  • Active_Dentist

    Wow, I’ve just seen the video where Richard is shooting in the streets. I can feel his passion of photography. It reminds me with a shot I took before XD. It was in the Fall. I was just out of my 7-hour exam and completely exhausted. I couldn’t resist to shoot the wonderful colors of trees in the street ( mixture of yellow and green). I leaned on the grass infront of walking people to only have the angle of a charming scene haha; so obsessed with nature. Thanks Emil for introducing us to a passionate photographer, inspiring!

  • dickhead

    ive seen better

    • dickhead jr.

      stfu dad