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Phil Steele

Phil Steele – SteeleTraining

"Emil, thanks for one of my most successful affiliate offers ever! Selling $90,000 of iPhone Photo Academy with four emails is astonishing.  You have a great sales page, which clearly spoke to my audience of photography enthusiasts, and your high-priced up-sells on the back end really helped to boost the sales total.  I appreciated the responsiveness of your team throughout. You guys have created a highly effective sales machine, and I look forward to working with you in the future."

It was April 11th when we received a friendly email from our friend Phil Steele. He went straight and told us that he wanted to promote our iPhone Photo Academy course to his subscriber’s list.

With more than 21,000 students, iPhone Photo Academy (IPA) is our most successful product.

Phil launched the course with just four emails and got 7,855 sales page visitors and 831 purchases. In just a few days he generated $90k in sales.

iPhone Photo Academy

Total sales - $90,000
Unique Visitors - 7,855
Sales Ratio – 10,579%

Phil Steele’s Commissions - $5,72 Earnings per unique visitor

Here’s how it’s going to work

The course price for all our affiliate partners will be $97.

IPA Sales page


12 Reasons to Promote

1. 50% Commission. You get 50% on everything from the front end, to the upsells, and future purchases. The IPA course is followed by two upsells of $197 - iPhone Editing Academy and iPhone Art Academy.

2. 30-Day Pixel. We are tracking this with a cookie that works for 30 days. You earn a commission on every IPA purchase you refer for one month.

3. High Conversion Rates. The winning variation of this sales page converted at 10,579%.

4. Retargeting ads. We will be running retargeting ads to the sales page during the campaign.

5. Better Tracking System. To ensure better tracking across devices, all your contacts that make a purchase get tagged on Infusionsoft. This way if they make a follow-up purchase from a different device in the 30-day window, you still get credited with the sale.

6. Regular payments. Every 6 weeks you will receive a Paypal payment amounting to 90% of commissions earned in the previous 6 weeks. The remaining 10% will be added to the next payment to account for potential refunds.

7. No Processing Fees. We will cover the cost of payment processing fees.

8. Customer Emails. You’ll get the list of customers and sales page visitors you’ve referred.

9. Personalized Sales Page. If you would like, we can customize the sales page with your branding.

Any questions: ugis@iphonephotographyschool.com

Once you've signed up, we will send you all technical items related to the launch, and you’ll get login information so you can check out the course yourself.

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