30 Stunning Examples of iPhone Landscape Photography

This week’s iPhone photography contest was about landscape photography, which is one of my favorite genres of iPhoneography. There were so many great submissions this week that it wasn’t easy to pick the winners and many deserving photos had to be left out. But with that said, here are my personal favorites this week.





























































Special congrats to the author of my favorite photo @tarikdalagija who will get a free SquidCam case and 4 lens system for the iPhone.

Which one of these photos is your favorite? Please let everyone know in the comments.

The New Contest Theme

The new contest theme is winter, and any photos that relate to winter or otherwise cold weather can be submitted. To help you get started, check out my 10 tips for winter photography with the iPhone.

To participate tag your best iPhone photos using #IPSWinter hashtag on Instagram.

Your Instagram has to be public or I won’t see your photos. It’s OK to submit old photos as well as new ones, but please do not submit more than 10 photos. All photos must be shot and edited on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. I do not feature photos with watermarks.

The winners will be featured on this blog and on my Instagram on Sunday, February 23.

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  • I wanted to mention that landscape photography is often defined quite broadly, including photography at all scales and photos of human-made landscapes. It doesn’t have to be just views without the presence of people!

  • Cleo

    There is at least two of the photos that aren’t Landscapes.

    • Arbitrary definitions shouldn’t stand in the way of creativity, so I’m happy to interpret contest topics broadly.

  • 3xMama

    Beautiful photography! Congrats to all the winners!

  • Tracy Norris Yates

    Lots of beautiful photos this week, thanks for including mine. Sometimes I feel like I can’t find any worthy photo subjects, just goes to show you need to keep looking–mine this week was taken literally right outside my front door.

    • The subjects are always there, but we don’t always see them immediately.

  • Jenya

    Thank you very much for choosing my picture. Hawaii, I Hope one day I will take there a real photography.

  • fayemcg .

    I have to reiterate what Tracy wrote. My photo was also taken from my front door (@emmathecat) and since I don’t travel much, I keep looking for different takes on places and things near to me. Your advice to Tracy was spot on, Emil. One has to keep looking.

    • I have to say the view from your front door is really great especially when there’s fog like that! But you’re totally right, going to more beautiful places won’t make you a better photographer, you have to learn to work with what you have.

    • fayemcg .

      Thank you, Emil. We do have a pretty view and fog is one of my favorite conditions for picture taking.

  • Jeff

    All the images are fabulous and congrats to the winners!

  • David Rothschild

    Great selection of landscape shots Emil! My favorite is @chenv419. I really like how rich the tones are. The sky is so blue with puffy white clouds. And the earth in foreground contrasts beautifully. Thanks again for having these contests.

    • Thanks David! I also like how you can only guess where the path leads in that photo.

  • Elaine Taylor

    Superb selection Emil. I think this is my favourite set of finalists evet. Beautiful!!