Rob Dunsford
I'm a keen photographer, web developer and musician living in Mid Wales UK. I've spent many years using a DSLR to shoot concerts, portraits, weddings and equestrian events. But despite having access to some of the best photography equipment around, I still use the one camera I'm never without - my iPhone! I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of photography and tend to take a DIY approach, often making my own accessories or utilizing ordinary household objects to suit my needs. I love how photography allows us to tell stories and freeze a moment in time, forever.

How To Take Amazing iPhone Time Lapse Videos

Did you know that since the release of iOS 8, your iPhone’s native camera app is now capable of making incredible time-lapse videos? It’s so simple to use – the only limit is your imagination! In this article you’ll discover how to use the time-lapse video mode on your iPhone so that you can unleash your creativity in a whole new way.

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